Use Up What You Have

I was one of the worst about using 3/4 a bottle of shampoo, getting bored with it, and buying a different brand. I would put the unused portion of the old shampoo in the closet. I may or may not return to it. WHAT A WASTE!!

Since moving I have made it a goal to use up everything I have before buying new or more of that product. It’s been awhile since I have purchased many products! I feel terrible about how much I have wasted over the years.

I’m mainly talking about health and beauty products and cleaning supplies. I make my own cleaners now, so I occasionally buy vinegar, baking soda and orange essential oil. I was the worst with shampoo and conditioner. I would buy a set and then get tired of the smell or I would see a different brand and buy it. Now I’m using up everything, no matter what!!

This waste can roll over into food as well. I buy lots of produce. I never know from one week to the next what Chloe is going to eat. So if I notice the strawberries are getting ripe and she doesn’t want them I freeze them for smoothies. I’ve been buying less of what I think may go bad. I’ll buy 1 zucchini or 1 squash instead of 3 of each. I know I will use 1, but not always 3. I sometimes take extra fruit to my parents if I see it’s no going to get eaten.

My goal is to waste less and spend less. How do you handle waste in your home?

I hope all of you are healthy and doing well😁

Separation Anxiety

Good morning ☺️

Today I want to post about separation anxiety and Autism. It is something most of us parents of children with Autism deal with. Chloe has always been very attached to me. It makes it quite difficult when she has to be away from me for a longer length of time. I do regret not having her stay with relatives or friends more often when she was younger.

When we first moved home she started public school and was doing well. I knew it would help her work on her separation anxiety issues, but alas in comes Covid-19 and we are home again. I occasionally have her stay with her older sister Mattie while I run errands or go to a Drs appointment. She does very well with her and rarely asks for me. I do need to find other babysitters, since I can’t always expect Mattie to watch her.

Separation anxiety is something toddlers deal with. They have to learn that their parents are returning when they leave. Children with Autism have a more difficult time understanding this concept. I think they have so much going on in their heads and bodies it’s just hard to calm themselves and they need their Mom or Dad or whoever cares for them to help calm them.

It is definitely a hard area of development to work on. All I can do is have her stay with others for short spurts and occasionally for longer times to work on it. Once school begins again that will help as well. I am working on a social story for her right now about it.

Does your child struggle with separation anxiety? Share below.

Stay Healthy out there❤️

Fun Friday!

Happy Friday😀

We have had a crazy fun day! It was beautiful and around 90 degrees. So I wanted to plan some fun outdoor activities.

This morning we went to the playground, before it got to hot. She had so much fun and conquered the chain ladder! She was super proud of herself🙂 She spent a lot of time swinging and singing🎤. The other kids loved her❤️

After lunch we went to my parents to swim. I have never heard so much laughter. She was jumping and splashing….me. Lol. I jumped in a few times. She told me to get out, as usual😂. She loves her big circle floating toy. She will sit on it and float forever. If I want to get in the water I will need my own pool. So I lay on my blanket and read it listen to my latest audiobook.

After swimming we cooled off watching her new favorite show Puppy Dog Pals. Then we ate some yummy cooked out burgers. Once home we will shower and relax with a Friday night/PJ movie night🥰

I hope all of you are healthy and well.

Welcome to all of my new followers 😁

My Health Update

Happy Thursday☺️

So I have been to my Obgyn and she went over all the results of my 2 ultrasounds and bloodwork. She recommended a total hysterectomy to completely solve my problems for good. I was like “Let’s do it”! Then as I was scheduling surgery they tell me I have to quarantine away from Chloe for 4 days before my surgery. Ok hold on a minute….that isn’t going to fly with Miss Chloe. She has only spent one night away from me and it did not go well. 4 DAYS!!!

So now I am looking at a different same day procedure instead. It has its risks like every surgery. It’s called a Uterine Ablation. It will remove the lining of my uterus, stopping all bleeding. It has an 88 percent success rate. I really hope it is successful.

