Beautiful Day at the Park

I decided this afternoon to take Chloe to the park in our little town before therapy. It’s a beautiful and not to steamy hot of a day to play. There’s just enough breeze to keep us cool 😎

She likes to explore every part of this park. She loves this gazebo stage. She always performs a song or two on it😁

Chloe tends to get very hyper during behavior therapy, so I thought this would help her burn off some energy. We are the only ones here so we are scoring high on social distancing.

Every now and then she lays down and takes a break. You never know where she will choose to crash 😊 She gets hot and starts coughing, so she takes a break. Glad no one is here so I don’t get the “Oh no Corona” looks when she coughs😮

I do wish our apartment complex had a playground area, but this one is only about 7 minutes away, so no big deal really.

She found a nice bench to lay down on for a moment. This girl can lay down anywhere! I’m use to following her around when there are lots of kids here. Today I’m able to lay back and watch her from a short distance. I believe she thinks she’s getting away with something. Lol

We didn’t work on any learning today. It’s been so hot she hasn’t been outside a lot, so I wanted to take advantage of today’s weather. Tomorrow we may go swimming 😊

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️

Swimming and Swinging


It has been so hot this week, but today it’s a little less humid, so we drove to my parents and Chloe enjoyed swimming. She was very excited to be in the water. She said “Come on let’s go swimming “!!❤️

She now has her therapy swing at my parents house. She has missed her swing. As my Dad and son were putting it together Chloe said “There you are, yay”!! Oh the tough decision….do I swim or swing?

It needs a good scrubbing, but she really didn’t care either way. She was just happy to have it. She ran back and forth between the pool and the swing. It was funny to watch. I loved hearing her laughing.

So her Saturday has been full of fun and excitement. That’s what Saturdays are for☺️

Hoping all of you are healthy and well❤️

It’s Just Too Hot😩

It is so hot in our state right now. Playing outside is almost impossible after 10 am. So today I decided to plan an indoor day. Unfortunately I didn’t expect to get hit with a migraine before lunch😢

I was cleaning the bathroom and using a commercial cleaner,instead of my usual homemade cleaner. I started seeing waves in my eyes and feeling sick. I knew what was coming. So I gave Chloe phone time and laid down for a bit. It went away after about 1 1/2 hours, but left me exhausted.

I still wanted to give Chloe a fun day, so we made some break apart chocolate chip cookies. She loves breaking apart the pieces. You just have to make sure she doesn’t eat all the raw dough. Lol

After the cookies she played with her puzzles, kinetic sand and her sensory bucket of toys, She of course wanted lots of tickles, which she got. I need to invent a tickle machine for her. She wants them all day long!! We watched a few movies between playtimes. I’m hoping this weekend she can get some swimming time at my parents. It’s to hot for much else.

We worked on her wearing her mask,but today she wasn’t having it. It’s a challenge for sure. We had a good day just hanging in the A/C😁

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️

Welcome to my new followers. I’m so glad your here😊

Learning Time😊

Today I slowly started working in segments of learning time with Chloe. She wasn’t so sure at first, but after a few minutes she was working hard☺️

We worked on spelling and reading with a word/picture match game I made with flash cards. She loves any activity with spelling❤️

We practiced adding double digits. We reviewed adding with carrying. She needed some reminders, so we will work on that a bit more. Since I am not sure when school will definitely start I’m going to start reviewing what she was working on when school shut down last Spring.

I’ve been trying to fit more Arts and Crafts into her day, so we finally started our letter crafts.

We ended with some fine motor noodle stringing. She loves stringing beads and noodles.

So those are the learning activities we worked on today. Tomorrow I hope to do more Arts and Crafts, plus sensory activities. She doesn’t have therapy tomorrow so we have a full day to enjoy😁

I hope everyone is healthy and well😊❤️

New Medication

Chloe started a new medication this past Saturday. Plus her current medication was adjusted. How is it going?

Really well so far. She seems a little calmer in the morning hours. Her new medication is for control of frustration and anxiety. She is on the lowest dose of course. We see the Dr next Friday to see if the dose needs to be raised. The current medication is working even better since being substantially reduced. She said Chloe was taking way to much, so she reduced it and kept the same amount of Melatonin with it. She has been sleeping really well the past 4 days☺️

I am proud to say Chloe is swallowing her new pill in pudding. I don’t have to crush it! It works way better that way. I brag in her a lot when she swallows it😁.

We are working hard on mask wearing, since it’s mandatory at school. I also want her to understand it’s ok and not to be scared of it. Several of her therapists are working on it to.

So new medication is going well, she’s sleeping better and she has worn her mask in short bursts. Things are on track😊

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️

Behavior Therapy… How Is It Going?

Impatiently Waiting for her therapist

We are in Week 3 of Behavioral Therapy. I thought I would give you an update on how it is going.

