Happy 4th of July🇺🇸

Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day🇺🇸

I talked with Chloe throughout the day what a special day it was. We started our day making 4th of July crafts and watching videos about Independence Day. She really loves using glue.  Lol

After lunch we decorated cookies with red, white and blue icing. It was so hard to keep her from eating every cookie. She LOVES icing❤ She did a very good job and had a blast!


After it finally stopped raining I cooked out some burgers and hot dogs. Chloe wanted to eat all day long. She was getting very excited about the fireworks. As it got dark I lit up the sparklers for her. She was so excited😀. Chloe is rarely outside when its dark, so it was a special treat for her. Once the fireworks began she was squealing with delight. I love seeing her so happy.

We finally came in and she got her bath. She didn’t fall asleep until 10:30 pm. I’m sure she was exhausted.  We had a wonderful time.

What did your family do for the 4th? Comment below 😊

Have a great day❤


Learning Activities & Fireworks🎧

Happy Wednesday 😎

Today I wanted to share our learning activities of the week and tell you how Chloe, who has major sensory issues deals with Fireworks.

As we approach a new school year I want to start having Chloe do a few learning activities each week. I set up a painting craft of a picture frame I got at the Dollar Tree. Addition cards and chain links will help her work on math. I found a Spelling Puzzles book and set out her letter stamps to use to spell out the words. I made cutting cards for fine motor work and wrote out some sentences for her to copy for writing. She reads all day long, so I don’t have to worry about that area🙂

Now on to Fireworks🇺🇸

This girl LOVES Fireworks!! She talks about them all year. We usually see plenty in our neighborhood, which is great because she is in her own yard. This year I’m going to make it extra fun with a blanket in the yard and fun snacks. It is calling for rain,  but really pray it holds off. I have been asked if she uses headphones.  I offer them, but she says no and just uses her hands to cover her ears. I feel if we went to the river she would need them. Your so much closer to the noise.  I don’t tell her it’s time until that day or she doesn’t sleep from the excitement. 

How do your kiddos handle Fireworks ? 

Have a great day😀

Dry Erase Daily Schedule Board


Good Morning 🙂

I usually use a dry erase board on our refrigerator to post Chloe’s schedule. Over the summer I have tried a few different type of schedules to see which one she took to. I tried a flip card schedule, a post it note schedule (which she used in therapy), and the dry erase board schedule.  Today I decided to go with the dry erase board schedule with one twist. No Dry Erase Board! How do I do that?

The issue with a store bought dry erase board is Chloe takes with them. It’s a whole big issue, Lol😁 So I just laminated a white piece of copy paper and put it on the fridge. She likes to erase as she goes, so I know she will enjoy using it. 

We have had a pretty carefree Summer Break and I want to get her back on a more structured schedule. I also want to push her more on life skills. Summer break makes her lazy😊 Well I guess I get lazy too , Lol. 

What type of schedule do you use with your child? Let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful day🌞

Sunday Fun

Happy Monday😊

Yesterday Chloe and I had a relaxing day. Most days are as long as she isn’t in a terrible mood. She slept all night, which helped.  There were no breakfast fits or screaming for ice cream. She just ate her breakfast and moved on with her day.

I wanted to get her in the pool early before it got to hot. She laid in her pool and entertained me, well probably the neighbors too, with lots of singing. I finished reading my Meet the Frugalwoods book and enjoyed the nice breeze.

After lunch Chloe wanted to play board games. We play the same games in the same order. I really want to get her some new games, but haven’t found any I think she will like. Once we finished playing games she was ready for more pool time. I put up our big table umbrella so we could stay in the shade. She loves the big umbrella ☂️.

Chloe spent the evening drawing and watching Moana. I’m hoping she sleeps through the night again, so she’s happy for the park tomorrow.

How was your Sunday?

Have a wonderful day🌞

My July Reads

Good Morning 😊

I am really into reading about minimalism, green living and  frugal living. I read any book I can get my hands on. I found these books at the library this past week. 

I have always had a desire to live a greener life. It takes a lot of dedication and extra work in some areas. Go Green, Spend Less Live Better by Crissy Trask is a good book to get you started.  I have read a little of it already and love it! I really hope to start implementing more of the tips in the book.

I just finished Peter Walsh’s book Let it Go. It was an excellent book. I found his book It’s All Too Much at the library as well. I can’t wait to start reading it. It’s about minimizing and organization. Simple Matters is a newer book I found (library) that is also about simplifying and organizing your home.

Be thrifty and Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half are books about saving money. Be Thrifty covers every area you can think of. Steve and Annette Economides wrote Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. They are known as America’s Cheapest Family. I love this book. So many great tips on how to save money on your grocery bill. I also found these great books at the library.

I get very excited to learn new ways to save money, minimize and live a greener life. I have a lot to learn and can’t wait to apply everything in my life😊

What books are you reading this Summer? 

Have a great day🙂




Park Fun😊


Happy Friday!

This morning Chloe and I enjoyed some time at her favorite park. We went early to avoid the midday heat. It was still pretty hot though😎 

Chloe has a pattern she follows on the playground. It must be followed or she panics. First she swings on the special needs swing, then 5 slides in a specific order (no joke), the 2 small slides on the younger kids area, the merry go round and finally the turtle shell stepping stones. If there are kids on the merry go round she stands and waits. At least she is patient when it comes to that. 

She does have one concerning issue at the park though….lifting her shirt or dress when she goes to sit down. She will lift it to her chest😲! I’m like “Shirt Down”! I really have to watch her. I’m not sure why she does it,  but it does concern me.

Chloe had a good morning there. I only counted 6 kids, so it wasn’t to overwhelming for her. We are now home relaxing and watching a movie.

Hope you day is going well😊