Until surgery I have been put on different medications to keep bleeding at bay. Side effects stink. I have thrown up, had multiple migraines and been extremely exhausted. So next week I am meeting with my Dr to make final decisions on what I can do. If they can do away with the quarantine I would prefer the hysterectomy, but it’s still under Covid-19 guidelines.

I’m just hanging in there and thankful for my Dr who never gives up trying to get me better. She said my life’s challenging enough without extra junk. She’s got that right😁

I pray all of you are well❤️

Life is About to Get Busy😲

Life in our home is about to get BUSY! As I was helping Chloe get dressed this morning I get a phone call scheduling another therapy session for Chloe. I’m not complaining, but phew I gotta get a schedule book!

So far she has Behavioral 2 days a week, OT once a week, PT once a week and Speech once a week. Two of the therapies are an hour away. The waiting lists are crazy long, so I took what was offered. We are still wasting to see her psychiatrist for medication next week for the first time. I know I mentioned that yesterday.

So here is the important part if this post. I don’t wasn’t life to be chaotic for us, so how do I prevent that? No before lunch appointments. Chloe is not a morning person. She needs time to wake up and follow her routIne. If she is rushed she will get anxious and grumpy fast! She will even shut down. So all appointment are after 12. This will also be important when school starts. A few of the therapists will actually go to her school to treat her, so she won’t miss school time. That’s very important.

Until school starts I want her to have plenty of park play and swimming time between therapies. I am working on a new visual routine for her to use until school resumes. She hasn’t been receptive on trying to dress herself. She still sits there and waits for help. She has made strides in teeth brushing and hair brushing.

The OT is working on steps to dressing herself, so I’m staying on that with her. I am also rearranging her room to make learning zones for she and I to play at. She hasn’t wanted to do any arts and crafts this summer, so I am working on creating an art center in her room. I miss her drawing .

So as life gets busier we have to adapt, but keep things smooth as well.

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️

Medication Overhaul!!

Chloe’s therapies are all coming together. The last one we were waiting on was speech and that one is ready to start as well😊

The only area we are waiting on is medication. The appointment has been pushed 3 times already! Chloe is struggling to with sleep 6 out of 7 nights a week. We are both dragging☹️ I told the psychiatrist office if it gets pushed again we are going somewhere else. Chloe has been on the same medication for sleep for 6 years. She needs something new.

I wish melatonin worked for her or another more natural alternative, but unfortunately she needs a little extra. She also needs to slow down during the day. You would think she would be tired during the day, but she just keeps going. I don’t know how she does it. I know I’m not doing so well. 🤪

Once her therapies all settle into permanent scheduling she will go pretty much 5 days a week! I’m not complaining. I’ve been looking forward to this and I am ready to roll. Chloe has enjoyed all the sessions she has had so far and sometimes doesn’t want to leave😮

So next Friday should hopefully be her medication appointment with the psychiatrist. Fingers crossed!

Playgrounds Are Open😊

Good morning🙂

Yesterday was a happy day for Chloe. Playgrounds have been shut down for months since the Covid-19 virus began. This has been very tough for Chloe to understand. Parks and playgrounds are where we spend most of our Spring, Summer and Fall.

A friend of mine messaged me that the playgrounds reopened and I knew Chloe was going to be ready to go! I was going to take her to a small playground in the country, but then remembered one down the road from our home. I wanted her first experience back to the park to be fun, with few to no children there. We lucked out and there were no children there. The more children at the park or playground raises her anxiety.

She had so much fun climbing, sliding and swinging. It is such a nice park with plenty of shade and picnic tables. I told her we would plan some picnics. The virus is still raging on, so we are taking precautions. Hand sanitizing constantly and we won’t play if there are tons of kids there.

Chloe needs to get plenty of exercise every day. I love that this park is close enough to us that we could go every day.

