Many Sleepless Nights😴☹

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Good Morning

Miss Chloe has been awake since 2 am😢. She has had a lot of disrupted sleep lately. It started when school ended and we had to stay home.

She takes medication to sleep, but its just not working right now. She is definitely out of sorts with all this quarantine stuff. It is really causing her stress. I pray every day things get back to normal soon.

I am super struggling with staying awake during the day. If I sit to long I fall asleep. So I try to keep busy. I have been writing a lot and trying to read. Reading is tough when your so tired. Im definitely drinking more coffee these days. All I can hope for is that she will start sleeping through the night again soon.

It’s raining today so we are staying inside and resting.  I may have to give her something to help her nap later, then I will nap as well.

So how is your quarantine going?

Week 3 in Quarantine ☹



So we are entering Week 3 of quarantine.  It is getting harder for Chloe to stay in. She wakes up and sees that it is sunny and asks to go to the park. I explain that we can’t and the tears and fits begin. I so hate this for her and well everyone else.

Our Governor is having to get tougher here with restrictions because so many people are gathering.  I can’t believe it is still happening!! If we would stay home, those that can, this would end so much sooner. Then we can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, without fear. I get angry because Chloe finally had a wonderful school, school therapists and therapy outside school. Now all that is gone until this ends. I’m so saddened by those who have lost family members. It just doesn’t seem real some days.

So Chloe and I carry on with each day. This week I am doing more hands on activities with her. She does so much better when busy. I hope to do some cooking activities as well.

So how is quarantine going where you live? Share in the comments.

Stay healthy and have s good day🙂


My Book of the Week


Good Morning😊

Before my library shut down I checked out several new books to read whole at home. I have fell in love with this one. It’s called Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver.

She was diagnosed with M.S. and this book tells about her life before and after this life changing event. As I am reading each chapter I have woken up to so many areas I could implement change to make my life even more simple.

My new apartment is really small, which I love, but feels cramped already.  So this upcoming week I am going through it and getting rid of things we don’t need. I al also taking our one large bedroom and rearranging it to fit Chloe and myself together. I typically sleep in the living room, worried my snoring will wake her up. Lol

So next week I will post about those changes and hopefully before and after pics, if they will load🙂

I hope everyone is healthy and happy💚

Week 2 of School at Home Complete

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Happy Friday 😁

We have officially finished week 2 of our public school at home. Chloe’s teacher has worked very hard to make her students work fun and even added in Starfall learning. Chloe did a really good job, despite her behavior issues.

I love how the worksheets are cut and paste, so she can work on fine motor skills. They supplied a box filled with scissors,  glue, pencils and markers. I am so loving her new school. I just pray she can return before the end of the school yr. 

We have been reading tons of books and working on OT and Speech activities as well. Her OT and Speevh therapists from school sent home a sheet with activities to do each day. They also stay in contact with me via phone and email. I really appreciate them so much.

Unless our Governor says differently I will be picking up her packet for next week on Monday morning. They are left in crates out in front of the school. They are seperated by grade. Chloe’s class crate is separate from the others. So we will push on each week and pray this virus is gone soon.

I pray all of you are well. Thanks for stopping by today😊

First Quarantine Meltdown

So it happened…Chloe’s first meltdown during the quarantine ☹

I tried to load some nice pictures of her before the meltdown, but I have had trouble getting pictures to upload lately.

We were outside getting some fresh air and exercise. She was having fun jumping on the steps that run along side of our building. I told her we could play outside 1 hour, because she still had more school to finish. I set the alarm on my phone.  Unfortunately,  when the timer beeped, she was not having her time outside end. I stood my ground, which didn’t phase her one bit. 

She threw herself down in the grass and started yelling “Outside”!!! I was like “Oh boy here we go”. I sat down with her with her schedule and the timer. I said “The timer beeped, now we go in for a snack and reading time”. She didn’t budge. She started to pace and cry. This went on for 25 minutes. I finally tried to physically move her. Chloe weighs over 100 pounds and is my height. I finally got her to the door. She walked in and cried for another 15 minutes. Oh my neighbors just love us….NOT!!!

She calmed down and started laughing.  Oh my goodness.  I was whipped!! So I need a tshirt that says..

I Survived My Child’s First Meltdown During Quarantine

You have to laugh it off or it will get to you.  I hope all of you are well and happy.

Thanks for stopping by😊

It’s Time To Grow Up!!


Happy Monday😊

Today I want to talk about how people are behaving during this Coronavirus.  I live in a state that fortunately hasn’t seen big numbers of infected people….yet. Our town had shut down schools, some factories and unnecessary businesses. Our Governor is doing a wonderful job of keeping us informed and making sure shutdowns are taking place to help prevent higher spread of the virus.

What I am ashamed of is the hoarding of things people desperately need. Toilet paper has become like gold, which is crazy. Yes we need it, but hoarding it until no one else can have any is just wrong. I have slowly built up enough of everything that Chloe and I can stay home for up to 2 weeks before needing more supplies. I went on a search for eggs yesterday since I am making a lot from scratch. When we got to Kroger I was in shock of the many empty shelves,  but more at the attitudes of customers.  Those employees are risking their health for you. We all need to think of each other during this time. I have said many times ” It is time to grow up”!!

Stop buying up everything, so others may have what they need. Help others who need food and be kind when shopping. When I couldn’t find eggs a friend of mine messaged me and said she had extra eggs for me. I was brought to tears by her kindness. She has a heart for service for sure.

Let’s all grow up and help each other. It will make getting through this time much easier.

Be safe and Stay Healthy ❤

Not Going Well At All!!

Good Morning

It has been a long first week at home. Chloe has been giving me so much resistance in doing her school packet. She has already fallen behind. We have 3 days to catch up on. I am trying a reward system. She loves getting my phone to watch playground videos. So using it as an incentive.

She is also starting to have mini tantrums. She doesn’t understand parks are closed or that she can’t go to the mall play area. Its tough on children like her. It’s raining so much we can’t even get outside to play☹

As the Coronavirus spreads we stay inside more. I have food and yes toilet paper. I didn’t hoard, just got a few weeks worth. Im very disappointed in the people running in the stores clearing shelves before others can get there.  We need to pull together. I believe this is a test from God and America is failing!! Help each other.

So we are home trying to get through this mess and praying it ends soon.

How are all of you?

Have a healthy and blessed day❤