How Did Chloe Learn To Read?


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I am asked quite often how I taught Chloe to read. I think people automatically believe children with special needs don’t have the ability to read. It is not always easy for them to learn, depending on the level of their disability. I was very blessed with Chloe. She loved books and letters from the minute she noticed what books were. We always kept plenty of books around and read to her from the first day she was home from the hospital.

By the time she was 2 she would touch the magnetic letters I had on the fridge and I would not only tell her the letter, but the sound. I started doing that every time we read a alphabet book or played with letter cards. It wasn’t long that she knew them all. I even made up a song for her. I also purchased Your Baby Can Read. I didn’t buy it so she would read, but I loved how it showed a word and then a picture or action to go with the word. Chloe loved these videos and flip cards. By 3 1/2 she was reading most of the cards. I also got Baby Einstein Videos. I loved the simplicity of the learning style and classical music. She adored these and still has several, but doesn’t watch them anymore.

Like I said I read to her every day. I would be hoarse some days when I finished. She would actually memorize books and recite them out loud. I believe reading is part memorization. When Chloe went to Kindergarten in public school (low incident room) she actually was the top reader in all the Kindergarten classes. I was so proud. She got a reading award from the principal. She has continued to grow her learning skills over the past few years. The hardest part is getting her to try new books. She sticks with her favorites and occasionally picks something new. She loves the Llama Llama books and Eric Carle books.

This school year I have continued to build on her reading skills by teaching her blends (sh, th, kn, etc…) She has a tough time with these. The word “knock” she sounds out as one letter at a time. It is what makes since to her. I am purchasing the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons to go through with her and hopefully teach the phonetics we have missed along the way. I also recommend Spelling Puzzles (Learning Journey, Melissa & Doug). These are fun for learning reading and spelling. I continue to use sight word cards for her or you can print out sight word lists online by grade and make your own cards. We continue to have a story time before bed at night, but now some nights she reads to me.

Please share in the comments how you helped your child to learn to read.


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So Thankful❤

Good Morning 😊


This morning I am feeling so thankful. Someone I love dearly had a test on his heart that was, what we thought, an in and out procedure.  It ended up being way more serious with life threatening finds. Praise God they took care of it immediately.  

As I sat in the waiting room alone all the bad thoughts raced through my head. I prayed continuously to keep negative thoughts away. It was the longest hour and a half of my life.

Today I look at this person with more love and thankfulness than I deserve. I am very thankful to God and the Dr for saving the one I love❤

Have a wonderful and blessed day😊

I Will Make It Happen!

Good morning everyone. Well we have made it half way through the week. I pray your week has went great so far.


I have been doing a lot of thinking and not only do I desire a simple life, I NEED IT!! Raising a child with Autism comes with many challenges, but do I make them tougher? My personality is one of being an anxious person. I have depression and try very hard to keep it under control. I have always been unorganized and kept things that I didn’t need. I also made life unnecessarily stressful for myself.

I can’t remember when I started making life so hard for myself, but I know it was before I was an adult. I have so much trouble sometimes being positive and as a Christian I know I am living the opposite way God wants me to. Take that personality and add raising a child with Autism to it. I was NUTS!! LOL

I made things complicated by letting to much clutter in my home and in my head. My husband is very organized and has put up with my disorderly ways for 12 years! A few years ago I broke down and knew I had to make life simpler for myself and my family. I started buying books and watching videos about minimalism. I was still buying so much stuff to use with our daughter and stressing out when it wasn’t played with. I used the Dollar Tree as a crutch to go buy stuff because things there only cost $1. I would complain to my husband about the mess and he would calmly say that I was bringing it in. He was right.


As I sit outside watching Chloe swing I hear birds chirping and see the beautiful sunshine. I am loving the calmness and simplicity of our backyard. I realize the only thing stopping me from having a simple life is …..well ME!! So I am making some permanent changes to my home, head, homeschool and life. I will keep you updated. I am ready to wake up every morning and be 100% thankful no matter the circumstances. I will not let any negativity creep into my mind. (Get thee behind me Satan!!) I want to enjoy my life, God, Family and Friends. I want to walk into my home and feel at peace.

Let’s get this party started!


Thank you so much for following my blog.

Have a very blessed day

Work Trays and Work Boxes of the Week

Good morning. Today I want to share some of our tray and work box activities this week.

The first set is a Animal picture and Beginning Letter Match. She can do this easily and is more for review and fun. I like to mix the letters up since she is always tempted to do them in order. I also started Money Cards and Coin Count today. She know the coins value, so I am extending that to matching the coins to the cards and then adding them up. She struggled some today, but enjoyed the new cards.




Next she worked on sorting pictures into the correct beginning letter column. She also loves this activity. Then we worked on Blend Bingo. She looks at the blend on the bottom and covers the pictures that start with that blend. She knew more than I thought she did.


20190225_111414[1]  Then we continued on learning the Food Groups by sorting Fruits and Vegetables. Later in the week we will add Meat and Dairy. She confuses a few, but they are ones we don’t buy very often.

