Beautiful Day🌞

What a beautiful day we had yesterday! 

Chloe and I have been sick for 2 weeks. Today was the first day we felt like being outside. I took Chloe by the lake to play. It was packed! There are several playground areas there, so I found the least crowded one. She was quiet, but enjoyed herself.

I am happy she is finally doing better and can get back to school. She still has a cough, but no congestion or fever. She is having a hard time eating. If she eats anything heavy she throws up. So I sent very light foods on her lunchbox. This flu virus is a monster!!!

I’m glad she got to play today since we are expecting rain the next 4 days😲 This week Chloe should finally get tp begin therapy outside school. Just waiting on her insurance cards. They were sent to the wrong address the first time🙄.

So we are both on the mend and getting back on track😊

Doing A Bit Better

Good Afternoon 😊

The past 24 hours have been tough. So much throwing up! Chloe hasn’t been eating anything. She is starting to ask for food, but struggling to eat it. I know it will take time for her to feel top notch again.

One thing she has been trying to do is sing. Her poor voice is hoarse and she is frustrated because singing makes her cough. She hasn’t been this sick in years. The good thing is the throwing up has stopped. I pray it stays gone. She is still laying around a lot, which is good. The flu this year has been massive in our state. So many schools have closed in our area for days at a time because so many teachers were sick there were not enough subs to cover.  Scary.

Hopefully by Monday Chloe will be feeling way better and can return to school. She is also scheduled to start therapy outside of school. Her evaluations are next week. I am excited for her😊

I hope all of you are well. Thanks for stopping by today.

She’s Still Sick


Hello Everyone 😊

My poor girl is still sick. She seemed a bit better this morning, so she tried to go to school. By 11:30 she was throwing up phlegm.  Ugh. This flu season is terrible!! So I picked her up and she is home now resting.  She threw up 2 more times earlier.  I feel so bad for her.

I called the dr and they are calling in an antibiotic for her to hopefully kick this in a few days. I am not use to Chloe being quiet or still. Poor baby. She isn’t eating much either. Like I have said that’s the only thing I miss from homeschooling.  She never got colds or the flu.

So we are hanging in there. Hopefully by Monday she will be 100%.

Have a wonderful afternoon

Update/After School Schedule

Good Morning 😊

Chloe is still battling her flu. She isn’t keeping her medication down. The Dr said to try one more dose and if she can’t keep it down we will try something else. She may or may not return to school this week☹

Just like our morning schedule, our afternoon one has changed a bit as well. Here is our After School to Bedtime Routine.

2:20- I pick Chloe up from school

2:45- Get home and have a snack. Talk about her day😊

3:00-5:00- This slot is filled with indoor/outdoor play. Some days therapy.

5:00- Supper/Help clean up

5:45-6:15- Reading Time/Homework if any

6:15-6:45- Bath time

6:45-7:15- Quiet play

7:15- Take Bedtime Medication/Brush Teeth

7:30- Potty, Bedtime Stories, Pray and kisses 


I want Chloe in bed no later than 7:30 because we get up so early. Some nights she may be up later, but rarely. Chloe needs a lot of sleep to function well. It does get tougher when the time changes,  which happens this weekend.  She is like “It’s still day”!!

So that is our schedule for After School to Bedtime.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day 🙂


Our Morning Routine

Good Afternoon 😊

Well Chloe was diagnosed with the Flu this morning. She has her meds and is home until Thursday.  I thought, while we are both laying here resting I would share our new Morning Routine with you.

Since Chloe has returned to Public School our mornings have drastically changed. We get up WAY earlier than we are use to and have to move at a more steady pace to get to school on time.

Here is our Monday through Friday schedule when school is in session.

6:00 am: Wake Up (I get up at 530, so I can get ready)

Eat Breakfast/Put dishes in the sink

Wash Face/Brush Teeth

Brush Hair 

Put on Clothes

Put on shoes/Coat

Get Backpack and Lunchbox 

6:55 am: Go to the car/Off to school

7:15- Take Chloe to her Classroom 

We move at a steady pace the whole time. I play gentle, but upbeat music to get us going. She enjoys that 😊.

Hopefully Chloe will get rested and back on her feet by Thursday. Do you have a morning routine with your kids? Share below.


What A Rough Night😢

Good Morning

Seeing your child sick is so hard!! I have been blessed with Chloe for the past 3 years. She hasn’t been sick but a handful of times. Now I have to be prepared for more illness now that she is out in the world more.

After I posted last night Chloe got worse FAST! Her cough got nasty and the fever rose. She crawled into bed at 10 pm last night and is still there. I asked her if she wanted to come into the living room, but she said “No”. So I have been quietly getting dressed, doing dishes and making a list of things i will need picked up, since I can’t get out to get them. 

I will definitely take her to the Dr tomorrow,  which will upset her massively. She hates going. Her Dr is wonderful,  but Chloe hates to be tested for anything.  I need them and pray they can rule out Flu A. It is running rampant here. I’m sure they will test for strep as well. It will take a few of us to hold her down for that☹.

Once I can get out I am going to stock up on Vitamin C and Elderberry Syrup. Chloe takes a lot of Vitamins,  but adding extra Vitamin C will hopefully be beneficial. 

So this week will be a toss up, as far as when Chloe returns to school. Hopefully she will be on the mend soon❤ 

Have a wonderful Sunday🙂

She Is Sick☹


Hi Everyone

Well that didn’t take long. 4 days at school and my girl is sick☹ She may have gotten it from me or at school, not sure. Chloe coughs a lot anyway from her allergies, but she is laying around and not eating much.  Those are the 2 big red flags to know she is not well.

I got her some medicine and she is taking it, thank goodness. Flu A is running rampant here right now. I am praying she doesn’t have it. I’m going to try the medicine for a few days and if she’s not any better I’ll take her to the Dr.

I knew her going back to school would bring more illness into our home, but I know it was the best move. I need to get her on vitamin C pronto! That is a huge benefit of homeschooling. Chloe hasn’t been sick very often in the past 3 years, which has been great! This is a big adjustment.

Hopefully we both get well soon🙂