Teaching Chloe to Tell Time

Good morning! So I have discussed teaching Chloe money and time on here before, but I have been working on a better way to do it so it is not stressful.

Ringing Alarm Clock

The number one thing is to make sure they are ready. Chloe was not completely ready the last time I tried. We were both stressed. Chloe has always loved numbers, so I am beginning there, She knows time by the hour, but gets confused with the rest, Here are the baby steps I am taking to teach her in a less stressful way. I hope.

1) Make sure your child can count from 0 to 60.

2) Next teach your child to count by 5’s to 60.

3) Talk about time concepts like : Morning: wake up, breakfast, clothes on, brush hair and teeth.  Noon: Lunch/Outside  Night: Supper, bath and bed

4) Make a daily schedule using clocks. I love this idea, but I’m not sure how well it would work with Unschooling.


5) Make a clock with your child using a paper plate. Talk to her/him about the hour hand and the minute hand. Show them how to count the minutes by 5’s

6) Talk about time all day every day. Example: Its 8:00 time for breakfast!

7) Use a kitchen timer to teach minutes and the concept of time by minutes. I use this for bath time, outside time, tablet time…..and so on.

8) Once your child is catching on ask throughout the day “What time is it”? Reward her for right answers. My girl loves tickles.

9) There are fun time file folder games online. Check out File Folder Fun and Teachers Pay Teachers.

10) Just have fun!! No pressure. If it takes a year to learn it that’s fine.


I hope this is helpful to those of you teaching your child how to tell time. Chloe is doing well with these steps. If you have any tips leave them below.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.


Does Chloe Need “Regular Learning”?

Different School Books

Good morning. I pray your week is going very well.

I have been asked this question many times.  I don’t always get offended, although sometimes I do. Chloe is a smart girl and I’m not just saying that because I am her mother. Even if she was totally non verbal I would still teach her as much as she could understand or wanted to learn. She is almost 9 years old and would be in 3rd grade in the public school system. Currently Chloe is learning at a Kindergarten to 1st grade level in most areas. She does read, as I have mentioned, closer to her age level.

There is a difference between age level and developmental level. Those of you with children on the spectrum know what I mean. Chloe’s developmental level varies depending on the area of development. Her lowest areas are speech and social skills. She is 3 yrs and under on those. I am baffled how she has such a photographic memory in one area, but can’t seem to speak to other children or answer a simple question from us.

Whenever I am stressed about her learning someone will say “Does she really need math or spelling when she will always be home with you”? Well even is she is at home with us I want her to know how to read, write and do basic math skills. That way she can sit and read a book, draw and write her friends and understand how much something is or can count how many things she needs. No child should just be left alone and not given skills. Some children with Autism go  to a special school where they focus on more life skills first and then work in the academic skills. That’s great too! If we are every able to afford that option I would love Chloe to go a few hours a day to ABA. I am teaching her as much as I can and I think she has made a lot of  improvement this year.

When Chloe is in a mood or lacks sleep she doesn’t want to do academics. Do I force her? Depends on how severe the mood is. If she hasn’t slept I do not make her do learning time. I may read with her or we watch a video about animals. That why I love Unschooling. There are so many ways to learn things, even on bad days. I always want to try to teach her as much as I can. I will never say “Oh she is autistic and she probably can’t do math or read”. She lets me know if I am pushing or trying to teach her something she doesn’t understand. I may be doing Kindergarten work with her whole life and if so that’s what it will be. I will not give up!

Chloe’s speech has improved as far as how many words she can say, but we still have very little conversations and she still speaks in scripting, echolalia and sometimes its very robotic. Will I stop working with her? No I will keep on because you never know when a breakthrough will happen. We were told she would never read or be able to understand most concepts in life. She was reading by 6 years of age and is slowly understanding so many things. We passed a fire truck one day and Chloe said “Go put out fires”! She learned that because every time I see one I say “Oh no there must be a fire, they will put it out”. I teach her like I would if she was much younger, but she gets it and that’s why I will never stop teaching her.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your child can’t learn. You just have to figure out how they learn and go from there.

Thanks for stopping by. Hi to all of my new followers. I’m so thankful for you.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


65 Degrees in February😲


I can’t believe the weather here! Sunday the high was 65 degrees!!

I know the groundhog said we would have an early Spring, but I’m not ready. I am a cold weather girl.  I love layering clothes and cuddling up in blankets. I am not ready to sweat yet. Lol.

Chloe has no complaints. She enjoyed getting outside to play after a a week and a half of bitterly cold weather. The yard was quite squishy, but she didn’t mind. She marched around the yard singing.  Then she  said “Chalk Mom”  and started drawing on the driveway. After playing for an hour we were back inside watching The Polar Express 😆 Gotta love her taste in movies. 

We did a lot of traveling on Saturday, so we were fine being a little lazy on Sunday. All this week it will be in the 50’s and 60’s here, but will plummet to 38 by the weekend.  Crazy weather. We will enjoy it while we can or she will. 

Have a wonderful and blessed day😊


Unschooling Book Haul


Happy Monday😀

So I went on a book hunt last week. I wanted to find animal books since that is what she is loving right now. I found a few, but also found a few other treasures.

Our Goodwill has a wonderful selection of books. Most look brand new. She loves the Giraffe book and the kangaroo pouch book. The Fun Phonics was an awesome find. It’s so colorful and Chloe and I can sit in the recliner and read through it. All the books at Goodwill were 50 cents each, even the phonics book😮. I also got the Melissa and Doug letter puzzle there for $2.00.

Next I went to Ollie’s. I spent $14 there for 5 books. I got the 2 Veggie Tale books for her birthday. The Around the World book is beautiful and written by the same author of Goodnight Moon. The other 2 books were $2.99. I may give them to our grandson. Chloe is not to sure about them. She is VERY PICKY about books.  I need to get her books about Penguins, so maybe I will have her older sisters get her a few for her birthday😊. My mom is getting her 3 animal books for her birthday as well.

So that is my cheap book haul. Everything together was about $20!!

Have a very blessed day😁

Chloe Prefers Unschooling

Happy February ❤

I can’t believe Chloe will be 9 this month😯

So how is Chloe handling Unschooling? Very well! I believe she enjoys learning this way. She gets short bursts of learning and lots more playtime.  I see that she likes making choices on what to learn about. She is loving the tray activities I lay out for her. She is able to pick which ones to do whenever she wants to during the day.

Chloe has had a little bit of a better attitude towards learning.  She did have a rough start yesterday,  but once she got going was fine.

I do want to keep our supplies minimal and build a book supply of books she loves. Right now that includes animal books. I have though about getting a cart with drawers to hold art supplies and keep it in the kitchen. I would also like a small shelf of activities to keep on our back wall of the living room. I feel she will do more if it’s not in her room. We are still figuring out her room and her OCD about her toys being out. 

As we continue on our Unschooling journey I hope to see Chloe enjoy it more and more. I hope she eventually conquers her fears and let’s me clean her room. I want it to be a place of play, learning and enjoyment. 

So that’s how it’s going so far. Thanks for stopping by😊 Have a Blessed weekend❤