A Beautiful Day🌞

20190422_094353Good morning.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I wanted Chloe to have a full day of fun. We went to the Library, followed by the park. 

When we got to the Library there were 4 toddlers in there and Chloe instantly froze up. I was quite surprised by that because Chloe usually loves little ones. Older children seem to make her more anxious, but today she couldn’t handle being around any children.  I think it’s because we haven’t been out for a few weeks. Chloe always has to readjust to being out and about again after she’s been sick. She did check out 4 books, but didn’t want to play.

Chloe was very excited about the park and didn’t seem to mind at first that there were a few kids there already. She did her usual 4 slides followed by swinging. Then she does the merry go round and the Zip line. All of a sudden 5 families with little ones showed up and Chloe became silent. She ran to the swing and stayed in it for 30 minutes. I could tell she was overwhelmed,  but she stayed in control. I was super proud of her🙂

She let me know she was ready to go and walked to the car holding my hand. We went home, ate lunch, and watched Toy Story 3 before spending the rest of the afternoon outside. Chloe is happiest outside. She talks more and smiles constantly.  

My plan is to definitely get her out more. She let’s me know when she would rather be home. Right now it’s go go go! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day😊


Autism Awareness


Good morning and Happy Monday 😊

The month of April is, as we know, Autism Awareness Month. You will hear many, if not all, parents of children who are autistic say we live with awareness every day. 

I have the Autism jewelry,  the license plate frame that says Autism Awareness, and I wear tshirts with Autism inspiration on them. I do wear the shirts when I am taking Chloe somewhere crowded. It saves me a lot of time having to explain why she does this or that. Usually she is just overly happy and flapping a little. So happy in her own world. Hey wouldn’t we all be?

I can’t say I do a lot of extra things in April to spread Awareness.  I feel I do it all year long. I was planning on doing the Autism 5k walk in my hometown this year, but the stomach flu knocked me out of that 😔 I post Autism Quotes and share about our daughter as much as I can. I am also very interested in making and selling Autism Tshirts. Working on that now.

Please share below how you are doing to spread Autism Awareness in April or year around.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful day😊

Getting Back On Track

Happy Friday

Chloe and I are FINALLY better. What a long week!! She was quite snarky yesterday. Adjusting back from illness is tough for her. I’m slowly getting the house back in order. 

Today we are still relaxing, while I hit a few areas in need, like dishes and floors. It’s crazy how things get out of order quick when your sick. We are having crazy cold and rainy weather, so it’s a good day to read books or listen to music with my headphones while relaxing.

Chloe is back to playing and drawing. I’m hoping to do some filming for my YouTube Vlog this weekend. It’s been awhile.

Welcome to all of my new followers. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter😊

It’s Finally Over😊

Good Morning 🌞


I think we are finally well enough to get out of bed today. Chloe is 24 hours out from throwing up and I am down to a low grade fever. Boy this has been rough to say the least. I guess since we are hardly ever sick, when we do get sick it’s pretty rough on us.

The next few days I will be working on cleaning and laundry. I also have to make Chloe understand she has to start sleeping in her room again. I moved her mattress into the living room, because of the tile floor, and I’ve been on the couch. It’s been 4 days and she loves being in the living room. This wont be easy. 

Chloe has been asking to go to the park and eat pizza, so you know she’s feeling better. I’m ready to be outdoors myself. We have also watched 4 days of Disney and Pixar movies. Headphones are a blessing😊

Hopefully next week we can get to our project week. We also need to do a library run. Lets get back on track.

Thanks for stopping by and Have a wonderful day🙂

She Got Sick😥

Good morning 🙂

We have had a rough 36 hours. Sunday night Chloe didn’t want to go to bed and was being very loud!! All of a sudden she threw up all over her bed. Once I took her bedding off a very long and very bad meltdown began. She wanted that bedding back on NOW! We couldn’t get her to understand it was dirty. We try not to have duplicates of everything.  She has to learn different sheets and blankets are ok. 

So she threw up again and I finally went out to the shed and got the blowup bed and parked both of us on the living room. I turned on Disney movies and our night of throwing up every 30 minutes began😭. 

It’s now Monday morning and her checkup is postponed until April 26th. She just got up and sat by me on the couch. We only slept about an hour up in the early morning, so we are tuckered out. She hasn’t thrown up for 2 hours, so hopefully the worst is over. Now I have to hope I don’t get it. I have a low immune system, so it’s a waiting game.

All of our activities are on hold for a day or two. Keep us in your thoughts.

Have a good day & Thanks for stopping by😊

We Need Answers!


Good Morning 😊

Today is Chloe’s 9 year checkup and we need answers!! 

Chloe’s behavior has been all over the place the past 3 weeks. She’s pushing her limits as far as she can and this Mom is frazzled.  So much attitude and defiance. Also extremely hyper from 2 pm to bedtime. She’s also not sleeping consistently well. I am going to discuss medication with her Dr. We have tried a few meds for hyperactivity,  but may give them another whirl. 

I am also working on straightening out her behavior issues. She has been in OCD overload lately. She loves touching my face a lot. Slowly decreasing that behavior with redirection.  

We are officially finished with our school year (180 days) and this week I am having a project week with her. We are doing some art projects and springtime activities. I will be sharing all of these with you this week 🙂.

I will update you tomorrow on her Drs appt. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day❤

It Went Pop😫


Good morning everyone 😊

So I have been doing some fun, new workouts lately. Listening to music that I love while getting healthy. 

Sunday evening I was doing my workout and I heard a POP out of my left knee. I yelled out, but tried to stretch it and continue with my workout. I could barely put weight on it. I immediately got the ice pack and put it on my knee. It’s very frustrating not being able to do cardio. I enjoy it so much and it’s a great stress reliever.

So I have been rotating ice, heat, knee brace and elevating of course. It usually takes a few days to feel better. Being 47 stinks sometimes.  Joints pull and sprain so easily it seems. So for awhile, once the pain is gone, I will be doing Yoga and light strength training for awhile. 

Chloe does not like my knee brace. She tries to take it off all the time. Lol. 

So that’s a little update on me. Lol.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great day😊