One Thing at a Time

20181111_140302[1]   Good morning everyone. I hope your Monday is going well so far. This post is about how we are approaching each of Chloe’s negative quirks one day at a time and one quirk at a time.

It started Friday with cutting more than 6 inches off her hair. She has been refusing to let me brush out the tangles. I had to coat her hair with coconut oil to get a brush through it before I cut it. She actually likes it, so Phew that went well.

Now on to the toys in her room. Chloe likes everything in her room to be where she can see them, which is on the floor! You can’t walk through her room without almost tripping. I have slid a bunch of times twisting my knee in the process. I want to sit on the floor and do floor time with her, but there is no where to sit. So I went in there Sunday afternoon and started going through everything. I have been watching her the past few weeks to see what she plays with and loves. So many things she just stacks up or displays. Her play has gotten so stressful for her she cries every time she is in there. That’s not healthy. So I started with the toys she never plays with. I involved her in the book reduction by asking keep or give away. She was calm so far. Then she exploded!!! Not because toys were gone, but because they were not all over the floor. I tried and tried to break it down for her how to keep things on the shelf unless she was playing with them, but she just screamed. I know she understands the concept because they did this when she went to public school and at church. The biggest mess is her videos. She no longer watches them, but wants them in stacks all over her room. Some things I can let go, but the videos are awful. So I quit for the day and will tackle it again tomorrow. She has screamed so much lately I just wanted her to stop.

We will get through this battle with her. She has to learn she is not in control and has to listen. At least I got 70 % of her toys out of her room. Baby steps.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Happy Birthday Mattie

My oldest daughter was born 22 years ago today. It is so hard to believe she is 22!! She and Chloe are pretty close. Mattie was the last of Chloe’s siblings to move out, so Chloe had the most time with her. Chloe is always so happy to see Mattie when we visit.

During my pregnancy with Mattie I was divorcing her father. I lived with my parents and I had a 3 yr old son as well. My parents got me through a very difficult time in my life. Mattie was a very big baby. She was 11 pounds at birth. I can’t remember the length, but I want to say she was almost 21 1/2 inches long. She was the largest baby born at that hospital in over 10 years. People were coming to the ward just to look at her through the glass. One day I woke up to a lady in my room looking at her in her bassinet. I alerted the staff and that was the end of that!!

I am very proud of Mattie, who has grown into a beautiful, strong young lady. She had beaten many odds in her life and is still pushing forward. She is a wonderful daughter and sister to Chloe. We celebrated with her last week, but I just wanted to give her another shout out. The day of her birth was one of the best days of my life. I love you my daughter and Happy 22nd Birthday.

I Just Don’t Know

0ef3543f7eb319f6203a13e85e69d0a6The past 48 hours have been well check out the face above. That is how I am feeling after hours and hours worth of tantrums, meltdowns and singing. Yes I said singing. Chloe will sing at the top of her little lungs when upset. Brett and I have reached our breaking points. THINGS MUST CHANGE NOW!!!

We have been talking and the first thing I did was cut 6 inches off of Chloe’s hair. Why? Because she wont let me brush it. I have been wanting to get Fall pictures of her, but she refuses to let me brush or fix her hair. It was getting so tangled I finally had to coat it in coconut oil and comb it out. So I have always said if she didn’t let me brush it I would cut it. She is actually ok with it. I still need to trim some uneven pieces, but I did my best.  She smiled when I showed her how easily a brush goes through it now. I cut it into long bob.

The 2nd issue we are taking care of is her massive OCD obsession that her room must be messy. She keeps her floor covered with toys. I have actually injured myself trying to walk through it to put up laundry. She will line up certain toys and play with each one in that order. Then a few weeks ago she started crying after playing with one particular teapot. Nothing is wrong, it is a routine. We have decided we have to step in on her room. She doesn’t enjoy all of her toys, but is obsessed in having them everywhere!! We know this is going to cause her to get upset for a bit, but it must be done. We will pass down a few toys to her 1 yr old nephew. So she can see them at his house and play with them if she wants to. Chloe is not happy in her own space, but can’t make the decision to part with anything. So we will help her. We may not get rid of everything. We may store some of the toys.

