Learning About Artic Animals



Happy Monday! Brr it is so cold here. We went from 50’s down to 20’s in a few days time. Last week we learned about Artic Animals. Chloe loves Polar Bears and Penguins. We read and colored a book about other artic animals that live there with the polar bears and penguins. We also watched a National Geographic for kids video on YouTube about the Artic animals. She liked it because she never took her eyes off of it. We labeled the parts of a polar bear and talked about how God created all of the animals we were learning about. We did an activity called polar bear math using her ice cubes from her Don’t Break the Ice game and her polar bear figure she has. We added and subtracted. We also played the game Don’t Break the Ice. She loves when the penguin falls in the ice. LOL. She did a lot of independent reading and played language art games on her tablet. We started learning about specific Community Helpers and I am going to make her a book about them to keep in her book shelf. I am also working on several Social Stories for her as well.  Our Bible time this week was about Zaccheus. She likes her new book The Bible Made Easy for Kids. I really love it!!

I wish I had more pictures, but I seem to forget when we are in the middle of learning. I set up my camera for my YouTube channel, so if you want to see what we did you can go over to our channel with the same name and watch the video. It will be uploaded Monday by 6 pm Central time.

I have been homeschooling Chloe for 3 years and have tried many different ways of teaching her. I do want a more simple homeschool approach.  I have been working for a few weeks on this and will be posting the results very soon. The simpler I make our learning the more she wants to do it. This past week she even asked to do “Mommy School” which is what she calls our learning time. I am very excited about the changes I am making. I will still set up tray activities for her during the week. As I have said I want her to enjoy learning and I believe this will help.

I found all of her Polar Bear and artic animal activities on teachers pay teachers.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed day.


Changing Things Up A Bit

Good morning. Depending on where you live you may be bracing for a winter storm. We have gotten all of our groceries bought and errands run, so we are bundled up and waiting for it to begin later tonight.

Chloe and I are watching movies today and taking breaks to play a bit. I have also been trying to get my blog here and my YouTube channel on a better schedule. I not only want to post about our life with Autism, but about minimalism. I have been working towards this lifestyle for awhile. So I may do a special weekend blog about what I am doing that week or I have even thought about starting a separate blog about my minimalist journey. Not sure yet. What do you think? Should I post about minimalism on Saturday and our Autism life during the week or do a whole new blog about minimalism? I don’t want to add to much to my plate, hence the minimalism journey, but I am passionate about it and wish to share.

If you are in the path of this storm please be safe and stay warm. Have a blessed day.

We Have to Take Care of Ourselves❤

Its Friday ! Woo Hoo😊 I hope everyone is having a great day so far.

Today I want to talk about caring for ourselves as parents of Autistic children. This is really for all parents or caregivers of children with special needs.

I myself do not give myself enough care. I am a natural caregiver for others and enjoy that, but I usually come last. This year I am purposely making time for me. My husband has always pushed me to take time for and pamper myself.  He is amazing💓 So I have planned minimal ways (Because I am an up and coming minimalist 😁) to fit in “Me” time.

Rest: I will get the rest I need by going to bed when tired instead of pushing myself to stay up. I have hypothyroidism so I require more sleep. If Chloe is playing well I make sure I take a break too. We dont have help right now or any respite help, so my husband and I try to give each other breaks. We pray to have that some day soon.

Food: I am on a lower fat Keto plan right now. I do a lower fat version because I have Non Alcoholic Liver Disease and eating high fat is not advised. I eat a lot of salad and lean meats. We are all eating better and I feel way better when I do. 12 years ago I lost 50 lbs eating this way. At 47 and with my thyroid out of whack it has been way harder. I am also taking vitamins like omega-3, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D and milk thistle for my liver.

Exercise: I use to walk 5 miles a day with Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. Now I’m lucky if I can do 30 minutes without hurting my knee. Ugh. So my goal is 1 mile a day, until my knee I stronger, and then build up to 3 miles eventually.  A short walk can be a good stress reducer.

