Ugh She Is Hitting Walls!!


Hi My Friends!

Do you see this cutie pie above? Well Monday night she wasn’t so cute.

Chloe has had sleeping issues for so long, but one positive thing about them is she would stay in her bed, read books and be well happy. That is starting to change. The past few months she has woken up angry. I mean screaming angry!! If that isn’t bad enough, now she has added hitting and kicking the walls to her wake up routine. It wakes me up out of a dead sleep.

I have always worried about her starting to damage things. She is tearing up her socks, biting holes in her blankets and now hitting walls. I sat with her Monday night and tried my best to keep her from hitting the wall until I could get her back to sleep. She did go back to sleep, but woke up kicking the wall at 8 am. She does get punished for this behavior, but she continues to do it anyway. Punishments do not work long term with her. It is very frustrating.

She has started to hit me every now and then, but seems remorseful as soon as it happens. She doesn’t like to hurt me, but does it on impulse. I am adamant to stop these new behaviors ASAP. Chloe is very impulsive right now. She has regressed in her social and emotional skills the past year. I have done everything I can to help her. I am still waiting on therapy and trying to decide about putting her back in public school. I do need the break, as I am definitely burned out after 3 years at home doing homeschool. I get small breaks when I run to town, but they are not relaxing as I hate shopping to begin with. LOL.

So how do I get her to stop kicking the walls in bed? I have moved her bed away from the wall. This upsets her. I think she feels safer by the wall. I am not sure what to do exactly. I just have to sit with her at night until she goes to sleep. Do any of you deal with this? What do you do about it?

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Homeschool Day In The Life

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday 😊

I thought I would share our Homeschool Day with you. This is from yesterday. Mondays are typically rough for us. Yesterday was a bit of a seesaw day.

Chloe has been singing a lot!! She goes to the bathroom and sings in the mirror all throughout the day. I thought she was finished,  so I went in to get ready for the day.  She let me know right away she was not finished.  I told her I needed to get ready and then she could sing again. She threw a bit of a fit, but was fine once I left the bathroom. Luckily it only takes me 15 minutes to do my hair and makeup.

I printed off some Winter worksheets for her to use for Language Arts and Math. She also worked with her math cubes and done double digit addition on her dry erase board.

I have been giving her more cut and paste sheets. These help her work on scissor skills. She loves cutting and using the glue stick on her own. I had her take breaks and work with kinetic sand and her thera putty. She needs lots of sensory breaks during her day.


During her lunch break she ate so much food. I had to watch her like a hawk. She is starting to take food without asking. She was fine and then started screaming.  I don’t even know why. She was pacing and getting hyper. I gave her some of her medication, but it had no affect on her.

After she calmed down we went outside. We are having good weather for January.  She needs as much outside time as possible.  It really helps her.

Before supper we read books and painted with pine cones and a pine needle branch. She was getting more hyper and ended up going to her room for screaming.  It was a very roller coaster type of day. Overall not a terrible one.


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When Regression Occurs


Good Morning and Happy Monday😊

Today’s topic isn’t a happy one. Regression in children with Autism is quite common. Chloe has had many episodes of regression throughout the past almost 10 years. It is a very depressing thing to see.

The first one was when she had just turned 1. She was developing normally up until that point. She became quite sick around 11 months. It took forever for her to get well. Then right after getting well she got her 12 month vaccinations.  Within a few days after she stopped crawling, making eye contact and her babbling was almost gone. She stopped reacting when her name and started throwing tantrums.  These were not your usual toddler tantrums.  These were head banging on the floor, screaming for over an hour and throwing everything!! I knew it wasn’t normal toddler behavior. I talked to her pediatrician,  but was told the illness may have set her back. I knew it was more.

Chloe went through First Steps therapy, but she fought it all the way.  I decided to enroll her into public preschool. She had an evaluation at the board of education. They looked at me and said “She is Autistic “. I already knew, but still cried. I had her tested and diagnosed at Weiskoff. Then we began our Autism journey. 

Over the past 6 years I have seen her regress so many times. It has been caused by illness, loss of sleep and anxiety. The biggest red flags are her being quiet or still for too long. Also her getting overly emotional.  Getting therapy again will help. I learn right along with her. It truly is needed.

So until that happens we will keep on going and do the best we can.

Thanks for reading my blog today. Have a wonderful day😊


Sharing Blogs I Like

Today I though I would share a few more blogs that I love. If I haven’t mentioned yours yet, don’t worry you are on my list. I’m just doing a few at a time.


#1: the wellness project: Blog about life’s up and downs. Blend of Real Life and Real Research.

I love her post on Minimalism. Please check out this blog and follow.

#2: Frugality Works: Build Wealth By Saving

Great tips on this channel.

#3: Learning Without Schooling: Graham Lettner

So many great posts about learning.

#4: Sagittarius Viking: mindful exploring through the eyes of a Viking daughter.

I may have shared this one before. I really love her blog. So beautifully written.

#5: A Clover and One Bee: embracing the everyday from a creative lens and a feminine heart

I love this blog. Very well written and great topics.

#6: Minimalistmojo: Minimalist thinking, Maximum Living. Finding simplicity & serenity in a cluttered, frantic world.

Great blog about minimalist living. 