Brett and I have very little help with Chloe and no respite. So when things are like they have been we have ZERO life. We have to take control back. In the long run Chloe will hopefully be less anxious and play better. Friday I had to sit in her room with her a total of 4 hours. I had to go to her room and close her door so her Dad could work. All she was doing was screaming. Believe me we have tried to figure out what is going on with her, but the only triggers we do see are the things in her room. Being a parent of a child with Autism isn’t always easy and some of the decisions we make to help them may make things worse before they get better. So keep us in your thoughts this afternoon as we begin working on her room. I will post Monday with the results.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. Thank you to all of my followers.

God’s Little Explorer in Action

Good morning.  Burr it is cold in Ky this morning.  It’s a good day to bundle up in a blanket and read a book.

So far this week Chloe has done well with God’s Little Explorer curriculum.  She was a bit tough to get going yesterday,  but our routine has been off with a few appointments. She has been enjoying all of the hands on activities.

We are taking a day off today to go visit family. My oldest daughter Mattie is having a birthday, so we are going this morning to pick out a cake. Chloe will be on cloud 9. It has been awhile since she has seen her sister, so she is super excited this morning. I will post about our visit tomorrow.

Have a wonderful and blessed day😊

My Uber Frugal 2019 Challenge

Ringing Alarm ClockWe are less than 2 months away from a new year. Crazy, isn’t it? So I am preparing for a Uber Frugal Challenge. I love challenging myself, especially in this area. I will go over a few highlights and before the end of the year I will post my official rules.

January will be the most Uber Frugal month. I do not want to shop at all, except for the grocery store. There are no birthdays this month and it is after Christmas. I never do after Christmas clearance shopping. We can of course get our medications the 3 of us take and any other meds needed. No going to any stores and I plan to stay off Amazon and Ebay. No looking for me. LOL

Now on to February. I want to go from February to May staying as frugal as possible. Chloe’s birthday is in February, so some money will be spent on that. We never spend a lot. She never wants a party, just family. We do let her pick a cake at Walmart or Kroger. Usually she wants pizza.

No one should need clothing until the weather warms up again. In the case of someone needing shoes or undergarments that’s ok. We all have minimalist wardrobes and pj’s. We are set!

Groceries are an area of concern for many families as food prices rise continually. Our weekly budget is $120 a week for 3 of us. Since hubby and I are eating better we buy less snacks. I am going to make more of Chloe’s snacks from scratch, if I can find cheap, healthy recipes. We are eating simple meals and smaller portions. I plan on making more homemade bread and other items we eat on a regular basis. I shop at Aldi, so I don’t use coupons. We do use the $5 off $25 at the Dollar General once a month to stock up on toilet paper and paper towels.

That is just the beginning of my planning so far. I plan on writing up a rule book for myself and any one else wanting to join me. I will post it before mid December, so everyone can prepare. I am UBER EXCITED!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Check us out on YouTube. Autism With Grace is the channel name. Have a blessed day.

Outdoor Sensory Fun

Good morning. I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far.

Yesterday the rain held off long enough for us to get outside for a bit. Chloe found so many things to satisfy her sensory needs. She did a bit of swinging, helped me collect leaves and squished quite a few, and played with pine needles. She loves all the pine needles around. She especially loves throwing them up in the air. It’s been extra windy so that made it even funner.

We are loving the Gods Little Followers curriculum so far. She loves all the hands on activities.  We used outdoor items like pine cones and rocks to work on math. We are still learning more and less. God’s world is is full of things we can learn with and about.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed rest of the day😊


One Happy Girl



Happy Monday!

As you can see Miss Chloe is a very happy girl. Why? She loves riding in Daddy’s truck with the window down. We had a couple of not so cold days and she asked for the windows to be down. When her Daddy said yes she was a very excited girl. Her behavior overall this weekend has been great! We are expecting rain a lot this week, so I don’t know how she will behave then. It usually makes her a grumpy girl. Going outside is the best therapy for Chloe. It really calms her down.

This week I am trying yet another approach to homeschool/ unschool with her. I found a simple and more hands on curriculum called God’s Little Explorers. It is made for preschool, but I can tweak it where needed. It has a lot of active activities to go with each day of lessons. It has a self help section and a service project section, which I love. This has been my toughest yr with Chloe yet. She is almost impossible to keep on task. I am praying I find something she enjoys.

We are hoping to visit family soon. She has been talking a lot about my parents (Her Nana and Papaw) and her older sister Mattie. Mattie has a birthday coming up so we will be going to see her and spend the day with her in the next week or so.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed Monday.