New Therapy

Today Chloe started a new therapy. She is now going to Behavioral therapy twice a week.

This type of therapy will help Chloe learn to deal with her feelings and respond appropriately. She can list every feeling from mad to excited, but tends to confuse them when I or anyone tried to help her share her own feelings.

I sat in the waiting area today and could hear her session. She was cracking me up. She was definitely trying to take charge. It will take her awhile to adjust to therapy again. Her therapist is such a wonderful lady. Chloe loves her already. Instead of one long session once a week, she will go twice s week and have shorter sessions. Her attention span is super short right now, so shorter sessions will work best.

I am looking forward to seeing how Chloe learns through this therapy. I am hoping she will eventually know how to express her feelings and have less meltdowns.

Thanks for stopping by today. Everyone stay healthy out there❤️

Back To Therapy☺️

Hello everyone 😊

Yesterday was Chloe’s first day back to Occupational Therapy since Covid-19 shut everything down. She was so excited to see her therapist again.

Things were quite different and she wasn’t so sure about the changes. We had to wait in the car and call inside to sign her in. Then her therapist came out to get her. She took Chloe’s temperature and asked me questions about viral symptoms. Chloe was not fond of the mask and face shield her OT was wearing. Chloe wasn’t required to wear a mask. She has refused to wear one so far. I keep working with her though.

She worked on following a picture card schedule about getting dressed. She didn’t undress or dress, but answered questions about how to put on specific pieces of clothing. I have been working with her at home, but her stubbornness is strong. Lol

They also worked on emotions. Chloe has an issue with anyone showing any emotion except happiness. Even when she is mad or sad she says “Happy”!! She won’t discuss mad or sad. They played a game working on those specific emotions.

It was a great first session! Chloe enjoyed herself and came out smiling 😊. She is already looking forward to next week.

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. Welcome to my new followers ☺️

Celebrating 🥳

Today we celebrated my Mom’s 71st Birthday! With all the Covid-19 going on we didn’t have our usual cookout with all of the family. Chloe helped me make her banana pudding. She loves crushing those wafers 😁

I let Chloe pick her Nana out a gift at the Dollar Store. She knows her Nana loves Gummy Bears, so she got her a bag of those. Then she picked her a candle. Normally we go to Kroger and get her flowers, but I don’t go in there right now. She sang Happy Birthday to her at least 5 times😍

My older daughter and I had a wreath made for her. She loved it and hung it up right after she opened it! It has a fishing theme.

I know how blessed I am to still have my Mom in my life. She’s not just my Mom, but my friend😍

I pray everyone is healthy out there ❤️

Simple Saturday Chat

Good morning ☺️

As I was thinking about what to write about today, one word popped into my head. Peace ✌🏻

How I long for peace in my daily life. Right now Chloe is fussing because she wants to go to her Nana and Papaw right now!! She has zero patience and gets whiny when she has to wait. It can definitely press on your nerves😣

Life as a special needs parent is rarely ever peaceful. You never know how your child is going to wake up. They could sleep all night and still wake up mad at the world. I’m just sitting here sipping my coffee and taking deep breaths until she is done fussing.

I have been thinking of ways to add a peaceful atmosphere to our little home here. One thing we already do is rarely have the tv on. If it wasn’t for Chloe watching a movie here or there I’ve considered not having a TV anymore, I’m just burned out on it. I prefer turning on the radio or listening to music on my phone.

I’m also looking for places to go that are peaceful. We do love our local nature park. When it’s not super crowded it’s a very peaceful place to walk and listen to the birds. So many places are still shut down, so we go there a lot.

Reading is another peaceful activity. I love audio books. I lay back, put my ear pods in and close my eyes. Chloe is playing in her room and I can still hear her. Writing is also a peaceful activity for me.

So how do you maintain peace in your life? Share below.

How Does She Do It?


I have been drinking more coffee than usual the past 3 days. Not cappuccino, but coffee! Why? Because Miss Chloe is not sleeping again. Now I’m not talking getting up a few times at night. No I’m talking not falling asleep until 2 am. Last night it was 4:45 am😮

She tells me “No Sleep, wake up”!! Here is the crazy part….she runs like the Energizer Bunny the whole next day! It’s crazy! I don’t know how she does it. I, on the other hand, am dragging. As I am posting this she is still talking in her bed. My well meaning friends tell me “When she lays down you go to bed”. Hmmm I would love to, but I get zero time alone until she’s in bed. Plus if I lay down and get comfy, it’s like she had radar and starts saying “Mom” over and over. So I wait until she is sound asleep.

Good news is today I found her a new psychiatrist to work with me on her medication. I think she has adjusted to her current medication and it no longer works. Hoping there is something new she can try. Lack of sleep affects Chloe cognitively and emotionally. She gets quite crabby. So a new medication should hopefully do the trick.

Oh I hear quiet ☺️ . Time for me to get some sleep and pray she sleeps through the night. Sleep well everyone 😴

She Got A Pool😍

Chloe loves the water❤️ It was really tough finding a pool. Since water parks and pools are closed people are buying pools at the store. I lucked out and found one at Aldi. Since we live in an apartment I took it to my parents. They have a private side porch that works perfect as a hangout for swimming.

Chloe was very excited when she saw her pool. She jumped right in! I, however, am not permitted in her pool. Lol. I enjoyed sitting back and watching her have a blast! I caught up on some reading.