Moving on to Fine Motor, which is not one of her favorite things to work on. She chose the tray with Lacing and Buttons. I want to make a button snake one of these days, but she flies through the button loops, so I may need to move on to actual shirts. She is improving on lacing. Trying to get her to go around the circle instead of lacing all over the card. I want to get some new cards for her soon. I have been making some, which works well for now.


20190225_142532[1]  We ended our day on her new therapy swing. The frame we got is strong enough, but not high enough. We are looking for a new one. She loved it so much we were outside for 2 hours today swinging. She was so happy!


I may have more tray and work boxes to show later this week. A friend suggested a work box system for Chloe and I think Chloe would love it.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a very blessed day.

OCD Behavior in Autistic Children

Good Morning and Happy Monday!


Chloe has OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Many children with Autism have OCD as well. If you are not familiar with OCD it is an anxiety disorder where the child/person must do things a certain way or in Chloe’s case place items and toys in a specific place.

It is said they believe doing things this way keeps things calm for themselves. An example of a few typical OCD behaviors may be washing hands a lot, counting, having items arranged in a specific way or I have seen someone fixed frayed pieces on a rug. There are so many it is hard to list them all.

Is there a difference between OCD and Repetitive Behaviors we see in Autism? Children with Autism have repetitive behaviors like arranging toys and items a certain way (lining up), counting, touching or tapping. I have read in many articles that children with Autism are not likely to obsess over these rituals, but react to urges and may not do them to reduce anxiety or fear.

Hmm, knock over a line of toys and see your child “NOT” react with anxiety.


Can a child have Autism and OCD?

Oh yes I live with that child. Children with Autism have a much higher risk of developing an anxiety disorder than the rest of us.

Chloe definitely has OCD. She is completely obsessed her toys being on the floor and the kitchen table. She turns cups and other objects in a specific direction. She is very ritualistic about finishing scripting or anything she is doing. She cant stop or come back to it later. SHE MUST FINISH!!! She must have the same morning and evening routine. One of her older sisters put her to bed one night without the routine. It did not go well.

Does OCD interfere with Daily Life?

YES YES and YES!! If there is an emergency and I need Chloe to drop what she is doing and go it would and has gone badly. Also having to plan things around her routines. If we need to go somewhere and need to leave at say 12:00, we know not to let her watch anything or start something that wont be finished by 12. Fortunately we don’t run a lot and if we have an appointment we plan her day around it.

The worse OCD trait I want to change is the obsession with her toys being on the floor all the time. Cleaning her room is a nightmare! I know I have to be patient. She will eventually outgrow some toys and let them go. I keep trying to work with her.

What can we do about Chloe’s OCD behaviors?

The typical treatment is going to behavior therapy (ABA) or taking medication. Some see a psychiatrist,

This is how we handle it right now:

Educate ourselves on OCD and ways to fix each situation.

Don’t point our or make fun of your child’s behaviors or rituals. We want to fix it ASAP, but if you push to hard it will make things worse. Calmly talk about the behavior when you see it.

Don’t be part of the rituals… This is where I struggle. Chloe walks to our wall clock and will say “Oh its a 9” and goes through to 12. She wants me to repeat what she says to a “T”. I forget and will do it sometimes. Instead I will extend her communication by saying “Yes a clock has a 9 on it” or ” What do we do at 9:00″.


I notice once on OCD behavior goes away another one will replace it. Try to redirect it when it first begins. OCD is so challenging. It can consume their lives and ours. It interferes with social and emotional growth. The sooner we notice it and redirect the behavior, the less it will consume them.

I hope I explained this well. We live this everyday and it is draining. I cant imagine how hard it is for those who have it. Prayer to all.


Have a very wonderful and blessed day.

Chickens, Outside Time & Bread


Good Morning. Happy Friday to everyone.


We had quite the busy day yesterday. We did our usual errands we do on Thursday, but at our first stop we got to visit some chickens. They were very chatty with Chloe and she thought it was funny. She told me  “I want chickens” and I said “Tell Daddy”, because I like them too. They also have huge stone animals on the property, but it was to muddy to go see them.

I am so tired of the rain. Not only does it keep us from going outside, but it wrecks havoc on my sinuses. We did manage to get out for about an hour today after lunch. I actually cleaned up around the yard a bit and Chloe played David and Goliath with her stick as a sling shot. Very cute to watch. It looks like rain for the rest of the week here. Chloe keeps singing Rain Rain Go Away.  I agree.

We made homemade bread to go with our spaghetti dinner. It was yummy. Chloe helped add all the ingredients and stir them up, but didn’t want to knead the dough. I like her to do that part because its good hand strengthening work. She said she wanted more pumpkin bread, so we will have to make that soon. I like that she wants to cook with me. I hope that continues as she grows up.

I have been working hard on my Summer Curriculum. I have completed quite a bit so far. I may post it before May so that anyone who finishes their homeschool year early can start it if they want. We will finish in April (a month and a half before the local schools). I do begin early, in late July, and we don’t take long breaks.  I homeschool year around, so this is just the 180 days my state requires. Only 55 days to go.


Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend.