Our Sunday Outing

Good morning😊

We finally got to go to PetSmart and the Library. She lost this priviledge on Friday. I had forgotten that I said we could go today. I hadn’t intended to get out at all, but a promise is a promise.

She had so much fun at PetSmart. People were bringing in dogs to get groomed and of course looking at the animals there makes her happy. The birds were very active. They were ringing bells and flying all over the cage. They only had one cat and he was sleeping.  I told her the others found new homes. 

Then off to the library. We played and looked for books. No time for pictures. She is super interested in the tool bench. You just never know what Chloe will like. We had a nice time.

Its a very nice day today, so we spent the afternoon outside.

Have a wonderful day😊

She Screamed for 3 Hours!!

Good Afternoon. 

This post is an emotional one. Today  was suppose to be our fun day out. First the Library, then the Pet Store, and finally to the Post Office to mail a book and picture to our friends Sylvia and Bethany. 

Unfortunately Chloe was very grumpy and had extreme back talking issues when she woke up. So, wanting to be a good parent, I took our fun day away after she wouldn’t stop yelling for 45 minutes. Well she was not happy and the yelling turned into 3 hours of blood curdling screaming 😫 I kid you not!!

My husband was trying to work, so I took her to her room and closed the door.  Imagine a small bedroom and a child screaming and crying as loud as they can. Even with headphones on it was killing my ears. I tried everything,  but if you know about Autism and meltdowns, nothing works except to let them finish.

The difference between a tantrum and meltdown is a tantrum can stop once they get what they want. A meltdown is worse. The child doesnt hear you or acknowledge you most of the time. They just BLOW!!!! Chloe went on for 3 hours and by then I was fighting back tears. I texted friends and family to pray. I needed help. 

Once she was through I fed her lunch and collapsed in my recliner. My ears are buzzing and my neck is stiff from sitting in her room on the floor so long. I am praying she is finished. 

I decided to do Kroger Clicklist for groceries. No more noise for me today. As Chloe ages I lean on God more and more. I’ll admit I’m a bit scared. She is almost as tall as me and weighs close to 100 pounds and shes not done growing yet. I know we will have good days and bad days, but discipline is still a battle. Nothing seems to work. I just pray❤

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend 😊

Free to Learn


Happy Friday😀

As I sit here reading this book Free to Learn by Peter Gray I so desire this carefree style of learning for my daughter Chloe. I was sitting at the table with her today working on Spelling and I noticed she looked, well unhappy. I have tweaked her homeschool to be minimal as I can. I do Speech and OT with her daily, working more on Life Skills. I try to make it fun, while still meeting my states standards. 

Standards (Big Sigh)…. are so boring!! I think back to all of the classes I took full of things I never used. General Math, Reading and Home Economics were my favorites. Especially Home Ec. I took a business class that taught me how to do a check book. I still bounced a check when I had my first job at 16. My grandmother took me to the bank where they sat me down and taught me step by step. Never bounced one again. Real Life Learning 😊 

I watched my older 2 go through so much stress in public school. My son would cry because his Kindergarten teacher got on him because he couldn’t catch on to reading, AT 5!!! Some kids take longer, but she blamed him. Oh how I wish I could’ve homeschooled then. I had other issues with my daughter.  She was a strong reader young, but struggled socially.  It was very hard to watch. 

Chloe struggled in her few years of public school. As I have mentioned she just couldn’t handle the atmosphere. I knew teaching her would be a challenge, but I never thought she would be sad. So I bought book after book and have learned a lot. I am finishing our 180 day state required school year in less than a month. Then we are taking a few weeks break. I will be putting together my summer curriculum during that time. I am praying the plans I have to teach her will be accepted by her with a smile😊

I am thoroughly enjoying this book so far and so much of it makes sense. Why our children are 5 years old and stressed out over having to learn things their young minds aren’t ready for. I wish I had read this book when I taught my preschool classes. 

Anyway we have to figure out the best way our kiddos learn. Mine let’s me know quick when I am pushing her to hard. I know many of you have to send your kids to public school because you work (that’s why my older 2 went). I just wish Kindergarten was like it was when I went. Playing, napping, playing,  snacking, and did I say playing? I’m thankful I can teach Chloe at home and I will figure all of this out. 

