TV Junkie


Good morning 😊

The past 4 to 5 days Chloe has watched more TV than usual. She goes through phases of watching it daily and then goes weeks without it.

This is usually determined by the weather. If it’s nice outside that’s where we spend most of our day. Lately we have had a lot of rain, so we are stuck inside. Chloe will play for awhile, but then gets agitated because she can’t go outside to play. She loves a few Disney movies and loves to watch them in a certain order. OCD ALERT!! Toy Story 3 is her favorite right now.

Do I worry about her TV watching? Not really. It depends on how she watches it. She use to zone out every time,  but now she interacts so much with the movie. I actually love listening to her talk to the characters.  If she starts to zone out more I know its time for a break. Chloe is actually very good at knowing she needs a break. She will say “TV off” and go play in her room. 

The weather is beginning to change and warmer days are here.  She has a new therapy swing and a new swing set. She will be in heaven once everything is put together and she can play outside all day.

So am I worried about TV overload right now. Nope. She will easily transition out of TV to outside play.

Do your children go through times where they watch a lot of TV?


Thank you so much for stopping by today. Have a wonderful day😊

On My Way🙂

Good afternoon 😊

I have been feeling great lately.  Why? I have lost 15 pounds on Keto. It has been super easy. I’ve had zero temptations. I’m what they call “In the zone”.

I don’t do the typical high fat Keto diet. I do some, but a few items are healthier. It’s still working and I’m not hungry all day like before. I really love baking zucchini. It’s very good.

I have been able to ramp up my exercise as well, since my knees are doing a bit better. My favorite way to workout is to 80’s music. Very fun.

So that is how my Keto plan is going. How has your week been?

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend 😊

I’m So Tired!!

Good morning.

Well I’ll just say it…. I’m So Tired!! Miss Chloe has forgotten how to sleep. We have raised her meds, but they are not working. We have had plenty of outside time. She should sleep all night. She falls asleep, but is always awake by 1 to 3 am. Usually she just plays in her bed  but now I hear “MOM” over and over all night long. 

I’ve been blessed in the past that Chloe would have a few days of this and then sleep great for like weeks at a time. Well things are changing. She is WAY more argumentative and hits herself constantly.  Hopefully at her checkup this month we can make some changes.

The hard part is when no one is sleeping well it affects our health too. Headaches are running rampant in this house. I woke up with swollen eyes this morning.  Ugh😫 

So that is where we are right now. Keep us in your thoughts🙂

Have a Great Day

Finishing Up Our Homeschool Year



Good Morning😊

We are almost finished with the 180 day state requirement for 2018-2019 school year. Even though I homeschool year around it will be nice to stop keeping records for a few months.

The last few weeks I am going to be reviewing all of the concepts we learned this year. I am so proud of Chloe’s progress this year. Her reading skills have improved and she has retained a lot of math concepts this year. I am hoping to work on writing this Summer. Chloe still struggles spreading her words out when she writes. I have been using a highlighter to mark where she needs to write.

Chloe has also shown a lot of improvement in her life skills learning.  She puts on her clothes, socks and shoes by herself. She pours her own drink and makes a few of her snacks by herself.  She has recently started putting her own laundry away. She still likes to help me bake and I have given her more control in reading directions. We are still working on brushing her teeth and brushing her hair. Hair brushing is a big battle with her. I am thinking about cutting it into a bob, if she will let me. 

We are looking forward to planting flowers and maybe a few veggies as the weather gets warmer.  Chloe is an outside girl and we spend every nice day outside. We got her a swing set and a better frame for her therapy swing. She will love it!  Our girl loves to swing❤

How is the last part of your child’s school year going?

Have a wonderful day🙂

So Much Fun


Good morning. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday,  but Chloe and I had so much fun the past few days I forgot😯.

She is becoming more verbal about what she wants to do, which is awesome!! Thursday we spent the morning at the park. It was a beautiful Spring day and we took full advantage of it. I loved seeing her smile😊

Yesterday she wanted to go, go, go. We went to the Library, the mall, the pet store, McDonald’s, the book store and Target. Phew! It was the longest we had been out in years. She loved every minute of it. I think her favorite was the game room at the mall. She laughed nonstop. I thought for sure she would crash and sleep all night. Nope she was awake by 1 am and never went back to sleep!! How does she do it😲

I loved hearing Chloe tell me what she wants to do. She is using more detail and answering questions.  So wonderful 💚

Today we are staying in and relaxing.

I hope everyone had a great week😊

No Summer Curriculum

Good morning everyone!


I have decided not to write a Summer Curriculum. My brain never shuts off as far as Chloe’s homeschool and other needs. I want to do everything, but then I burn out and get moody. Right honey? So I decided to take the Summer and just relax and have fun. I will do complete Unschooling with Chloe and not even write a lesson plan. That is huge for me. I am a notebook fanatic. One for every thought I have. I need to just play for awhile and take care of my family, especially our health.

I will, when we start school back in August, share what I will be using with Chloe for her 2019-2020 homeschool year. I haven’t decided if we are going full blown Unschool or a mixture. Testing it over the Summer. Those of you looking forward to the Summer Curriculum I apologize. I have been neglectful to many things and people in my life. Time for that to change. 

I will still post Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There may be activities, trips and even my Keto plan that started Monday. Well that is it. Thank you to all of my new followers. I so appreciate all of you.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

The Unschooling Handbook


Good morning

I wanted to do a review on The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith. This is a book full of useful information for Unschoolers or anyone who wants to add to their child’s learning. I like that there were opinions of parents about how they unschool and what they use. The author also interviewed children and they told why they loved unschooling.

It covered what resources to use and how the children can learn from other people. Books and trips were on top of the list of resources. We use a lot of books to learn in our home. It also discussed how Unschooling parents felt about TV, Computer and Internet use. The opinions were from none of it to endless use. 

The section on record keeping was very good, giving examples and how to apply them. I use a lesson planner with an attendance sheet inside. I like everything in one book. Easier to keep up with.

Its amazing what we don’t think of as far as ways to teach our children. I would love to live near a wooded area so Chloe and I could explore. We have tons of outdoor allergies, so it would be an adventure. LOL.

I don’t want to share to much, but I think this is a good read. It shares a lot of ideas in ways to learn each subject. I definitely recommend it.

Have a wonderful and blessed day