PT and Speech Therapy Update

Happy Monday Afternoon 🙂

Mondays we drive almost an hour to speech and physical therapy. Chloe loves her therapists and looks forward to riding there with the window down, wind blowing her hair around. I thought I would give you an update on how she is doing.

Her physical therapist is working on stretching her calf muscles. Once we go to Neurology and get some testing she will know exactly what muscles to work on. She takes her to the big gross motor room and let’s her jump on the trampoline and play on the Climb and slide. All very good for her legs.

It’s the last day of August. Wow it went by fast! In September I am going back to posting every day. I love to write and want to write every day

Her speech therapist told me today she is making great progress on her “WH” questions and 2 step direction following. She gives me activities to use with her throughout the week to work on the areas she’s covering with her. I love that! Each week she makes it a bit more complicated for Chloe so Chloe can build on her skills.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is September! I want to get back to writing every day. I hope I can find enough to write about. Lol. Everyone stay happy and healthy.

Clearing My Head🙂

It is important for everyone to take the for themselves. If you are a parent or a parent of a child with special needs it is one of the most important things to do for yourself.

On Saturdays Chloe spends the day with her Dad. She looks forward to it every week. Now that she is in school a few days a week I try to get all of my errands done then, so on Saturday I can stay home and relax. I read, watch a movie and even take a nap. Ok I do laundry at the apartment laundry room, but that’s not stressful. Lol.

I decided to make this change in routine once Chloe started school. Our weeks are busy. She has school 2 days a week right now, plus we have therapy 4 days a week. The appointments for her leg and teeth issues are scheduled and it will be a long process for both. So I told myself I need to take a day to just relax. No errands at all. Stay home and chill.

Today is my first day doing so and it has been very nice. I should probably take a nap, but I’m enjoying reading a bit and watching a few movies. It is hard for some parents to get a break because maybe you don’t have help. Even if it’s after your children go to bed, try to relax a little. You deserve it🥰

I hope all of you are staying healthy ❤️

School, Dentist and a Birthday

Hi everyone.

It’s been a wild week! The start of school started us off. Chloe was so excited she woke up at 5:00 am on Tuesday and 2:30 am this morning. I’m happy she’s excited, but I want her to sleep….oh and me too. Lol

Her teachers told me she is adjusting well, but misses her buddy Brody. He moved up to middle school this year. I’m hoping she makes a new friend. She tells me about circle time and going to the playground. Today she said “Eat in the lunchroom”. I love hearing bits and pieces of her day.

Thursday we had a double whammy. It was my birthday and Chloe’s first dental visit in 5 years!! I was so nervous she would lose it. She cried all the way there, but once there she did so great! They were so good with her, letting her walk around when she needed a break. I was so proud of her😍.

I asked her to sing me Happy Birthday, but she said no. Lol. She was not happy because I didn’t have a cake. I just didn’t get one. I don’t need it and the dentist wants me to watch her sugar intake more now. So no birthday song for Mommy. 😂

All of her therapies went very well. Next week she has an appointment with a Neurologist to start seeing about her legs. She will most likely get an MRI to see if she has a spine or brain issue causing her leg problems.

We have a full week coming up with school, therapies and appointments. Oh the Autism Life😊

I pray all of you are healthy and well♥️

She Loved It😍

Good morning ☺️

Chloe’s first day of in person instruction at school went very well. She was up at 4 am ready to go. Lol.

When we arrived they took her temperature at the door. She gave me to biggest bear hug and off she went with her assistant. I was so proud of her. No tears, just giggles all the way down the hall.

When I picked her up she was noticeably tired. I asked her if she had a good day and she said “Yes….I need a drink”!! I had her some lemonade and her older sister, who was with us, bought her an ice cream cone. Chloe was unusually quiet, but she was up at 4 am.

Today and tomorrow she does NTI at home. I didn’t find any work in her backpack, but her teacher is out the first 2 weeks because of surgery. I just put together work on my own for her today. All of this is a change for teachers to. Next week she will get a binder of work.

I made her a calendar for her wall to use when we are home. She loves it!! Not very creative, but I used what I had here at home. She doesn’t mind at all☺️ I pulled a few workbooks from my old homeschool box and we worked on math, writing and started reading Little House In The Big Woods together.

She returns to school on Friday and she’s already excited 😀. My prayers are everyone stays healthy and schools stay open. Eventually I pray they get back to 5 days a week. Our children need this structure and normalcy in their lives.

I hope all of you are healthy and well♥️

Another One Bites The Dust

Happy Monday🙂

Chloe has tried several medications over the past few years. They always focus on her moodiness and not her hyperactivity. We have on a new medicine for awhile now. It has been raised, but I have seen zero benefits. I won’t give her a medication if it doesn’t have positive results.

This particular medication was suppose to take the “edge” off and help with mood swings. I am not seeing any changes, plus I would rather they treat her hyperactivity so I can reason with her way better when she is moody. I guess I’m going to have to pull my fighter card. If they try to give me another medication for her that I don’t agree with I will refuse it.

I have researched medications for years. I know what I want her to try and what I dont. As parents we have to educate ourselves so we have the knowledge about therapies and medications when they are brought up.

I will be making my case one more time with her medication Dr about trying a medicine for her hyperactivity. If I’m blown off I will be searching for a new doctor. You have to find someone who will work with you. I’m still not a fan of medications, but Chloe moves at the speed of light most of the day. I need her to be able to slow down. Im hoping school starting will help some with this.

Most parents I’ve spoken with consider medication a last resort. I know it was for me. Hopefully we get this figured out. We all want what’s best for our kiddos and sometimes we gotta fight to make that happen. Stay strong😊

Hope all of you are staying healthy❤️

Game Night😊

Tonight we had a game night. She hasn’t wanted to play games for quite awhile. This afternoon I was cleaning out the big closet and she saw the games. She said “Play games with Mom”! I immediately stopped and sat down to play.

She has a few favorites and must play them in the same order each time. I always joke she’s a little cheater, but really she just gets impatient waiting her turn. We are working on that in many areas.

I was very glad she decided to play games. I have missed playing them with her. I’m always looking for new games to play with her. Some of the new games are a bit vulgar. I have been both amused and kind of grossed out. Lol. I have tried to introduce card games to her, but she isn’t interested.

I love the older games. I need to find them, but will probably not unless I find them on eBay. I’d rather play board games with her instead of computer games. There’s way more interaction and communication involved.

I am hoping we can have a game night every week, just like we have a movie night. With school starting I want her to have special things to look forward to.

I hope all of you have a great weekend. Stay healthy put there☺️

Park and Painting 😊

Fun At The Park

Today was a beautiful day and I wanted Chloe to spend lots of time outside. The temps have been in the lower 80’s and every day there has been a light breeze. So nice🙂

We headed to our local park near our place after lunch and played for quite awhile. There were other children there and she greeted each one saying “Good morning”! I was very proud of her. I have to say the children at this park practice social distancing very well. They all waited turns to climb, slide and swing. They were very considerate of Chloe taking a little to long to slide. She has her routines 😁

After about an hour she was ready to go. Once we were home she wanted to climb the steps outside.

I get so nervous she will trip and fall, but I know climbing the steps helps her get the exercise she needs. We spent another 30 minutes outside at home before heading in to read and paint.

I love taping a bit piece of paper to a surface, putting out paint and letting her go to town. She decided to paint Veggie Tales characters. I brought in some leaves to make prints with, but she said “No thank you”. At least she was polite. I want her to make more crafts, but she just hasn’t wanted to forever it seems☹️

After painting and reading we headed to behaviour therapy. She did very well I was told. She can be a bit bossy in there, so I gave her therapist the idea of using a timer. It has worked wonders! Sometimes therapists need our tips😊

Now we are relaxing into our evening. She ate a healthy dinner of chicken, peas and berries. She is watching Beauty and the Beast before bath and then off to bed. I am getting her back on her school bedtime schedule. I think she had a busy and good day😎

Thanks for reading my blog today. Hope all of you are well

Therapy and the Park

Happy Wednesday 😊

Chloe loves Wednesday therapy. She has OT with her Ms. Hannah. She gets very excited every Wednesday morning and counts it down until we leave.

She had a great OT session today. She worked on a lot of body stretching exercises and continues to work on learning the proper way to express her feelings.

Another reason she loves Wednesdays is we always go to a park after therapy. This week we went to a community park where I grew up playing softball. It has changed a lot, but I can still picture myself out on that softball field. I really miss those days.

Chloe had a blast, being the only one there, playing all over the place. She loved the pavilion. She entertained me singing lots of songs🙂. She struggled, but managed to climb the bleachers and steps to the pavilion. She played and worked HARD! She let me know after 30 minutes she was done.

She had some strawberries on the way home and was quiet, which means she was tired. Hopefully she will get a good night’s rest tonight.

I really hope all of you are well and healthy. I am praying for all of the teachers, bus drivers and all school employees as they prepare for school to start next week. I will be praying daily for the students who are going in for in person instruction, which includes Chloe. I just want some sort of normalcy for our children.

Have a wonderful afternoon 😊

7 More Days🙂

Good afternoon 🙂

We have 7 days until our new school year begins. It’s a bit strange this year to be on the popular A/B schedule. Some kids go Mondays and Thursdays, while Chloe will go Tuesdays and Fridays. Her teacher told me today her days may change because alphabetically most if Chloe’s class falls into Tuesdays and Fridays. I asked her not to move Chloe as I have rearranged her therapies so she is not pulled out of school on her days there.

Tomorrow night is a drive through Welcome Back to School Celebration. I hope Chloe doesn’t get upset when she can’t get out of the car. All of this confuses her so much! Hopefully she will enjoy the car ride🙂

Chloe is one of many that have a form from her Dr saying she can’t be forced to wear a mask. I do want them to work with her. She has refused to wear one since the begining. The form basically states she has to be let into school regardless. Maybe once she sees other kids wearing one she will try. It’s all sensory issues for her.

I’m usually asked what I will do the first day of school. This year I will maybe go for a walk or probably take a long nap. Lol

Are your kiddos going back to school or are you keeping them home? I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy ❤️

Not What I Expected

Today was Chloe’s appointment at the foot and ankle doctor. I thought we would go in and they would check out her ankles and feet, fit her for braces, then come back in a few weeks to get them. What happened was a shock!

They started her off with X-rays and I’m proud to say she did very well with being still. Then the Dr came and had her do some walking exercises. What came next took my breath away. He said “It’s not her ankles and feet, but her calves”. He then explains that her calves spasm nonstop. I thought “Ok she needs braces still, right? He then says this could be a spinal/ brain connection and we need to send her to Pediatric Neurology for testing. I said ” What kind of testing”? He said we need to rule out Spinal Bifida. I was speechless and scared.

So I am awaiting a call for a appointment to take her to the neurologist for an MRI and possibly other tests. I’m thankful he wants to rule out Spina Bifida before moving forward, but it lurks in my mind…what if she has it😥. I know I have to be calm and wait and see. Regardless of the results she will have surgery on her calves and wear leg braces for 6 months. She does need a neurologist checkup anyway, which was on my to do list. This just moved it up.

I will keep you updated and I ask for your thoughts and prayers for Miss Chloe.

I hope all of you are healthy and well