Today we are starting a short 4 day Spring Break. She is one excited girl. I am looking forward to just playing, painting, cooking and just having fun.

Have the most blessed weekend😊❤


Teaching Math Without Worksheets

Good morning😀

Do your kids really dislike worksheets? My girl sure does. The benefit of homeschool is I don’t have to use them. Today I want to share Math Activities that your child can do that are hands on. NO WORKSHEETS NEEDED👍.


Chloe loves Math Cubes or they are sometimes called Unifix Cubes. We use them for counting, adding, subtraction, patterns,color recognition and even fine motor work.


I love Pattern Cards and Shape Blocks. It took Chloe years after I bought this set from The Learning Journey to even agree to try one. You can also use the shape blocks for sorting shapes, patterns with shapes and counting shapes.


Games are a fun way to learn Math. Chloe doesn’t understand Connect 4, but we use it to count and do patterns. I also love Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. These 2 really help kids learn colors, counting and numbers. There is another game called Zingo with numbers (Also one with letters/words). I havent tried it yet, but am hoping to purchase it soon.

Time and Money Cards are new to our homeschool.  Chloe is not to keen on them yet. We use them in our morning basket sometimes, but mostly I use them in tray activities. You can also find great time games on file folder fun, The Measured Mom or teacherspayteachers. She does like the file folder card games.

This is the first group of Math Activities I’m sharing and will share another set next Thursday. I hope I share something you can use in your homeschool or to help your child work on skill after school.

Have a blessed and wonderful day😊


Occupational Therapy at Home

Good morning😊

I have mentioned before that I do Chloe’s therapy at home. I enjoy working with her and it is fun to do research for new activities.  

This week we worked on In Hand Manipulation.  These are fine motor activities that work on using one hand to manipulate a small object. These also strengthen hand and finger muscles. 


1) Theraputty with beads to pull out. This was just to warm up her hand muscles.

2) Tweezers and Beads. Transfer to bowl.

3) Connect 4 Game: She doesnt understand how to play it, but she loves putting the chips in.

4) Play dough and straws: Make a ball with dough and push in straws.

5) Stacking pennies and putting them in the piggy bank.

I am putting together a therapy binder to keep all of the activities in as I find them or make them. Chloe did very well today😊

Do any of you work with your children at home? Comment below😀

Thank you for stopping by my Blog today. Have a blessed day❤

Chloe & My Books of the Week

Happy Tuesday😀

I wanted to share our books of the week. Chloe and I have been reading a lot lately. I am super proud of my girl.

I got Chloe the My First Little House Book series.  Well 3 of them so far. We are starting the first one this week. I have read this to her in the past. I checked it out from the library. I love Little House on the Prairie . I thought about having her watch the show with me. Not sure she will. It’s worth a try.

I am doing the Audiobook Slow Simple Living for a Frantic World. I try to do an Audiobook every now and then. I have hoopla through my local library.  They have thousands of choices. I am looking forward to listening to this book. My busy schedule allows me about 1 hr a day to listen to or read books. This is mostly Monday through Friday. I have a bit more time on the weekend. We are going to the library this Friday, so I will look for a new book then. 

What books are you and your family reading this week?


Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful and blessed day❤

Minimizing Everything!


Good morning and Happy Monday😊

I used this past Friday through Sunday to minimize everything I could think of. I started with Chloe’s closet.

I took out 2 dresses she has never worn, her outgrown winter coat, 6 big books, a game and her 2 booster seats, which she has outgrown. I will be taking these items to Once Upon A Child to sell.

Next I hit my bedroom closet. I keep Chloe’s homeschool supplies in there. I really wanted to minimize them down to only what we use. It went so well. I emptied 6 boxes😀!! Felt wonderful.  I also took 8 videos and CD’s out of the closet. 

I then cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and pantry. I also cleaned out and organized under the sink. My total trash bags out was 4. I took out 2 crates.  One for donation and one to sell. It really felt great to get even more stuff out of our home.

I am trying really hard to not bring more stuff in. I did buy 5 shirts to replace stained ones. 5 in and 5 out😊 One day, when Chloe is ready to minimize I will have the POSTS OF ALL POSTS!! Lol

That was my busy weekend. How was yours?😁

Have a wonderful and blessed day❤