Never Do These 4 Things To Your Child With Autism

Good Afternoon 😊

Today’s post is about 4 things you should never do to your child with Autism. I am certain there are more than 4 things, but these were at the top of the list.

1) Never talk about them like they are not in the room (when they are in the room). This one is hard for me sometimes.  If I am upset or stressed I just start talking. I am trying to work on this flaw. Just because your child has Autism doesn’t mean they can’t hear you. I know Chloe seems to hear and remember everything! It’s out of respect for them.

2) Don’t blame Autism for everything they do. Sometimes you have to look at their behavior and decide is it Autism or typical behavior of whatever age your child is. When it comes to developmental delays you also must take that into account. Chloe may be 9 years old, but developmentally she is younger. Don’t put a label on them.

3) Don’t allow anyone to tell them having Autism is a “Bad Thing” or that they are “Broken “. I never want Chloe to think bad of herself. It’s like Temple Grandin says ” They are different, not less”. 

4) Don’t keep your child home because it’s hard for them out in the world. This one can be tough, especially if you are without help. The only way they are going to learn how to act out in the world is to get out there. Here are a few tips to help:

* Take snacks, drinks and comfort items with you.

* Make outings short.

* Get out early before places get busy.

* Have help if possible.

If you have any more tips to add please do so in the comments. I hope these suggestions help.

Have a wonderful afternoon 😊



I’m a Helicopter Mom

Good Morning 😊

I never wanted to be a Helicopter Mom. You know the Moms you see following their kids around all over the playground. “Don’t touch that “, “Oh no don’t climb that, you will fall”, or “Come here and stay by me”. I’ve seen Moms and Dads do this. Maybe it’s because our world has gotten so dangerous and parents are overprotective. Many articles say Helicopter parents harm their children. They say they won’t know how to function as an adult. 

My 2 older children, who are now 22 and 25 had a part time Helicopter Mom in me. They struggled with social skills and I was overprotective of them, because some kids were, well just mean. I’m thankful they had each other on the playground and other places we went. 

Chloe is a whole other story. Her Autism doesn’t allow her to understand appropriate social skills. She also tends to space out on top of the slide and needs a verbal prompt to move on. So I am a constant Helicopter Parent with Chloe. Everywhere we go it is a opportunity to learn. I help her understand social cues, like when a child says hi and she needs to respond hi back. Chloe loves watching other kids play and I use this time to describe their play to her. I wish more kids approached her, but I guess most don’t know how.

I have tried to step back from time to time, especially if it is not busy where we are. If I notice her getting anxious or turning out I immediately intervene. Chloe does way better the fewer children there are. She gets overstimulated very easily. So Helicopter Parenting for me is a necessity. It’s for her safety and guidance. 

I find Social Stories are useful to help them understand the rules and social situations they may face. 

Are you a Helicopter Parent by choice or necessity?

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Have a wonderful day ❤

More Penny Pinching Tips


Good Morning😊

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I wanted to share some more money saving tips with you today. I hope these are helpful.

* Less Meat or Meatless Meals: We try to eat less meat with our meals. Meat has gotten so expensive.  It’s also a healthier way to eat.

* Repair Clothing instead of tossing and buying new. I found a few holes in a couple of tops this weekend.  I’m going to fix the holes instead of getting rid of the tops. I’m also repairing a few pair of socks. Not everything can be saved, but at least try.

* Don’t waste food. Make only what you will eat. You can use leftover vegetables to make homemade soup. Freeze leftovers you know you won’t eat the next day. 

* Cook a whole chicken and use it for several meals.

* When you find sneakers on sale for your child buy the next size up. Buy 2 pairs for yourself in your size.

* This tip is from a lesson learned: Don’t buy toys except for Birthdays and Christmas.  Am I perfect at this? No, but I have gotten way better.

So there are a few more money saving tips I use or am implementing in our home. I hope to share more next week.

Have a wonderful day😀

A Very Fun Day


Happy Friday Everyone

Thursday we drove to our hometown for a playdate with friends. We also hung out with my older daughter Mattie. As you can tell from Chloe’s smile, she had a good time. 

She enjoyed the play area at the mall. She loves to watch other children play. She mimics a lot of their play, which is a good thing. There were 2 little girls twirling each other and falling down. Chloe just laughed and fell down with them😀. I loved seeing her smile and laugh with friends.