#7: Stay Positive Its Autism: Mom raising Autism and neurotypical. She is also working on writing Autism books

I am always looking for other blogs about Autism and this is a good one.

#8: This Simple Day: Thoughtful family living: sustainable, frugal, seasonal and local.

Love reading this blog. So many things I can apply to my life.

#9: Minimalist Lifestyle: A Minimal, Calm and Healthy Life

This is my Mantra!! Great blog

#10: Big Abilities: From Struggles to Strength

Wonderful posts about their life as an Autism family


I have more on my list, but these are the ones for today. I love discovering new blogs to read. I have learned so much from these and many others. I will post some more next week. Check these out and follow them.

Have a great weekend!


Our Learning This Week

Happy Friday My Friends!

I thought I would share the learning activites from this week. We are still slowly getting back into school, but she is earning a treat once she finishes, so that helps. I had her use her dry erase board she got for Christmas to work on addition and subtraction. Anytime you can present a learning activity in a new way that helps keep their focus. Our books of the week were The Mitten, Over and Under (hibernation) and The Snowy Day. Man we need some snow! The Over and Under book was a bit long and I lost her a few times. Then I just started singing the words and she was back.

I pulled these workbooks out for her to work on this week. Her handwriting book is 2 pages each day. The other 2 are concept books. I have shown them before. They were only $2.99 on Amazon. They are really good and work on many concepts she needs to learn or review. 

20200109_103624 I got her a new puzzle at the Dollar Tree to work on and she nailed it by day 2. Pardon her hair. We brush it, but then she stands on her head and rolls around. Lost cause most days. LOL I want her to do puzzles more often. It is a calming activity for her and really helps with her focus. The Dollar Tree is a wonderful and frugal place to get puzzles.

Shaving Cream is a weekly favorite of Chloe’s. She loves playing with this stuff!! Another $1 buy from the Dollar Tree. I buy the one for sensitive skin. She draws in it and writes letters, numbers and words. 

I posted a few days ago about our trip and day at the lake. We have spent a lot of time outside. So rare for us to have 50 degree weather in January. It has been raining a lot, so I get her outside as much as possible. She has been watching the squirrels run aroung the yard. She yelled “Hibernation” yesterday. Like you are suppose to be hibernating right now. LOL 

I have just been taking it slow this week and providing a lot of table activites. Next week we will dive more into hibernation. Trying to find a few learning videos for her. The movie Over The Hedge is good as well. She hasn’t wanted to watch it yet though. If we move in the next month or so we will take a break and then make up the time. No pressure.

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Pen Pals

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

I want my daughter Chloe to have friends. Isn’t that what we want for our children? She is so afraid of other kids right now that I thought having pen pals would be a good start for her. 

We have been working on little letters, cards and pictures to mail out. We sent out 2 this past weekend to a few friends in North Carolina. Chloe loves going to the post office and dropping off mail. I know she loves getting mail even more. She gets very excited when I tell her we have to go to the post office.

This week she wants to write her friend Bethany that lives in NY. She always likes to send her stickers or color her a picture. We haven’t written her in a long time. Life just gets busy sometimes. I am making this part of her homeschool day, so we can remember to stay in touch.

We are planning to move back to our hometown soon. She has several friends there that she went to school with a few years ago. I am hoping she can get together with them to play when we get back. I am very excited about that. Plus our family is there. Her older siblings and 2 little nephews. It will change her world. 

I am hoping having pen pals will help Chloe start to like other children. I hate seeing her so afraid of them. Unfortunately we haven’t had luck here meeting other families with children here. They see Chloe and stay away. It breaks my heart. It will get better when we get home. I look so forward to seeing her play with kids again.

I am so excited to have new followers. Only a few away from 150! Welcome everyone and thank you for reading my blog. Please share it with others.

Have a wonderful day

Doctor’s Appt and Park Fun

Good Morning 😊

Monday night was another sleepless night. Yesterday morning I had a Doctor’s appointment in my hometown 1 1/2 hours away. I dreaded the drive, being so tired. I got my coffee, got Chloe going, and headed off to the appointment. 

Chloe always loves to ride in the car. She is always singing and laughing. Yesterday she rotated between that and punching the car door. I was scared she would punch the window, break it or hurt her hand. It was a long ride. By the time we got to town she calmed down. My older daughter watched her while I went to my appt.

My doctor wasn’t very happy with my blood pressure.  It was 148/104😲 He had me lay down and took it several times until it came down. Then he talked to me about my stressors.  I love my Dr. He is so wonderful.  He takes time to listen and genuinely wants to help me feel better. 

After my appointment Chloe, Mattie and I had lunch. Then I took my older daughter home and Chloe and I headed to the local lake to play on the playground. 

It was so cold and windy! We were bundled up, but the wind was awful. I’ve always said Chloe doesn’t mind the cold. She played like it was 80 degrees outside. She loves the new play area there.

After swinging she wanted to throw sticks in the lake. She spent 20 minutes doing this, laughing the whole time. I was hoping all of this fresh air and play would help her sleep. She was way more well behaved on the way home. We played music and had a great time.

She slept so well last night. I was so thankful. So I have to focus on keeping my stress down. Drs orders. I am hoping she has a better day today as well

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Have a wonderful day💚