Speech Therapy Websites I Use

Good morning! Wow this week has flown by. Today I wanted to share some websites I use to do speech therapy with our daughter Chloe. I have been doing speech with her for 2 years. I really enjoy doing it and she has made quite a bit of progress. 

If your a parent with questions, need extra help at home or have to do speech with your child yourself these websites are great!! Many have printouts and activities you can use.

Here are my 6 favorite:


Mommy Speech Therapy


Home Speech Home

Teachers Pay Teachers

The last one has many ideas for you. Some are free and some cost a few dollars to print out. I hope this helps those of you who need extra help with your child’s speech therapy.

I post speech therapy sessions with my daughter on our YouTube channel a few times a month. I plan to start posting one every week.

Have a wonderful and blessed day😊

Cooking With Chloe


One of my favorite activities of the week is Cooking With Chloe!! She loves making most things with me, as long as it’s food she wants to eat. 😁

This week we are making:

Pizza Quesadillas ☺💗

You will need:

Soft Flour Tortillas

Pizza Sauce

Shredded Cheese

* You can add other toppings as well*

1) Lay your tortilla on a baking sheet

2) Spread on pizza sauce

3) Add toppings

* Cook on 350 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes. You just have to keep an eye on it*

So simple😀

I hope you can make this with your kiddos.



Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s  a new year and the official first day of my UBER FRUGAL MONTH, that I hope turns into a Uber Frugal Year😁

During the month of January I will only spend money and stay under our $120/week budget. I only spent $70.03 this week. Woo Hoo! Chloe and I will still go to the library, but just 1 time instead of 4. I will travel 1 1/2 hours home to see my family at least once as well. 

We are eating way simpler and healthier meals, so that saves money. Brett and I are snacking way less and Chloe doesn’t have tons of choices. I have bananas, apples and Graham crackers. I am planning no eating out for January, but we will in February for our daughter Chloe’s 9th Birthday.

Here is our Supper Menu for the Week: Menus begins on Saturday 

Saturday: Homemade Veggie Soup 

Sunday: Chicken, Waffle Fries, pigs in a blanket, and pie. (This is our Christmas meal with Brett’s older daughters and our grandson). We only paid for the pie, chips and pigs in a blanket fixings.

Monday: Fish, brown rice, peas and salad

Tuesday: Taco Night

Wednesday: Oven Crispy Chicken, baked potatoes and green beans 

Thursday: Stir Fry

Friday: Taco Night #2 (Hubby Loves Tacos 😊)

Breakfast is: Oatmeal, Eggs & Turkey Bacon or Pancakes.

Lunches: We have sandwiches or Leftovers from the night before.

I will update you on our grocery totals, meals and savings each week.

Feel free to join me😊



New Years Traditions


Happy New Years Eve!

Do you have New Years Eve traditions? We had way more when our older kids were still home. We had yummy food, played games and watched Dick Clarks New Years Rockin Eve. Once all of them moved out or had jobs and worked on New Years we just went to bed. Chloe didn’t understand all of the hype of it and we were just tired anyway.

I am trying as Chloe gets older to start introducing new traditions. She does understand the calendar as far as the months changing, but not sure if she understands the year changing. So I have been contemplating about what we can do as far as celebrating the new year. This is what I have come up with.

  1. Making a fun meal. It will probably be pizza.
  2. Playing games together.
  3. Read a book about New Years
  4. Buying or making party hats and blowers. Sorry Honey
  5. Doing our own countdown early. Chloe goes to bed at 7:30, so I am going to look on YouTube for a countdown. I was told they have fun videos for kids.

I am going to try these activities with her and see how she reacts. I thought about also doing a facetime with her sister. She always enjoys that. I can have traditions for Chloe, but I just have to modify them for her Autism. I hope she enjoys them.

What traditions do you do with your family? Please share.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


2019 Homeschool Goals for Chloe

Hello everyone! 

I have been working on Chloe’s goals for homeschool for awhile. We homeschool year around, so these goals will change as each one is met. I do keep records for the state and our “School year” with them ends in May.

So here are the goals I have for now. They will include self help skills, since that is part of our homeschool learning.

       Self Help

#1: I want Chloe to dress herself with zero help. She can put on clothing, but 95% of the time everything is backwards. 

#2: Learn to zip her coat. She can put it on, a long with hat and gloves, but can’t zip her coat yet.

#3 Learn to brush her hair. We have been working on this,  but she hates her hair brushed.

#4: Continue to learn to brush her teeth. She uses a special toothbrush that covers the front and back at the same time. 

#5: Clean up her room!! This is a big issue, as I have posted before. We will meet this goal. I am determined.  Lol

          Educational Goals

I just have a few at a time. I stick with each one until she learns them

* Telling Time by 1/2 hour. She can tell time by the hour. 

*Positional Words- She still has a few she doesn’t understand. 

*Learn tougher sight words

* Read small chapter books

* Continue to work on writing ledgibly. Do copywork.

*I want to introduce more activities into her week that she can learn from.

We are continuing to learn the Bible every day.


I follow an idea from Heidi at the Minimalist Homeschool. Each day we will do a special activity.

Mondays: Craft Day

Tuesdays: Game Day

Wednesdays: Cooking Day

Thursdays: Science Activity

Fridays: Watch and Learn (Watch a video about the topic we are learning about)

That is my list of goals for Chloe so far in 2019. Do you set goals for your homeschool children?

Have a blessed day😊



My Personal Goals for 2019


It’s that time of year again. Time for those pesky resolutions.  I prefer to set goals instead. They can be tweaked as needed, without feeling like you failed.

Here are 10 goals I have set for myself.

#1: To do morning Bible study every day. Even if I have to get up earlier. My day always go smoother when I begin my day with God.

#2:  I want to have a morning devotion with my husband every day. We may have to do it after work, since he starts work usually before I get up.

#3: I want to eat healthier and exercise daily. I’m not setting a weight loss goal, because it’s a lot of pressure.

#4: I want to control my anxiety by placing my worries in God’s hands.

#5: Spend more quality time with family and friends.  You never know when you are out of time with someone.  Life changes in an instant. I want to be more involved with family and friends.

#6: Keep my home minimized, clean and organized.  I will keep a schedule and follow it👍

#7: Keep up with my Blog and YouTube Vlog, posting good content😊

#8: Go as long as possible buying nothing but groceries.  January is my Uber Frugal Month (See Frugalwoods website), but I want to do it as long as I can.

#9: Stay under my grocery budget limit.  Our budget is $120/week. Last week I spent $90. I’m going to try each week to stay below $120. 

#10: Be a more positive person. I let my worries take over and can become negative. I plan on working hard to give to God what I can’t change and be positive. 


So those are my 2019 personal goals. Do you have goals or resolutions? Feel free to share. Thank you to all of my new subscribers.  

Have a wonderful day😊