Let The Christmas Activities Begin!!


Happy Monday!! Our Christmas Activities have begun. We are doing the 25 Days of Vlogmas on our YouTube channel, so we will have many activities going on this month.

I love making cinnamon ornaments. They smell so good! Chloe and I made a pan of them yesterday. They take 24 hours to dry and she didn’t understand that. Plus she kept thinking they were cookies. LOL. She would only make 12 because she loves the 12 Days of Christmas song. She will be excited to hang them up once they are dry.

We also started our Christmas Advent book December 1st. We made a few crafts to go with Day 1 and Day 2. We are keeping our focus on Christ this season and have many homeschool activities to teach Chloe the story this month. Chloe thinks of Santa as more of a cartoon character. We haven’t taught her about Santa because we want her to understand the Nativity Story. I grew up believing in Santa and I don’t judge anyone who does. Chloe just doesn’t understand the concept, but does understand that we celebrate Jesus Birthday on Christmas Day.

If you want to keep up with us on our YouTube channel go on over to Autism With Grace. I will continue to post about our Christmas activities on here as well. Thanks for reading our post today. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Unexpected Changes

I wasnt sure what to post about today. It was a day that promised hope for a new beginning for someone close to me, but instead this person has a new, unexpected challenge to face. Well we all do, as we will be right there to support, care and love them. 

I know God is in control of this situation. Am I worried? I would be lying if I said no. I am human after all. I will have faith that God will be not give us more than we can handle.

Please pray for our family. Thanks

Uber Frugal Tips 2019 Part 3

saving_up_pink_versionIts the final set of money saving tips I have to begin our 2019 Uber Frugal Year. I’m sure I will forget a few, but I can always update later.

Beauty Products

*Homemade products I make: Deodorant, Cleansing Shampoo, Homemade Conditioner and even face powder.

* I use less shampoo (Regular) and I even water mine down a bit. Our hair does not require so much shampoo.

* Using up all of my makeup before buying more. Sometimes I see eye shadow or blush I like and buy it. I am considering decreasing the amount I wear.

*Use Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a conditioning treatment.


Car Savings

* Keep your tires inflated. Helps with gas mileage.

* Keep your car clean. Its just a great thing to do. LOL

*Keep oil changed and fluids full: Check for online coupons for the place you like to go. If you give them your email they will email you coupons to use.



*No buying clothes until it is warm again. We have a minimal wardrobe and plenty until Spring.

*Keep a simple wardrobe to save money.

* Exception: Buy undergarments if needed of course!

* I buy 2nd hand snow boots if I can find them. They are for outside use only.



* We are unschooling now so now more text books are needed.

*I will not buy anything unless it is a necessity. This would be pencils, paper, markers, crayons, etc…

* Books, magazines, videos are only from the library for FREE!! I also use my Kindle to download free books and Hoopla from my local library for free books, audiobooks, movies and TV shows.



*Get a Brita filter instead of using water bottles.

*Keep Snacks with you when you are out. This will keep your kids from wanting to eat out and maybe you too.

*Find free community events to go to with your family.

*Make gifts instead of buying them. I love making treats for people.

* Save that change!!

*Have game nights or movie nights at home. Its a lot of fun.

* Buy Zoo and Museum passes if you know you will go a lot. We have a zoo pass and love it!!



Thank you for stopping by. Share your money saving tips. I would love to read them. Lets prepare for an Uber Frugal 2019!

Teaching Chloe Life Skills


Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday Chloe started working on learning new Life Skills. The weather has gotten bitterly cold, so it’s a great time to work on this.

The first thing I taught her is how to put up the clean dishes. She has helped put away silverware, but not other dishes. I stood back and gave her oral directions. She did a wonderful job. She pretty much knows where everything is. She was very proud of herself.

Next when she asked for a snack I told her she could get it herself. She hesitated, but went for it and got a yogurt and a spoon. She threw it away when finished. I think she will be fine in this area. She loves to eat. LOL

Lastly I combined the last 2. She folded washcloths and matched up socks. She is pretty good at folding, but gets in a hurry. The sock matching was a breeze for her as well. The next step is for her to put laundry away.

I have been asked why I teach her these things since she will always be with us. She may have a few limitations, but I know she understands a lot too. We are a family and I want her to know how to help and learn the skills to care for some of her needs. Whoever she is with after we are gone will appreciate if she can care for herself a bit and not totally dependent on them for everything.

