This Weeks Update

Chloe is feeling quite anxious about going back to school next week. She loves school, but all of this back and forth has confused her and I’m sure many others. She completed her folder work Monday, so we have been doing a lot of work in StarFall. She works on math and spelling, plus plays other music games. I write out a short paragraph for her to copy in writing. We read books all throughout the day. She has been doing Calendar on her own. The tablet she got for Christmas has so many learning games on it as well.

Sleep is still on a see saw schedule. She sleeps so great one night and then the next she sleeps a few hours. It’s so tiring. When she sleeps she is so happy and somewhat calmer. Little sleep equals road runner all day. UGh!!

She is struggling with the colder weather and not getting outside as much. The cold gets her coughing going…asthma. She is definitely an outside girl. School will provide gym time each day she’s there, so that will help. If it’s above 40 I try to take her to the park for a short play time.

She is doing so well with her life skills. I’m so proud of her. I’m planning on getting her a small dresser, so she can put her clothes away. She puts away dry dishes and towels/washcloths already. Tonight I’m having her help me out up groceries. She’s capable of so much.

I got a magnesium supplement for children in the mail today. It’s tasteless and odor less. It will go in her drink twice a day. It’s suppose to help with hyperactivity. Oh I am praying it helps her. She has tried so many medications during the day. They backfire every time!! Fingers crossed on this one.

Tomorrow I want to make all of her learning activities fun. I will post them tomorrow afternoon☺. Hopefully next week we will get back to some sort of normalcy.

I hope all of you are healthy and well😍

This Week’s Life Skills

Good morning 🌞

I’m continuing working with Chloe on life skills this week. This week, since she is home, I have been working on some new and tougher skills. I have been weaving them throughout her school schedule. Next week she goes to school Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, so I am working on a schedule to work on them after school on days she’s there.

Yesterday we worked on matching socks. My wonderful sister in law gave us lots of pretty socks for Christmas. Chloe did an excellent job matching them up

I am slowly teaching her to clean her room. We started with her book shelf. She didn’t like me removing her things off the shelf, but I assured her I would put them back exactly how they were. She was pretty thorough with her dusting😊

Gotta have a sucker while doing chores

The final thing I had her do was put up a variety of dishes. I still need to reorganize a bit, but she did awesome!! So proud of her

I added an extra skill that I really want her to conquer. Chloe struggles with drinking from an open cup. So when we are eating at the table I’m having her drink from an open cup, with a handle. I need to invest in 1 or 2 lighter cups with handles.

We are still working on her dressing herself , along with brushing her teeth and hair. During her bath I’m teaching her to wash herself and help with drying after. So many life skills being taught and learned right now🙂. She’s doing a good job and so far she’s not fighting me. Woo hoo!!

Thanks for reading my blog today. I really appreciate all of you😍 Stay healthy and well my friends.

Back To NTI

Christmas break is over and we have NTI school at home this week. Chloe returns to school in house next Tuesday. She will go on the A/B schedule for now. Before school shut down last October she was going 4 days a week because of her needs. Once Covid calms down, if ever, she will return to a full week. The difference in her behavior when she’s in school is remarkable. She eats less and sleeps better😊

Today we work on money. She did counting coin cards and played a money game on Starfall.

Next was Reading and Reading Comprehension. She had a tough time focusing, since she was by 2:45 am. She read her passage fine, but struggled with the questions. Then we found books about winter and Valentine’s Day to read on her tablet.

I had her write a small paragraph for writing. She got upset when I reminded her to use lower case letters instead of all capitals. To ease the tension I let her dive into some shaving cream after she finished.

We had to go to the bank after lunch and once I noticed how nice a day it was, we stopped at the park. She was very excited ☺️

We had a pretty productive Monday. I hope your day has been going well. Thanks for stopping by🥰

Obstacles to my No Spend January

So you would think to successfully do a No Spend Month you just simply don’t spend money. When you have a child with Autism there are obstacles.

Chloe doesn’t understand why I’m doing this No Spend thing. She just wants her weekly Happy Meal. So luckily she got money for Christmas from her Nana and Papaw. She did spend $12 of it at the Dollars store buying bath toys and a bag of suckers. So she may not have enough for the whole month. We will go week to week and see. If I have to spend $6 for a Happy Meal at the end of the month I won’t beat myself up. Chloe lives her routine and I’m.not messing with it.

My to save every penny I can. I did end up spending my Christmas money on a few tops. I needed clothes and decided to spend my Christmas money. I spent it before January 1st, but since it’s gift money it doesn’t count against my No Spend month.

Chloe will ask for suckers sometime during the month. I can budget that into groceries. I can’t see me saying “Oh no we can’t buy them in January, it’s a no spend month”. MELTDOWN CITY!!! So there are exceptions with Chloe. I will still save quite a bit this month😁

I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy ❤️

Rocking Her Life Skills😎

Brushing her hair

This week we worked on Life skills. Chloe was pretty excited about helping me around the house🙂

I started with having her put her clothes on with no assistance. She was so proud of herself. Then I showed her how to brush her hair. She thought it was fun😀. Her hair grows so fast. It’s time for a trim.


Next I had her work on folding. Sometimes she likes doing this and other times not. She really took her time and folded everything nicely. The big towels we’re a challenge, but she kept trying and eventually nailed it.

After folding we moved on to putting up silverware. She went warp speed, but got everything in the right place. I’m working on reorganizing the cabinets to make putting dishes up easier for her. She loves putting up dishes🙂

Putting up silverware

She wanted to paint after working on her life skills, so I set up her easel on the table. She loves painting on her easel.