It is suppose to rain the next 2 days, so we won’t get to swim again until Saturday. I’m hoping she sleeps better tonight after being in the pool all afternoon. Last night she was up until 1am😳. She slept until 10:30 this morning. She is making her own sleep schedule right now. Lol

We finished our day by making chicken enchiladas for us and my parents. Chloe sprinkled all the cheese on. She ate noodles instead😂. We are getting ready for a movie night and then hopefully she will fall asleep.

Hope everyone is healthy and well❤️

We Had a Conversation 😃

Yesterday Chloe and I had a mini conversation. As we were driving home a Doe and her fawn ran out in front of me. I slammed on my breaks and yelled “Oh no”! Luckily I didn’t hit them. Then I hear Chloe say “Awww it’s Mama deer and Bambi”. So sweet❤️

Later, before bed, she comes up to me and says “ Mom no hit Mama deer and Bambi”? I said “No they are ok”. She said “Run away”! I said “ Yes they ran into the woods”. Chloe says “Yay, good job deer”! It was awesome to have a little conversation with her. She rarely does this, so I cherish these moments.

I have been trying to make her more aware of everything around her and talking to her about what I show her. Most of the time she dazed out, but every now and then she pays attention and talks about it. I’m hoping her speech therapy starts soon. She is almost at the top of the list. It’s so sad how many children are waiting for help.

Once school begins again she will receive speech there. She misses school a lot. Kinda hoping it starts in August as usual. She desperately needs it. Until then I will work with her as much as I can.

I hope everyone is doing well. Welcome to my new followers. I have 170 now and am so thankful ☺️

Life’s Been Crazy!

Wow it has been a crazy couple of days for me . I had an appointment with my gynecologist today, so I am on the road to recover.

Warning to my male followers, this may not be comfortable for you to read. Woman stuff coming your way! Lol

I am almost 49 and I know things are changing physically for me. The past 8 weeks I have had a nonstop period. Oh my goodness, it’s been rough. Well actually 3 weeks ago it got so l much worse. The bleeding got OUT OF CONTROL!! I couldn’t go anywhere and I got dizzy constantly from loss of blood. Anyway, I finally got into my Dr this morning and she said “Yes you have a problem and we will fix it”! I love her. She is an amazing gynecologist.

I am being sent for further testing in a few weeks and was given progesterone to reduce bleeding. I am already feeling so much better. The testing will show why this is happening. I have a history of ovarian cysts and other issues, so she is covering every base. If I end up needing surgery I will cross that bridge when we come to it.

So that is why I haven’t been posting as often. Just haven’t been feeling very well. I’ve always said as an Autism Mom that I can never get sick or die. So I’m glad the bases are being covered and I’m already feeling a bit better with the meds I got today.

Women out there take care of yourselves. If you think something going on with your body is off, get it checked out. Don’t wait until your feeling 10 times worse, like I did. Our kiddos need us to be healthy, happy Mamas😃

Be well out there ❤️❤️

Weight Loss Update

Happy Saturday 😁

I just completed week 4 of WW or Weight Watchers. I am using an app online to track points, report workouts and to weigh in. The app definitely makes it so much easier to keep track of food and points used. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants an easy way to lose weight.

I have lost 12 pounds so far and I’m down one size in clothes. My tops are so loose and baggy it’s time to find some smaller ones😃 I hope to look at a few consignment shops soon to find some tops to replace my “too big” ones.

I keep a list of zero point snacks in the front of my meal planner. I always make sure I have plenty of those around, for those days I have those horrible munchies. I also input meals and their points on my WW app. That way when I make a meal I just scroll down and tap that meal. The points go on automatically without me having to look up each individual food each time. I love it❤️

I bulk cook my meat and veggies. I also prepare my fruit by cutting it up and putting it in single serving bowls. Makes meal time a piece of cake. Mmmm cake😊 Actually I love pie better. Lol.

As far as exercise I do what I’m able. Since my fall I haven’t been able to workout as long, but I do something every day. Even walking 1 mile is better than nothing. I have been doing Yoga and strength training a few days a week as well.

So it is going well and I am happy with the program. A friend of mine, who lost 60 pounds on it, checks in with me daily. It’s a wonderful bonus☺️

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy❤️

Music Soothes The Soul🎧

Hi Everyone!

Ok Moms and Dad’s we must find ways to reduce stress in our lives. Whether your child had special needs or not, we all get stressed! Do you know what relaxes me, other than writing? Music🎧

As I am writing this post Chloe is playing in her room and I have my music on (headphones on of course). I made a library of songs I love on YouTube and am currently rocking out to them 😝 . I am an 80’s and some 90’s music lover. I also have a separate library of calming, classical music. Chloe enjoys listening to it from time to time.

We all need an outlet to reduce stress. It has been scientifically proven that listening to music calms our heart rate and increases positive brain waves. It also boosts our overall mood☺️. I don’t always get to play music out loud , unless I’m alone, which is rare. I love to sing, but Chloe always says “Mom no singing”! I’m actually a pretty good singer, but she doesn’t want me singing over the song. Lol

I always feel so much better after listening to my music. I sing (quietly) and dance around the living room. Hello EXERCISE 😃

There are other ways I reduce stress. Like I said I love to write and I use to keep a journal. I love writing this blog and still have a goal to write a book.

Parents we must practice self care by reducing our stress anyway we can. I know it’s hard to find time, believe me I totally understand. Try your best to find a hobby or just listen to music for as long as you have time. It’s super important. If we are not doing well how can we be healthy to care for our children❤️

Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay healthy out there❤️