The only glitch we ran into was when she wanted to ride the kiddy rides. She doesn’t understand she is too big for them. She squeezed into several of them and pretended to ride them. I could feel people’s stares, but tried to focus on her fun. If she can ever go to an amusement park she would be in heaven. We then ate lunch and had ice cream.

Chloe also loved seeing her sister’s dog Anna. Anna loves Chloe and once calm she lays on Chloe’s lap. So sweet❤. We headed home after that and spent some time outside before dinner. 

Chloe fell right to sleep😴

Feeling Blessed😊

Everyone Have a Wonderful Day🌞

Simple Eating

Happy Thursday 😊

Today I want to continue to talk about ways to simplify your life. I am currently finishing up minimizing my things. I am almost done😀 Another area to simplify and save money is your food. Make simple meals and drink mostly water. 

I shop at Aldi, which saves us a lot of money. I check which produce is on sale and buy those. We have favorite meals, but they can get boring after awhile.  I always say you have to look at food as nutrition, not just for enjoyment. I’m a stress eater, so I have my moments,  unfortunately.  The best way to prevent that is not bringing unhealthy food home. We mostly eat chicken, fish and ground turkey. I occasionally buy a steak and cut it in half for both of us. Chloe will eat chicken breast now if I cut it up like nuggets.  

A simple meal would be baked chicken, green beans and a baked potato. I sometimes add a salad. So have a meat, a vegetable and a starch or 2 veggies. Chloe and I eat fruit throughout the day for snacks. Her favorite is strawberries🍓 and I love watermelon 🍉. I always have bananas on hand🍌. I have tried to reduce crackers like goldfish . If you simplify your meal plan you will save so much money. Meal prep should be easier and your meals will be healthier. 

Drink mostly water. I drink Cappuccino when I wake up. I use splenda instead of sugar. It’s cheaper to drink water instead of soda or juices. We do partake in soda sometimes,  but I need to cut it out. SO NOT HEALTHY! Luckily Chloe has never wanted soda. She does like flavored water. I try to get the sugar free brand packets for her. We are not milk drinkers. Chloe and I are allergic, so I use Almond milk in our recipes calling for milk. 

So that’s how I am trying to simplify in the food area of our lives. 

Do any of you use a simple meal plan? Please share below😊

Have a fantastic day💚


How I Declutter

Good Morning 😊

I have been on a mission to declutter as much as I can. What are my rules for what I get rid of?

Get Rid of Multiples

Get Rid of Items I Don’t Use or are Unnecessary 

I Haven’t Worn it in Over a Year

I Don’t Enjoy It or Love It

Let’s begin with clothing. I now only own 21 pieces of clothing. That doesn’t include undergarments, which I kept 5 days worth. I replace items as neccessary.  I would love to have a wardrobe like Steve Jobs did. Same loved outfit every day. I know that’s not the norm for women, but it sure would make getting dressed each day a breeze😊

Next is Decor. I have never been good at decorating.  Mostly I would like pictures of family and a few vases of flowers. I do like pretty wicker baskets.  I would place the book I’m reading in it. Just simple decor is what I like.

Let’s talk about Books📙 I love to read, when I have time and can focus on one, Chloe dependent Lol. I keep the books I know I will reread and donate or sell the ones I won’t.  Simple isn’t it? I will purchase a used book from 2nd & Charles sometimes,  but I would prefer to check them out from the library for FREE. That way if I don’t like it I just return it. No Hassles.

Moving on to Health and Beauty Products. This is an area I am currently working on. I have been making homemade toothpaste and mouthwash  which I love💚 My goal is to make a lot of homemade products or buy products that have multiple uses and are less toxic. Makeup is an area I’m experimenting with. Trying to see what I can do without and what I enjoy using. I have seen a lot on shampoo bars lately. I’ve never used one, but would like to try one.

So that is the first group of things I have decluttered. My next post will cover other areas in my home I am working on. Are you minimizing areas of your home? Please share how it’s going😀

Have a wonderful Wednesday ☺

Still Not Sleeping 😴

Good Morning

Well Chloe is still not sleeping through the night and we are exhausted 😔

I wish I knew why she was waking up, but she can’t tell me. Last night she was looking for one of her character toys and yelling. I tried everything,  but finally left the room (after finding the lost toy, of course). I just kept praying for her to go to sleep. I heard a few moments of silence here and there, but she pretty much was awake from 12:48 am on. 

So I don’t have much to blog about right now. We have been in survival mode for awhile. Hopefully she will start sleeping soon.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Chloe does take medication to sleep, so that is not helping much unfortunately. 

Hope all of you have a good day😊