As places open up it is exciting for Chloe, but I still have to put rules in place to protect us. Be careful out there everyone ❤️

Emergency Room Visit

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day for Chloe and myself. I woke up feeling nauseous, weak and bleeding heavily again!! After 2 weeks of feeling a lot better since starting the hormone medication my Obgyn put me on, it stopped working😢

My Obgyn wasn’t in the office, so I left a message for her nurse. When she called me back and I told her my symptoms she was alarmed and said she would contact my Dr and see what they needed to do. While waiting for a call back I pushed on through my day. At 1:30 I dropped Chloe off at OT therapy and was waiting in my car. I started feeling worse and the bleeding had increased. I was getting scared. As the OT was bringing Chloe out I got the call that I needed to go to the ER ASAP!!! I couldn’t go straight there. I had to get Chloe to my Mom and my Dad took me to the hospital.

They took blood and vitals as soon as I walked in. They allowed my Dad to stay with me, which was nice. I thought about Chloe and wondered what if I have to have surgery? I was stressed!!

They ordered an ultrasound and I was wheeled off to that area of the hospital. I was hoping they would tell me something soon. I was in that room for 5 hours while they decided what to do. Finally the nurse came in and told me I was getting a very strong IV med to stop the bleeding and my Dr prescribed a new medication to try. I was relieved I wasn’t having surgery that night and texted my Mom to tell Chloe I would be there soon.

Chloe was very happy to see me when I walked in. She said “Go home now”😊 She was stuck to me like glue until midnight, when she finally fell asleep. I struggled with sleep because the bleeding was not slowing down. I was up most of the night.

This morning the Dr checked on me. I informed her the bleeding was still bad. So I filled my medication and will be getting a 2nd ultrasound tomorrow morning and see her after for our next plan of attack. Phew it’s been crazy🤪🤪

I will update you in a future post how I’m doing, but this incident put off Chloe’s last 2 therapies of the week. We will make them up next week. I hope all of you are doing well. STAY HEALTHY ❤️

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Today was Chloe’s Physical Therapy Evaluation. I was nervous since Chloe has never qualified for this type of therapy before.

The only place I could get her in was 48 minutes away, but it is a good therapy center and worth the drive. They have a center closer to us, so hopefully they will have an opening down the road and we can transfer. Although if she bonds well with her therapist I won’t move her. A good relationship between your child and their therapist is very important.

So we arrive for the evaluation and Chloe is ready to go, but because of the virus we have to wait in the car. She was super confused about that. We go in and walk through the funnest looking playroom ever!! I knew I was in trouble. The therapist said we had to go to the evaluation room. Chloe started saying “Gym” over and over.

We get through the evaluation, with Chloe saying “Gym” a hundred times. The great news is she did qualify😁. The tough news is I have to make her an appointment at the Orthopedic center here to be assessed for splints and braces for her feet. She is going to be one upset girl, but it has to be done to correct her walking problem. So we start to leave and Chloe starts pushing me to get to the playroom. She is very strong, since she is my size now😲. She had a pretty good tantrum, but I finally got her to the car. Oh let me mention Miss Chloe has been awake since 1am!!! So she is tired and moody.

We finally get home, have dinner and a bubble bath. Then I had her play in her room. No TV to overstimulate her even more. At 7:30 she was asleep 😌

This is a busy week for us with every day full of either therapies or evaluations. It can be overwhelming. The toughest part is all the restrictions now because of the virus. Chloe doesn’t understand why she can’t do what she use to do at therapy. She will adjust hopefully, since we don’t know when or if things will get back to normal anytime soon.

Tomorrow is her usual OT therapy, so it will hopefully go smoothly. I’m praying she sleeps all night, as that will help for sure!

I hope everyone is staying healthy❤️

New Therapy

Today Chloe started a new therapy. She is now going to Behavioral therapy twice a week.

This type of therapy will help Chloe learn to deal with her feelings and respond appropriately. She can list every feeling from mad to excited, but tends to confuse them when I or anyone tried to help her share her own feelings.

I sat in the waiting area today and could hear her session. She was cracking me up. She was definitely trying to take charge. It will take her awhile to adjust to therapy again. Her therapist is such a wonderful lady. Chloe loves her already. Instead of one long session once a week, she will go twice s week and have shorter sessions. Her attention span is super short right now, so shorter sessions will work best.

I am looking forward to seeing how Chloe learns through this therapy. I am hoping she will eventually know how to express her feelings and have less meltdowns.

Thanks for stopping by today. Everyone stay healthy out there❤️