Chloe is really enjoying her sessions and loves her therapist ❤️ She actually gets upset when it’s time to leave. That is a good sign. Her therapist has spent the past 3 weeks getting to know Chloe. I asked Chloe if she likes her therapist and she always says “Yes”!!!! I love it 🥰

So what have they been working on? Right now they are covering emotions. Chloe has been through a lot of transition and is a bit confused sometimes emotionally. She doesn’t like to talk about mad or sad… only happy. ONLY HAPPY!! So her therapist has been working on why it’s ok to be sad or mad.

Chloe has started a new medication that is suppose to help her control frustration, but it hasn’t kicked in yet. She’s only been on it for 3 days. She is sleeping a little better, so that is helping her mood swings.

So Behavioral Therapy is going well. She goes 2 times a week. We decided to do 2 short sessions instead of 1 long one. Her attention span is so short. Thankful for this therapy😊

Hoping all of you are doing well.

Welcome to my new followers

Our 4th of July Fun🇺🇸

Good Afternoon 🌞

Phew it is a hot one here today. Chloe and I have stayed in all day. We have snuggled up and watched a few movies and now she’s playing in her room. Yesterday we enjoyed the 4th of July.

We started out our day at my parents swimming.

It got hot so fast. She seemed to do well being in the water, but I started feeling nauseous and after about 1 1/2 hrs it was time to go in. She played with my parents dogs and watched a little Puppy Dog Pals before we headed home.

Chloe and I usually made a red, white and blue dessert of some kind, but she didn’t want to, so I made some Rice Krispie Treats. She wouldn’t try them and then asked me hours later for firework cookies. I told her I didn’t have the stuff to make them because she said she didn’t want to make them. She didn’t get mad, which was great.

Her favorite thing is watching the Fireworks. I was going to drive to town, where they were having a fireworks show at the college. I happened to notice that my neighbors one building over were setting up fireworks. I decided we would stay in and watch from our window.

She loved it❤️ They had tons of fireworks going off! We watched from the comfort of our nice, cool living room. She watched until 11 pm and then walked to her bed and fell asleep. I loved seeing her smile and hearing her say “Whoa and Yay”!! We also watched Capital Fourth on our local KET channel. There was lots of music and fireworks on there as well😊

We have been sleepy today and took a few mini naps, but it is worth being sleepy seeing her have fun.

What did you do for the 4th? Share below. I pray all of you are doing well😊

Keeping Myself Organized

Good morning 😀

As each day of the week has filled up with therapy sessions I knew I needed an organizer. I had a small calendar organizer, but knew this required something bigger! I had an extra notebook and binder, so I just made my own.

I made sections for each day, leaving room for therapy sessions, doctor appointments and other obligations. I used a different color highlighter for each appointment. Im very visual and forgetful (Lol), so I need all the help I can get😂. So far it is working very well.

I turned the small counter in my kitchen into my mini office desk. I keep my appointment book and budget book there. Once school begins I want to stay organized and not overwhelmed.

All of the busyness is worth it. Chloe lights up going into every therapy session. I love seeing her smile😊

I hope all of you have a safe 4th of July🇺🇸

Using Visual Schedules

Good morning☺️

Visual schedules are extremely useful when working with your child with Autism. I have used different methods with Chloe over the years. I have used picture schedules, as well as written ones. She typically takes to them pretty well. Her new therapists have been talking to me about implementing specific schedules to help her learn certain tasks, like dressing herself.

Her Occupational Therapist is currently making Chloe some getting dressed picture cards with clothing showing which way tags go. This is something she doesn’t understand. Chloe knows the process in which to put on her clothes, but she will put them on backwards or inside out at times😁 I am looking forward to using this dressing chart with her.

As we are getting busier with therapies I decided it would be a good idea to have a daily schedule posted. Each day is very different now. So to ease her anxiety and to let her know this is what I am doing today…..I’m going to make a daily schedule for her. I am hoping this helps make her feel calmer and secure.

Once I receive Chloe’s dressing chart from her therapist I will share that with you. Do any of you use visual schedules with your children? Please share below ☺️

I hope everyone is healthy and well❤️

Physical Therapy

Yesterday was Chloe’s first Physical Therapy Session. She has needed this for years and I am thankful she finally got it!

Her therapist is very gifted and knowledgeable about toe walking, which is Chloe’s issue. She has toe walked for 7 years. Each Dr and therapist seemed to think she would outgrow it, but she hasn’t. Now she has major balance issues. So the therapist and I discussed things she is doing there and what I can copy at home to further her therapy.

The first thing I will need is a ramp. My Dad is going to build one for Chloe that I can easily store under her bed. When Chloe walks on a ramp she must walk flat footed (normal footing). No toe walking. This will stretch those calf, ankle and foot muscles.

Next I need a foam pad. Chloe will walk more flat footed on a squishy surface. They are not sure why, but it will help again to stretch all those lower leg and foot muscles .

One last item I will eventually purchase is a small trampoline. You have to be really careful with these. When Chloe was little she fell off one and dislocated her elbow. So it will be put away unless I am right there with her to use it. The trampoline makes her jump flat footed. She loves to jump!!

So those are 3 tools the therapist and I will use to work on Chloe’s lower leg and foot muscles to improve her toe walking. Still working on an appointment for leg splints and braces.

I hope everyone is well😄