Finally Unpacked

Good Morning Friends

I woke up yesterday ready for another day of unpacking and organizing.  I started my day with coffee in front of my electric fireplace. It was quiet and cozy.

I had to grab some items from my parents house. Chloe and I enjoyed lunch out after we left. We also went to Dollar General down from our apartment. It was new and super nice! Chloe discovered the water fountains and had to stop for a drink. She behaved so well😊

I worked on Chloe’s room and I am so happy how minimal it is. I only brought the toys she plays with most. She has been calmer and occupied herself so much today. I’m like FINALLY🙂

At 4:30 I put away my last item from the last box. Phew I was exhausted.  I made Chloe supper and we both got baths. Then we hung out on the couch until bedtime.  She has had me read the same 7 books for over a year!! Last night she said “Mom read 2 books”. I was beyond happy and proud of her for making the change. I am excited that OT therapy will begin soon and hopefully the others will follow.

2020 will be a good year for Chloe.  I just know it👍

Welcome to my new followers.  Have a wonderful Monday ❤

Moving Day😊

Good Morning

Yesterday was our moving day. It was a long, busy day as well. I so appreciate Chloe’s older sister and boyfriend helping with the move. I didn’t have much, but unpacking took hours.

Chloe and I are in a one bedroom apt. It is small, but we love it❤. Chloe was so excited today. I was very proud of her. She didn’t go to bed until 9pm. I let her watch a movie while i unpacked.  I still need to organize a lot, plus I need a few small pieces of furniture.  Its coming together well. I will post pictures once I am finished organizing.

Chloe has the one bedroom for herself. I don’t have a lot of personal items. There is a big closet we can both share. I had to and still need to do a lot of cleaning.  I don’t think they cleaned very well. Its ok I like to clean myself.

Chloe is so excited to be close to her sisters, friends and the rest of her family. Once therapy begins we will be quite busy. Very exciting.

So that is what we’ve been up to. I hope everyone is doing well.


One More Day


Good Morning Friends😊

We have one more day until Chloe and I move back home. It is exciting to say the least. I have been packing all week and almost finished.

I have been nervous about Chloe’s items. She doesn’t like her stuff moved. I have been telling her we are moving to our new house and she is taking her stuff with her. She just looks at me.  I’ve decided to pack her stuff last. I will have her go to the car and I will have my helpers (her older sister/boyfriend) get her stuff. Hopefully she will not freak out later when we unpack. I am only taking favorites. No excess.  Minimalism will win😁

Another piece of good news…her OT therapy opened up. She starts on February 12th!! So very excited about this. Tomorrow will be a very busy day. I have a long list of stuff to do. I’m thankful my parents offered to watch Chloe for me❤ I can definitely get things done faster alone.

So that’s what is going on and Saturday our new journey begins😊

Welcome to my new followers 😀

Have an amazing day💚

No School This Week

woman in grey shirt holding brown cardboard box

Happy Tuesday Friends!

We are moving this Saturday. So this week I am giving Chloe a break from school so I can pack and prepare Chloe for our move. I am excited we will be somewhere she can finally get help. Change is hard, but sometimes it has to happen for better opportunities.

Our apartment is small, but cozy. I have been blessed with furniture by friends and family. I am doing my best to keep it simple. I only plan on taking half of Chloe’s toys. I am really hoping she doesn’t panic. If this works I will finally have her items minimized.  Woo Hoo😊

So I am packing boxes and have filled my car to the brim. I get the keys Friday. I am so excited for this change and know good things are coming.

I hope your day goes well. Thanks for by today😊

Playing With Her Nephew

Good Morning and Happy Monday Friends!

This past Saturday we went to visit family. Chloe has 2 nephews, ages 2 and 2.months old. She is leery of the baby, but is starting to warm up to the 2 yr old.

He loves her and as soon as we get there he is pulling her around. She has a lot of anxiety adjusting to being around him. She is not use to the crying or squealing of excitement in their home. Sometimes Chloe has to go to a back room and be alone for a bit. It’s all sensory related.

Once she adjusts she has the best time with him. Socially Chloe is close to his level and once calm relates to him well. I enjoyed watching them play with tools, trying to open the baby gate. So cute. Then they went downstairs to play with his train table.

Chloe had to lay on the couch, under a blanket before playing. She just needed a break. I was very proud of how she handled the day. This is our last week in our current house. She and I will be moving Saturday.  I have a lot to do between now and then. Phew🙄

I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday. Thanks for stopping by😊


We Unschool On Friday


Good Afternoon Friends!

It’s Friday afternnon and we are relaxing. I’m posting this and Chloe is drawing on her MagnaDoodle. Fridays are Unschool days in our house. Chloe still has a schedule and activities to do, but no have to school work.

I will lay out activities on the kitchen table in case she wants to do them. I don’t make her do them. It’s all a choice. Today she has played with her Kinetic sand, done puzzles, drawn on her magnadoodle and her chalk board, plus read books with me. Plenty of learning in all those activities. I decided to make Friday unschool days for both of us. She gets a break and gets to choose what to learn about and I get a break to catch up on housework, blogging, and lesson planning.

Once we move, in 8 days, I will incooperate more unschool days in our schedule, until we both get settled. I know Chloe will have some anxiety about the move and I don’t want to force homeschool on top of that. We will be setting up our new home and I want her to feel as laid back as possible and help me set up her room. I want it to be fun for her.

So that is what we do on Fridays. Unschool and relax. Do any of you take “Unschool” days?

Have a great afternoon

Autism Mom Burnout!!

Good Afternoon Friends


Autism mom burnout is real folks. I have been getting close for a long time and now I am there. I have many days that I can’t get going. I have headaches and well honestly, I cry in the shower. Sometimes it helps to cry it out. 

I never planned on being a stay at home or even a homeschool mom. I have cherished my time with Chloe, but desperately miss working and talking to other adults. I like making money, even if its part time work. Just feels good. Chloe has regressed so much socially being home, I know she needs to be in school, even if she is a bit anxious. I don’t want her to isolate herself. I feel very isolated myself. I have tried to not think about it, but it has finally gotten to me.

We are moving in 9 days. I have been connecting with a few friends from high school and other friends I had years ago. I know I won’t be able to go out all the time. Chloe stills needs me and we will be busy with therapies, but to go out occassionally will be nice. Some of them have kids and Chloe can even have playdates. She misses one of her buddies and talks about him a lot.

It is important that we take care of ourselves and recognize the symptoms of burnout before they happen. So for now if Chloe wants to do school we do it and if she needs a break (or if I do) we take one. The move will be a huge change for the both of us and we will have to adjust. So we may take a week or so off.  Chloe has a birthday coming up the middle of February. She will be 10! I can’t believe it. I want her to have a wonderful time this year. 

Being a parent of a child with Special Needs can be so overwhelming. Lack of sleep, hours of screaming and just the worrying alone can wear us out. So I am taking it easy, taking care of me for awhile. Slow days, reading, writing and watching some TV. Its ok to take the breaks we need. Luckily today Chloe is being awesome and loving on me lots. 

Welcome to my new followers. Thank you so much for stopping by.