It’s All Coming Together 😊


Happy Friday😊

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Everything is coming together for Chloe now. Her Occupational and Speech therapy opened up. Yay!! She starts as soon as I get her new insurance cards in the mail. I am over the moon excited!

Next week I am enrolling her in school. It was not an easy decision,  but I know it will benefit the both of us. She will be attending a wonderful new school that just opened last year. There is a little girl in there that she knows well. So this weekend I am getting her some school clothes and a new backpack. She has been very excited about it so far.

So many changes, but she is doing well overall. Im very proud of her. I know she will love her new therapy and after a few weeks will adjust to school.

Tomorrow is Chloe’s 10th Birthday. We are going to have a great day😊

I Lost My Keys😲

Hi Everyone😊

Oh what a stressful day I had on Tuesday.

The day started out as usual. Chloe had been awake since 4 am, but was in a good mood. I had an errand to run, so she stayed with my parents. After I picked her up we went to get a few groceries.  The day was still going well.

My older daughter was coming over to help me make Vegetable Soup and hang out. We were having a wonderful visit when I decided to go up the street to the mailbox while she could watch Chloe. I have a key to my mailbox, so I went over to my key cup on the counter and NO KEYS!! I thought “Oh I probably put them in my purse….NO KEYS!! I began to panic. My daughter and I searched my tiny apartment and tore apart my car. NOTHING😫

I was sick at this point. I told my older daughter she should go home. I walked over and collapsed on the couch, trying to calm down. All of a sudden I thought about my daughter’s purse. We both have black purses. It was worth a shot. I called her and sure enough they were in there🙄.

Oh my goodness.  Lol. Her boyfriend brought them to me the next day. I was very thankful. I know I need to make an extra set of each now. Crazy Day😛

Have you ever lost your keys?

Have a wonderful evening 😊

She Has No Idea😲

Good Morning😊

Chloe turns 10 years old on Saturday.  I have been trying for a month to get her to tell me what she wants for her birthday.  She just doesn’t say anything! 

She is so picky about her things its hard to just go out and buy her surprises. She usually tells me the kind of cake she wants and every year she wants 7 balloons. She told me she wanted purple plates and a purple birthday hat. If I ask about presents she names everything she got for Christmas.  So I got on Amazon and tried to figure it out. 

I ended up ordering her a big beanbag chair, an Alphabot Learning toy and a new Magnadoodle. She will get other presents from family members, so she will have plenty. I’m trying to keep her room minimal now that I finally got that accomplished. 

It is really tough when your child can’t always verbalize what they want or need. Maybe once therapy starts we can start working harder on these skills. 

I guess we will find out on Saturday if she likes what we got her. Its a roll of the dice.

Have a wonderful day😊

Sunday Funday😀

Hi Friends😊

Chloe finally got her wish Sunday. We went to the park at the lake. It was cold, but we bundled up and headed out. She had so much fun! She giggled the whole time.

She saw about 4 ducks, but had no interest in going to see them. We have mean ducks, so that was a good thing. They chase you and bite you. Its nuts! Lol.

We stayed for about an hour. We were both frozen. She played a lot on the slides and we both had fun on the swings. She cracks up when I swing with her.

After the park we enjoyed lunch out and then we were lazy the rest of the day.

Have a wonderful night🙂

I Love Tiny Living


Good Morning😊

I am enjoying our new apartment.  I haven’t been feeling well, but it’s that time of year. Chloe has had a rough cough and has been having breathing treatments.  She has been quite frustrated by it.

Our apartment is quite small, but so easy to care for. I haven’t gotten everything organized yet, but I’ll get there.  I’m still waiting for a few pieces of furniture and I need to find a few shelves. I’m really hoping to find them 2nd hand. Once all the furniture is in place i will post pictures.

Cleaning our tiny place takes no time. Chloe’s room is so much easier with way less toys. Its been years since I could walk through her room without tripping. She plays a lot better, just like I knew she would.😊

So I finally have my tiny house, well a tiny apartment, and I love it❤

Back to Homeschooling

abc books chalk chalkboard

Good Morning 😀

Next week we will get back to homeschooling.  We have had a few weeks off for our move. Chloe is getting restless,  so we need to get back at it. Our new place is so much smaller, but we will make it work.

I have decided to use our current workbooks for awhile. I am going to be talking to the school system soon and so I will just use up what I have until then.

I hope the weather clears up soon so we can go to the lake park. There are so many learning opportunities there, plus a great play area. She really wants to go.

Chloe’s 10th Birthday is next week, so she is excited about that.  She still hasn’t told us what she wants. It’s always a challenge every year. We will figure it out in time….hopefully.

So next week will be busy and exciting 😊

I hope everyone is well. Have a great day💜

Roller Coaster Week

Good Morning 😊

Our first week here has been a roller coaster.  The first part of the week Chloe was very happy and calm. She played well in her new room.

By mid week she started wanting to go to the park, but it was raining. She doesn’t understand why I can’t make the rain stop. She started coughing and throwing tantrums.  Her asthma started acting up with the fluctuating temperatures and rain. So she has had some breathing treatments.

The strangest thing is how much she is sleeping.  Oh I’m not complaining,  but she is sleeping in until 8, sometimes 9 o’clock. 😲 It is taking her until lunch to get moving. We are off schedule, so I am not pressuring her to move faster. Next week we will get back on schedule.

I am looking into public school for her as well. There is a school that has an excellent special needs classroom. I know Chloe will struggle at first, but I am hoping it will help her. She has regressed socially and emotionally.  I need the help.

We are slowly getting everything going. Paperwork takes forever sometimes.  We will get there. So that’s our first week update. Next week I hope to get back to my normal blog schedule.

Have a wonderful day😊