Do you teach your child with autism life skills? What do you teach them?

Thanks for stopping by. Check out our YouTube channel with the same name. (Autism With Grace) to see Chloe in action. Have a blessed day.

Errands and A Naughty Girl

Christmas_tree-9Good morning I hope you are having a blessed day so far. Yesterday we began receiving and picking up our Black Friday orders. We don’t go out to stores. We do it all from our cozy recliners. We were able to complete some Christmas shopping and purchase a few items we both wanted that were on sale. It wasn’t very busy out on Sunday. I guess everyone was exhausted from shopping.

Now on to the naughty girl. I have been having issues with Chloe throwing sticks over our neighbors fence. On Saturday she hurled a big stick over the fence. I made her go in for punishment and wanted her to go apologize to our neighbor. She was out of control screaming, so I walked over and apologized. Our neighbor was very kind and said not to worry about it. Fast forward to Sunday after errands and lunch. I decided to take her outside since it will be the last day in the 50’s for a long time. Tomorrows high is 38 degrees. BRRRR!!!  Anyway, I explained the rule of NO THROWING STICKS OVER THE FENCE. Guess what? Yep she did it again. COME ON!!! So back in the house. I know she understands because she looks at me for a reaction. I think discipline is the toughest part of her autism I deal with. Knowing the right approach is tough. Spanking is not an option because she doesn’t associate it with doing something wrong. Typically we take something away, like the rest of her outside time. So at least we are inside for a few days, so I don’t have to worry about it. I am going to make a social story about it and see if that helps.

How was your weekend? Did you shop till you dropped?

Have a wonderful rest of the day.


Uber Frugal 2019 Part 2

Good afternoon😊 Here are my tips for saving on Utilities and Household Cleaners.


1) This winter see how low you can go on your thermostat. We go down to 68 degrees once it’s in the 30’s and below. We later clothes, use blankets and wear socks.

2) Whatever side of the house the sun is shining on open those curtains and blinds during cold months. It will warm up that part of your home.

3) Keep that filter clean. We clean or replace ours once a month. Helps system run better.

4) Only wash full loads of clothes and wash them in cold water.

5) Hang dry clothes on dryer racks or indoor lines. I do this to save clothes from shrinkage and save on dryer usage.

6) Take shorter showers and not so hot showers.

7) Cancel Cable. We have Amazon Prime and stream to our Tv.

8) Unplug items not in use.

9) Use your cell phone until it dies. We used our last one 4 years. We just bought new ones. Also use free Wifi where available.

10) Turn off lights when not needed.


Household Cleaners

1) Make homemade cleaners out of Vinegar, water, baking soda and essential oils. Check recipes online.

2) Use a dryer ball. No toxins and last a long time.

3) Make homemade detergent.  There are many recipes online. Costs pennies a load.

4) Dry Swiffer. I don’t buy refills. I use microfiber cloths from the Dollar Tree and toss them in the washer.

5) Wet Swiffer Mop: I buy a shami at the Dollar Tree and cut it into 3 pieces. Use both sides. Toss it in the washer when needed.

6) Swiffer Bottle refill. I turn the empty bottle cap down in a glass of hot water. It loosens and I fill it with vinegar and water.  Once cool you pop the top back on and it stays on😊

7) I use Swipe Microfiber cloths.  They clean so well just with water!


So that is Part 2 of my tips for Uber Frugal 2019. This Wednesday I will Post part 3. Have a blessed day😀

What A Wonderful Thanksgiving


Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Are you doing any Black Friday Shopping? We shop from the comfort of our recliners.  No fighting crowds for us.

Our Thanksgiving went so well. We were so proud of Chloe. She interacted with family and even ate at the table with 6 people. She usually hides in her room a lot. She kept telling everyone Happy Thanksgiving!! We watched the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade as we prepared the meal. Chloe LOVED it for the first time. She cried when commercials came on.

My oldest daughter Mattie came the night before so she could help me. It was so fun hanging out with her. I have been hosting Thanksgiving for 18 years and this is the first one that I wasnt stressed out😊 Mattie made the deviled eggs, which I don’t like making👍 I was so thankful.

I realized I forgot to post Part 2 of my Uber Frugal 2019 tips Wednesday.  Been a busy week. I will post this tomorrow.

Have a wonderful and blessed day❤