Read Aloud Time😊


Happy Wednesday 😀

I have always loved reading. I’m thankful Chloe does as well. Last school year I tried to start Read Aloud Time with her. She didn’t mind if I read her short books, but I was ready to dive into Chapter Books. She wouldn’t sit still for them. So I decided to wait a bit longer.

In May I started Charlotte’s Web with her. This was my favorite book as a child. Chloe loves the old movie of this story. We didn’t read it much over Summer break. No attention span😔. Once I made it part of her Homeschool Reading Plan she was all over it. I was so happy☺

We are reading a Chapter a day and are half way through the book. I sometimes have to replace a word with one she understands, but she is sitting still and quietly for Read Aloud Time. I am already thinking of our next book. I bought Stuart Little the same time I bought Charlotte’s Web. Maybe I will try it next. I am so excited for our Read Aloud Times now!

If you have any ideas for short classic Chapter Books please let me know.

Have a wonderful day🙂


Life Skills Work With Child With Autism

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to share about working with Chloe on her Life Skills. Some people may wonder why I do this since she will most likely never leave home. I feel it is very important to teach her like any other child. She is able to learn and I will teach her as much as she can handle. 

Chloe is extremely smart and can do many things. Yesterday I had her fix her bowl of grapes for lunch, which included putting them in the bowl and washing them. You could see the confidence as she completed her task. I also had her help with laundry. She knows how to put it in the washer and then I had her remove it from the dryer for me. She also took care of pouring her own drink all day. I have tried to load pictures of her doing these skills, but alas they will not load (UGH). You can watch my video on YouTube later to see her in action. The channel has the same name as this blog.

I plan on continuing to involve her daily household chores. Putting up her laundry, folding laundry, sweeping, mopping, cleaning glass doors and so on. Hopefully I can get some pictures to load soon. Its very frustrating!

I truly believe that we need to equip our children with the skills to care for themselves and to help in the household. Some children with Autism may be able to do more than others, but we have to challenge them to see their capabilities. Chloe has days she loves to help me and others she wants nothing to do with it. You may have to use an incentive to get your child going. Like a treat, an activity, or an outing. There are so many charts online you can customize for your child.  Lets unlock our children’s potential.

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Have a wonderful day



It’s So Hot!

Good Afternoon

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. We just finished our school work and Chloe is resting on the couch drawing on her Magnadoodle.

We haven’t been able to get outside much. The heat index has been above 100 degrees the past few days. It will be much better weather on Thursday. Right now we go out for short spurts. Just too hot!!

Chloe woke up last night at 12:42 am. Her sleep is definitely affected by not having outside time. It regulates her somehow. Hopefully as Fall approaches she will sleep a lot better. The time change will help as well. It seems children with Autism are affected my so many things. It’s all a learning experience.

Is it still hot where you live?

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Homeschool Update


Happy Friday😊

Today I thought I would give you an update on how our school year is going so far. We just wrapped up our 2nd week. Chloe is really working hard and I’m super proud of her. 

We are taking a relaxed approach to our day. We wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush our teeth and hair, then we take it easy for a bit. We may go outside for awhile or snuggle up on the couch and watch TV. Chloe will usually say “Ok time for school” and off she goes to the table. 

We have been reviewing bits and pieces from last school year. She has remembered everything so far. Next week I want to start introducing some new Math concepts and try to get her to read some more difficult books. She is an amazing reader. She is working hard on her writing, but still won’t space out her words. She has made huge improvements in neatness. 

I think everything is going great so far. She does way better since we are moving at a calmer pace. How is your children’s school year going so far? Let me know in the comments😊

Have a wonderful day💜

Craft Projects


Good Morning

Today I want to share a tip that is helpful for me when it comes to having craft projects for Chloe. 

When Chloe was preschool age she loved doing any type of arts and crafts. Now she has to be in the mood and I have to be prepared. How do I prepare? I take gallon size Ziploc bags and get what I need for each craft, put it in its assigned baggie and keep it in a box set up for craft projects. Then whenever Chloe wants to do a craft I let her choose one from the box.

You can find lots of free printable crafts online. All she would do is cut out the pieces and glue them on construction paper. I have learned as long as I have crafts ready to go she will want to do them.  Some days she just wants to paint with water colors, so I keep paper and the water color paints available for her.

Make sure you reuse the Ziplocs again and again for new crafts. I actually want to use pencil holder bags instead and get away from the ziplocs. Sometimes I need a bigger bag, so we will see how that goes. 

I hope this is helpful to you. I find with one child or multiple children being prepared ahead of time is the best strategy.

Have a wonderful day

Ways Chloe Works On Writing

Good Morning

Chloe has never liked to write until she received her first Magnadoodle. All of a sudden she was writing and drawing every day. She has went through 3 of them so far. I am always looking for sales on them so I can put them back for her. I usually have someone get her one for her birthday and Christmas.

I have read how many children with Autism have trouble with or dislike writing. Chloe has low muscle tone in her hands and they tire easily. She use to fight writing like crazy, even throwing her pencil. Now she asks to write all the time!

Here are the ways I work with her and other tips to help strengthen her muscles.

**Therapy Putty, Clay, Playdough : These help with hand strengthening

**Finger and Hand Stretches: You can find many of these online. Make them fun and do them to music.

MagnaDoodle: Chloe loves this. It goes with her everywhere. I like it because it saves paper as well.

Shaving Cream: A fun sensory filled way to practice writing. If your child doesn’t like to get messy let them use a paintbrush to write with.

Salt Tray: Use a tray and put salt in it. She can use their fingers, a pencil or a paint brush to write. I bought a 2 inch high rectangle Tupperware container at the Dollar Tree with a lid. It works great.

Q-tip, Paint and Paper: Chloe loves to write words with paint. I sometimes dot out words for her to trace.

Dry Erase Board: She loved these before MagnaDoodles. She still occasionally uses one. I think its the ultra smooth surface that make writing easier.

Coloring Sheets: Yes coloring sheets help with writing skills. Staying in the lines is huge for future writing in the lines.

Writing Notebook: Chloe uses a writing notebook to practice letters and sentences in. I just bought a cute notebook at Walmart for her to use. Each day I write letter or sentences for her to copy.


These are the current activities I use to work with Chloe each week. I tried to upload a few pictures, but they wouldn’t load. I hope some of these will help your child.

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I’m All In!!

Good Morning ☺

This past weekend I continued to look through areas of the house to declutter.  I have reached a point that I only want to keep what I actually use. 

I was like most people and kept things because I “Might” use them later. Most of the time I never did. Getting rid of things use to be so tough for me. I always felt bad if I got rid of an item someone gave me or that a lot of money was spent on. Now I just get frustrated with all the unused stuff.

One area I worked on was the bathroom. Women tend to have a lot of beauty care products we don’t use. I went through each box in the pantry and got rid of items I never use or were old. One product I love is coconut oil. I can use it to make so many products. 

Coconut oil is a great after shower moisturizer. Put in on damp skin and pat dry. I also use it as a hair treatment, and make homemade toothpaste with it. I plan on using it to make homemade shampoo eventually. 

Chloe and I use the same Shampoo and Conditioner. This keeps me from having to many bottles to keep up with. I also use coconut oil on her hair and skin. She does have regular toothpaste. She’s very picky about that. 

I no longer use hairspray or other styling products. I’m trying to grow out my hair. So I did keep a few headbands and barrettes for those wild hair days. Lol.

Makeup is pretty minimal as well. I mostly use foundation, eyeliner,  eye shadow, brow pencil and mascara. On hot days, if I’m outside a lot, I only wear eye makeup. I sweat to much for the foundation.  Some days I wear no makeup to give my skin a break.

I do prefer cloth menstrual pads over store bought. I know some people think its gross, but all I know is I am very uncomfortable in store bought pads and experience less skin issues with cloth ones. 

I am happy that I am able to pare down my stuff without guilt. Everything that goes out makes me feel more at ease. Now if I can just get Chloe on board 🙄

Welcome to my new followers. 😊 I hope everyone has a great Monday.