Last night we both crashed before midnight. Chloe was up the night before, so we needed the sleep. We both got up at 10 am😮. She slept 14 hours!! She was in overdrive yesterday and way calmer this morning. It’s rainy today so we will stay in and relax today.

Happy New Year to all of you. Welcome to my new followers ☺️

Stay safe and healthy 🥰

To Much To Wait!

Good morning 🌞

I know I am suppose on Friday, but we are having a busy week. I tried to upload this yesterday, but it didn’t post. Not sure why, so trying again.

Since Sunday Chloe and I have been doing quite a bit of activities. It just seems to be a week she is more motivated. Sunday and Tuesday we went to the park.

It was a bit chilly, but not freezing. We were the only ones there, so she was super excited!

We have also been doing a lot of sensory bins and trays. I’ve been laying them out and writing them into her schedule.

Yesterday she read her Pete the Cat books to me and she made a Pete the Cat paper bag puppet.

Chloe has been loving her new tablet and exploring all the games and music on it. She got a new MagnaDoodle for Christmas and draws on it all throughout the day🙂

Today I have more activities planned, plus we are working on some life skills. I will post the rest of our week on Friday.

Have a wonderful day and stay healthy 🥰

Preparing For A No Spend January

Good morning 🌞

Yes I know I said Blogs on Friday, but I thought I need to talk about our frugal and simple life goals as well. So Saturdays will be all about frugality and simple living. My life isn’t just about being an Autism Mom☺️

I am doing a No Spend January next month. I will only spend on bills, food and gas. Each person can make their own rules, depending on their goals. My goal is to put away every extra penny possible during the month.

I went through and made a list of items I need from shampoo to dish liquid. I will use a budgeted amount of money I still have left from December to purchase these items. Then in January I will take that money I budget for household needs and save it.

Another area I save on is my electric bill. I budget a monthly amount. Whatever amount I am under on the bill I save that money. My other bills are set amounts, so no savings there. I budget so much for gas, but if one week I don’t go out as much I will save the money I didn’t spend that week.

One area I was concerned about was Chloe’s weekly Happy Meal. I knew I couldn’t ask her to give that up. Lol. Luckily she got a McDonald’s gift card for Christmas, so I can use that. Any gift cards or money can be spent. I have 1 gift card and some money. I am saving my money, but using the gift card (Barnes & Noble).

A No Spend month is a wonderful way to save and really look at what you spend money on. I didn’t set a specific goal. Im just saving everything I can. I am also continuing my surveys because it’s a good way to earn gift cards. Chloe has a birthday in February and my goal is to earn enough points to buy her gifts with Amazon cards🙂

There are no family birthdays in January, so no spending there. Chloe, as I’ve mentioned, is returning to school January 12th, so I’m not sure how much gas money I’ll save. I drive her to school and pick her up. One week is 2 days and the next is 3 days. Hopefully I can save a little.

Have you ever done a No Spend Month? If so how did it go? I’m excited to start mine☺️

Have a wonderful day and I’ll blog about our week next Friday. Take care and stay healthy 🙏❤️

Merry Christmas 🎄

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Chloe’s first gift to me was a full night’s sleep. I was so thankful for that. She woke up around 6:30, but didn’t ask to open presents until around 7.

Chloe always takes her time opening her presents. She likes to play with each toy before moving on to the next.

Around lunchtime we went to my parents for Christmas with my family. My Mom always takes her to the back room to open her gifts, which is a wonderful idea. She is less anxious and will sit back there and play with her toys after she opens them.

She had a great time at my parents! She got lots of great presents and enjoyed seeing and playing with different family members 😊. She typically tries to hide away in the back once everyone is there, but today she stayed out with everyone else. That was great progress.

Now we are home, full and tired, just watching TV and relaxing. I hope you and your family have had or are having a very Merry Christmas.

Just So Tired 😴

Chloe is still struggling with sleep. Last night she didn’t fall asleep until 2 am. I was beyond exhausted. I just don’t know what is going on.

I called her pediatrician today, but there are no other sleep meds she can take at her age. Raising her current medication has the opposite effect on her. It’s a vicious cycle. We didn’t even decorate cookies today. We were both just worn out! With Christmas only 3 days away I just want her to get some good sleep so she can enjoy Friday.

On another topic, I have decided to write one blog a week. I will post every Friday. Daily blogs are tough for me. When we have terrible days or nights of no sleep it’s hard for me to find time to write. So I will post this Friday and then beginning next week I will post a weekly blog on Friday only. I want to write good content and this allows me time to think and create better posts.

It’s late and Chloe is still talking😪. I’m going to go in and lay down with her and pray she will fall asleep soon.

I pray all if you are healthy and well🥰

Christmas Activities

Today was filled with lots of Christmas Activities. She had a good night’s sleep last night, so I took advantage of her great mood🙂

We made some Christmas cards. I had her really think about the person she was making it for and what they like. She drew pictures of things they liked. Was proud of her focus. She made one for a friend, one for her Nana and one for her Papaw.

Next she made a bracelet by stringing beads. Excuse the laundry, but that was her life skill task today.☺️ She decided this bracelet was for her Nana.

Then we worked on making Christmas cookies. She hung with me a lot longer this year. I let her flatten the dough and press out the cookie. She really enjoyed it. We are decorating tomorrow. It got late on us and I had to make supper.

We ended our day with Arthur’s Christmas. She loves this movie🥰

Yep she lays in the recliner backwards 😁

I am tired, but happy to make these memories with her. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight as well. I pray all of you are staying healthy 🙏❤️