I Am So Proud❤

painting and drawing tools set

Today Chloe’s teachers brought by her belongings from her classroom.  I also got a wonderful surprise. Chloe’s first report card with letter grades. I am so proud that she got straight A’s😀 !!

I didn’t realize she got letter grades in her class. Her teacher said during the time she was in class,  before Covid-19 changed everything,  she worked very hard and earned every A. Chloe definitely can do more than she lets on. She just has trouble focusing and being still long enough to work. 

I am so excited for next school yr and I hope and pray the virus goes away and things can get back to normal. I think Chloe will so enjoy going back and being with her friends again. 

I hope everyone is feeling well😊

I’m Playing😀

girl playing with a wooden toy house

So it’s the first day of summer break and as usual I planned lots to do. It is raining today, so lots of indoor activities. Chloe decided she just wanted to relax in front of the TV and then play in her room today. You know what? That’s ok😊

Chloe has definitely been playing with her toys a lot more. I live watching her play. They say kids with Autism lack imaginative play. Most have to learn it. Chloe definitely did have to learn it. When she was younger she would just line up toys and get frustrated when they wouldn’t stand up just right. She still gets frustrated, like right now she mad because her duck won’t sit in the bus exactly like she wants it to.

If I offer a craft or a game she says “I’m playing”!! So I am with her, but letting her play. Play is learning and if she plays every day this summer I’m fine with that😊 The virus is definitely changing up what we would typically do, so instead of making lots of “possible” plans, I’m just making up some activity bags and a binder in case she wants to do them🙂

Are your kids on sumner break yet? If so how is it going?

Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay healthy ❤


Last Week of School: Day 5

It’s the last day of school!!

What did she do? Lots of things….

Watched Sesame Street, read books, sang songs, spelled words on her Alpha Bot, played Math games on her tablet, played with her sensory bins, drew pictures for her teachers, walked at the Nature Park (where she played in the creek) and we are finishing our day with a movie night.

So we had a very full last day of school😊 Her teachers skyped her to wish her a wonderful summer, which was wonderful ❤ I do hope and pray regular school can begin in August, so everything can get back to a bit of normalcy. 

Has your child’s school year ended? If so what did you do on their last day?

I hope everyone is well😊

Last Week of School: Day 4

Hi Everyone😊

Today Miss Chloe didn’t wake up until almost 11!! She woke up during the night from 2:30 am until 5:00am. She fell back to sleep, but I didn’t expect her to sleep that late. I did enjoy a morning of quiet. I drank my coffee and actually finished a library book I’ve had since before the quarantine.

Once up she ate, put on her clothes and we headed to my parents to play and do laundry. We played with bubbles, her frisbee, and practiced riding her bike. We also practiced kicking a ball. After she slowed down she read books on the porch swing.

Tomorrow is the last day of her public school year. We are expecting rain, so not sure what we will get into. She asked to make cookies, so we may do that. We have had a very calm, laid back week. How has your week been?

Hoping everyone is well😊

Last Week of School Day 3

Good Afternoon 😊

Today was cold and rainy. Chloe slept 11 hours last night😁 She woke up a little fussy,  but seemed happier after watching Sesame Street and Super Why on PBS Kids. I have an antenna in my window and we get all 4 KET channels. She has fallen in love with PBS Kids.

After watching Super Why she got dressed and we worked on math with our Add and Subtract flashcards. Then we played her new Toy Story 4 matching game. She wanted to play in her room a lot, which is always a good thing.

We visited her sister Mattie for awhile. She’s been off on vacation and goes back to work tomorrow. We squeezed in one more visit. Chloe had a great time watching 101 Dalmatians and eating pizza.

When we got home we read books together and she practiced her writing on her tablet app. Then she played in her room the rest of the afternoon.  So a laid back day all together.

I found out I have what is called Post Concussion syndrome. I’m having dizzy spells, headaches, numbness in my hands and a bit of ringing in my right ear. Dr said it takes 3 to 6 months to recover from a head blow as hard as mine. I still may need an MRI though. Will probably get one just to make sure there’s nothing else going on. My face has pretty much healed, except the break in my nose, but its improving.

I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy.

Welcome to my new followers😊

Last Week of School: Day 2

Good Afternoon 😊

Today Chloe and I walked on a different trail. We kept safe distance from everyone,  but we got to see so many different kinds of dogs. She was saying “That one black” and “That one big”!!

We also saw lots of people fishing. One man actually caught a fish right in front of us. Chloe didn’t know what to think.  He showed her the fish and she said “Back in the water”. Lol

We collected different leaves again. She threw yesterdays away. We took our time and made sure they were all different. We also got 2 rocks to paint  decorate and hide there. Here the kids paint and hide rocks for others to find. I thought Chloe would enjoy it.

We walked for over an hour and she only sat once, which is awesome! Then we came home and she wanted to play with her blocks, which is rare. Then we laid in bed and read books.

Hope everyone is well😊

Last Week of School: Day 1

Hi Everyone 😊

I wasn’t sure how the day was going to go. Chloe was awake from 1 to 5 am. She did go back to sleep and slept until 9, so that was good. She was still pretty sluggish when she got up and watched a few PBS kids shows before she wanted to get moving.

She played with her electronic learning toys for awhile and then told me “Get in the car”! So we met her older sister at The Nature Park and walked the trail. 

We stopped and looked at the signs along the trail. She also threw rocks in the creek. She wanted to get in the water, but her sister redirected her back to the trail.

We collected different kinds of leaves to make a nature collage with. We didn’t get to make it today, but will tomorrow. Chloe wanted to play when she got home and that always comes before crafts in my book.

We just finished reading books together and now its bath and movie night. Hoping she sleeps all night, so we can do more activities tomorrow.  

I hope all of you are well. Thanks for stopping by today😊