Grocery Shopping During Covid-19


Oh isn’t grocery shopping fun right now? The only shopping I am doing right now is for groceries and household necessities.  I still see people doing their regular every day and I am not judging. I choose not to linger right now. I get in and get out.

I am going every 2 weeks to Aldi and Dollar General . I buy extra of the foods Chloe eats the most of. She is definitely eating more right now. Luckily fresh fruit is coming in now and she loves strawberries and grapes. In the beginning I was running to the store a lot more when this started because of people hoarding so much food. Now that it has slowed down I’m back to shopping every 2 weeks. 

Shopping is more difficult with Chloe. She doesn’t like grocery stores and gets anxiety in other stores. So my older daughter watches her when I go, which is so nice. Plus I can get all I need in one trip. It is very strange seeing 6 ft spaced tape on floors and people in masks. I’ll admit I’m quite uncomfortable right now. I so hope this is over soon.

How are you handling grocery shopping right now? Share below.

Stay Healthy ❤


Simple Saturday Chat

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Good Afternoon 😊

During this time of quarantine I have learned that I can live without so many things. So I decided in May to do a 31 Day Challenge.  I read about it on another blog. 31 days and 31 changes to use less, waste less and live with less.

I want to make most of our food from scratch, buy more fresh produce and buy way less packaged food. If it is in a package I plan for it to be recyclable.  I want to produce way less trash. *My dumpster is at the end of our street, so I definitely want to make less trips to it.*

Each day in May I will post what my challenge is and what I need to do to achieve my goal. Some days will be food related, some household related, and the others frugal/minimalism related. I am really going to focus on recycling when the recycling center reopens. I want Chloe to learn and be a part of this process. She has been learning about it in her school work. Ill be glad when we can do it, hands on.

Chloe is a fast food junkie. I have been slowly weaning her down to once a week, but my goal is 1 every other week. She is starting to handle me telling her no a lot better. If we go out I pack her lunch box and that seems to suit her just fine.

I know I won’t be perfect at low waste, but I really want to try. I think Chloe will enjoy taking the Recyclables to the center and sort6them into their bins. I also will involve her in more cooking from scratch with me. I’m hoping she will try some new foods.

I hope you will find a few challenges to apply to your life. Maybe you will have tips for me.

I hope all of you are staying healthy❤

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School at Home On This Rainy Day

Good morning😊

So it is pouring rain and I for one am glad. Little Miss Chloe has ran me ragged for 2 days. Lol. It is so tough on her to stay inside on a sunny day and the past 2 were beautiful 🌞

I loaded up a backpack with hand sanitizer,  snacks and water and headed to the local nature park. I’m pleased to say it wasn’t to packed and EVERYONE  was practicing social distancing.  There is so much space there we could walk trails and run around in open fields. We even found several picnic areas. We will be visiting those more often.

Today we are hunkered indoors watching the rain, playing games on the tablet, reading books and working on our school packet. It is nice to have a day to just rest. I have a book I have been trying to finish for weeks. Maybe today is the day🙂

I’m hoping to get Chloe to bake with me later today. She hasn’t really wanted to lately. Thats ok….we don’t need to eat cookies anyway. Lol

I really hope this virus settles down soon. I would love for Chloe’s therapy to begin again. School will hopefully begin again in August. We have 3 weeks left of NTI learning left. Chloe is already saying “Its Summer Break”! 3 more weeks girl😏

I hope all of you are feeling well❤

Week 5 of NTI School

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So we are half way through Week 5 of NTI school at home. Is it any easier getting Chloe to do her packets? Nope, she stills fights every day. She is still not understanding what all this is about.

Her teacher is beginning to place many social stories in her packet, as I mentioned the other day, which is so helpful.  I’m trying to think of lots of hands on activities to go with them. She has had a lot of new things introduced to her the past 2 weeks. She is showing frustration with some of it, but she needs to be challenged.

Our NTI school yr ends May 15th. I am beginning work on her summer learning.  If quarantine lifts I will be inviting some of her friends to meet up for a weekly playdate/activity time. I really hope this virus hits the road soon.

I will be sharing what activities we do over the summer. I am hoping some of you find it useful.  Chloe has to stay busy, even on breaks. I want her to keep learning so she retains everything. I don’t want regression to occur.  I just try to make it fun for summer. I’m also doing a reading reward chart with her. She has quite the addiction to Happy Meals and Wendy’s.  I have been taking her way less and decided that will be her reward for her reading program.

So we are still working on school at home, like everyone else. We have 3 weeks left to go. How is NTI going at your house?

Hope everyone stays well😊❤

Walking Trail With Social Distancing

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Hi Everyone 😊

Chloe woke up ready to argue today. Lol.  She wanted to get out of the house bad! I told her school first, then we would find somewhere safe to go.

She fought me for an hour, but finally got her school work finished. I decided we would go to the Nature Park. It is very spread out and has several walking trails. It was beautiful today and I really wanted to get her out.

Everyone at the park practiced social distancing well  it wasn’t crowded at all. We walked over 3 miles, with lots of stops. Chloe’s toe walking causes her feet to hurt and she has to rest. I was super proud of her. Its beautiful there. We may go back soon and collect items for a craft activity. 

Trying to find safe places to go isn’t easy right now, but I do what I can for her. Have any of you gotten your kids out and about, while practicing social distancing?

I hope all of you are well.


Covid-19 Our Update

Hi Everyone😊

As I was on my way to pick up Chloe’s Week 5 school packet I heard schools are officially closed the rest of this school year. I dreaded telling Chloe and she reacted exactly as I expected.  She was sad and even cried a  little. I was very thankful that her wonderful teacher put in a social story about all of this in her packet.

If you don’t know what a social story is, it is a book with pictures and basic text that helps Chloe understand difficult things a bit better.

So how are we holding up during this time? She does her school work, plays outside when able and we occassionally go for drives with the windows down. Chloe lives for that! We have done a lot of reading and drawing. She still begs to go to the playground and I have to explain for the 100th time why we can’t go. Its tough for her most days. We cook and bake together some days. We just get through each day hoping this comes to an end soon.

Chloe and I were sick for weeks in early February . I believe we had a strain of this virus. We had fever,cough, runny/stuffy noses, throwing up and Chloe was on breathing treatments.  It lasted 3 weeks and we still felt bad for a week longer after the fever broke.

So we are hanging on like everyone else I guess. I hope all of you are healthy and stay that way. 😊

Simple Sunday Chat

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Happy Sunday😊

As quarantine continues I have been thinking about changes I want to make after it is lifted. I have always tried to minimize my belongings, but I need to work more on organization. I truly want to live with as little stuff as possible.

Living in a tiny apartment makes this task more difficult.  How? Well everything is more cramped together, which can make it looked cluttered if I have to much. I am taking this time at home to see what I really use and what I don’t.  Once quarantine is lifted and stores open I’ll be donating and selling quite a few items. My trunk is half full already 😲

Another area I’m looking at is being more environmental.  Using less to no plastic, which isn’t always easy. Once recycling opens back up I am setting up a recycling bin in our kitchen. I want to purchase less plastic at the grocery as well. It’s tough since Chloe is such a picky eater.  I would love to have way more fresh produce and less canned items. I just have to make sure we eat it. It goes to waste so fast!

Simplifying life in these areas will be beneficial for us in general. I am looking forward to this virus quarantine being over so I can get started minimizing and simplifying.  Less Stuff, Less Trash, Less Waste.

Have a wonderful afternoon and stay healthy😊