Take A Deep Breath

Take a deep breath. That’s what I tell Chloe when she starts getting frustrated or is throwing a fit. It doesn’t always stop the episode, but it does get her attention for a moment.

As Chloe gets older it is definitely getting tougher to calm her down. She is closing in on puberty FAST!! She is to young mentally, emotionally and developmentally to understand what’s getting ready to happen. It is going to be a struggle….on both of us😥

I have been asked if I’m going to allow Chloe to have a menstrual cycle (sorry to the men reading this). Her pediatrician says she had to go through her first one before she can stop it. Yes I’m stopping it. I just hope she will take the pills or shot required. It will be an adventure either way🙂

Her Occupational Therapy starts back June 10th. I am so thankful. Her therapist is beginning to work on self care skills, which will help me at home. She is still on the waiting list for Speech and Physical therapy. I am looking at a few other places to try and see if they have spots open. I also need to find her a psychiatrist for her medication treatment. Now that places are slowly opening up I can start making calls.

I know once we get everything rolling I will see big improvements. Until then I’ll just…Take A Deep Breath❤️

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Summer Reading📚

Hi everyone 😊

I want Chloe and I to read more! Chloe loves books, but her reading goes in waves, depending on her mood. She use to read constantly, but lately I notice she hardly ever reads. So I decided to create our own Summer Reading Program. 

I also want to read more myself. Our library will reopen in a few weeks. I’m excited to check out some new books. I am making Chloe a chart where she can put stickers on for each book she reads. I also plan on giving her rewards for a certain number of books read. I haven’t decided on all of her rewards yet, but Ice cream with definitely be one of them. 

I hope to get her to read at least 20 minutes a day. I’m going to be reading more as well. We should set an example for our children. Have books around your home in their room and in the living room. Reading is so important for learning. Even if you are reading to your children it’s a wonderful thing to do. 

How do you work on reading in the summer?

I hope everyone is staying healthy❤️

Welcome to my new followers 😀

Healing Well

It’s been over 5 weeks since my fall. My nose is feeling way better and healing well. The cuts on my head and face are almost completely gone. I still have some places on my legs, but they are healing nicely. I still have headaches and get dizzy every now and then, but that’s improved as well. I definitely know how lucky I am.

I will admit I no longer walk the concrete steps down to my apartment. I walk in the grass. Steps in general make me nervous. I suppose I’ll get over it someday. I still need new glasses, but am making due untilI save up for a pair. These are working fine for now🙂.

As I sit under this tree, on this beautiful day, I remember my Doctor telling me he was shocked I didn’t get knocked out or that I didn’t crack my skull. It was one of the scariest incidents I’ve ever been through. Again I am so thankful my daughter Mattie was there to take care of me. She was amazing!

So I’m almost 100% healed . I just wanted to give everyone an update. I hope everyone is healthy out there. Thanks for stopping by😀

She Tried A New Food😊

popcorn in ceramic bowl

Hi Everyone 😊

As an Autism Parent one if our biggest battles is getting our kiddos to try new foods. Chloe has a very limited palate like most.  Over the years different foods have been introduced.  She usually won’t even try them.

I made some air popped popcorn and sat down to watch our movie.  She kept staring at my bowl. Then she reached in and took one piece out. I said “Try it, its crunchy”! She nibbled at it and put it back in my bowl. A few minutes later she grabbed another piece and ate it. Her face was strained as if she wasn’t to sure about it’s texture.  I kept encouraging her to try another one. She ended up eating 5 pieces.  VICTORY!!

Her Dad has tried for years to get her to try popcorn. She would always say “No Thanks”. So even eating 5 pieces is a victory in my book😊 

Little victories are still victories in our world. What food do you want your kids to try?

Stay Healthy❤

I Am So Proud❤

painting and drawing tools set

Today Chloe’s teachers brought by her belongings from her classroom.  I also got a wonderful surprise. Chloe’s first report card with letter grades. I am so proud that she got straight A’s😀 !!

I didn’t realize she got letter grades in her class. Her teacher said during the time she was in class,  before Covid-19 changed everything,  she worked very hard and earned every A. Chloe definitely can do more than she lets on. She just has trouble focusing and being still long enough to work. 

I am so excited for next school yr and I hope and pray the virus goes away and things can get back to normal. I think Chloe will so enjoy going back and being with her friends again. 

I hope everyone is feeling well😊

I’m Playing😀

girl playing with a wooden toy house

So it’s the first day of summer break and as usual I planned lots to do. It is raining today, so lots of indoor activities. Chloe decided she just wanted to relax in front of the TV and then play in her room today. You know what? That’s ok😊

Chloe has definitely been playing with her toys a lot more. I live watching her play. They say kids with Autism lack imaginative play. Most have to learn it. Chloe definitely did have to learn it. When she was younger she would just line up toys and get frustrated when they wouldn’t stand up just right. She still gets frustrated, like right now she mad because her duck won’t sit in the bus exactly like she wants it to.

If I offer a craft or a game she says “I’m playing”!! So I am with her, but letting her play. Play is learning and if she plays every day this summer I’m fine with that😊 The virus is definitely changing up what we would typically do, so instead of making lots of “possible” plans, I’m just making up some activity bags and a binder in case she wants to do them🙂

Are your kids on sumner break yet? If so how is it going?

Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay healthy ❤


Last Week of School: Day 5

It’s the last day of school!!

What did she do? Lots of things….

Watched Sesame Street, read books, sang songs, spelled words on her Alpha Bot, played Math games on her tablet, played with her sensory bins, drew pictures for her teachers, walked at the Nature Park (where she played in the creek) and we are finishing our day with a movie night.

So we had a very full last day of school😊 Her teachers skyped her to wish her a wonderful summer, which was wonderful ❤ I do hope and pray regular school can begin in August, so everything can get back to a bit of normalcy. 

Has your child’s school year ended? If so what did you do on their last day?

I hope everyone is well😊