Get a Hobby😊 My husband has told me for years to get a hobby that has zero to do with Autism. You think that would be easy. Not for me, but I’m trying. I like to make rag wreaths, read,  write and of course my blog and YouTube vlog. Yes the last 2 are about our life with Autism,  but I love it😁. So find something to do you love and run with it!!

My biggest goal in taking care of myself is staying close to God. I start each morning with Bible study and prayer. It makes my day so much better. I have many things I want to learn and do this year. I know I am where I am because of God. He gave me wonderful parents, a great husband and blessed me with children I love to the moon and back.

So that is how I plan on taking better care of myself. I always say I cant get sick or die. Even though I can’t stop either I will do my best to keep myself healthy emotionally,  physically,  mentally and spiritually.  I encourage all of you to do the same.

Thank you for stopping by today. Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless😊


A New Fun Blog😊

Hey everyone! I want to share my daughter’s new book blog. It’s called:

Matthatter Reads – Book Blog.

Head on over and check it out. Shes a great writer and knows her stuff about the books she blogs about. Do you know a book lover? Have them head over to this blog.


Chloe’s Challenging Autism Behaviors


Good morning. I pray your day is going well.


Having a child with Autism comes with many challenging behaviors. Every child with Autism is different, but many have the same behaviors. Chloe’s behaviors have changed over the years, as she has aged, and many have stayed the same. Some have gotten much, much worse. I am a researcher and when I notice anything I am online or messaging a therapist friend trying to figure it out. I don’t always find an answer, so I try to figure things out on my own. I usually try to stop it or at least take it down a notch.

Let’s Look at Chloe’s Behaviors

*She loves to sing loud and for hours on end!! People say “Oh how sweet”. No it stops being sweet after the first 15 minutes and she gets louder and louder. Then to push it further she sings in a very creepy voice. I can not even describe it. We have had to send her to her room because she won’t stop and we have headaches by the first hour. Her Dad is working from home and this has become a problem. I try to redirect her or take her outside, if weather allows. Sometimes I just have to say “Chloe no more singing” in my stern Mom voice. It works about 50% of the time.


*SHE TALKS TO LOUD!!  Not only does she sing loud, she talks loud too. I have been working on this for a few years. Her hearing is fine. I teach the difference between a quiet voice and a loud voice. She gets rather upset if we ask her to use her quiet voice. If she doesn’t try to use a quiet voice and is naughty about it she has to go to her room.  I am still researching this topic. Not everything is easily resolved.


*When she gets upset she will hit herself hard in the stomach or head. She is also starting to bite herself. I tell her ” Don’t hit Chloe, that hurts”. Well she now says in public “Don’t hit Chloe”. Oh the looks I get. I have to say “No Chloe doesn’t hit herself when she is mad. I’m sure some parents think “Yeah lady you hit your child”. No I really don’t. If I see her getting upset I try to stop her from hitting herself, but I’m not always successful. She has only hit me a handful of times and she gets upset with herself when she does it. 


* Excessive Backtalk.  Ok Chloe is almost 9 years old and basically she is between 2 to 3 socially.  Little ones talk back younger and younger today. We call Chloe Miss opposite because no matter what we are telling her she will say the opposite. If we say quiet voice , she says LOUD!!  If we say sit down, she says GET UP!!!  If we say “Do you need to pee in the potty” , she will say “POOP”!!  I kid you not. LOL. Well at least  I got to check off the she knows her opposites box on her goals for homeschool.  Chloe does have to take a time out if she continues to talk back to us.  We can tell when she is being defiant and we let her know it is not ok. We give her a chance to listen or she goes to sit in her room.


The Following are more of her OCD Behaviors

* Chloe refuses to put her toys on her shelves and in the toy box.  This started about 1  1/2 years ago. She all of a sudden needed every toys where she could see them and she knows EVERYTHING SHE OWNS. If I try to help her put them up or even move them she goes into a full blown panic attack. She licks her lips until they bleed and cries a lot. Her Dad and I are not allowed to touch her toys at all unless she hands them to us. It makes floor time play impossible. This behavior affects her ability to play well. I want to minimize her toys so bad, but I know I cant even try right now. I have contacted one of her past therapists to get help with this. I get so stressed over the mess and have turned my knee stepping over stuff. Her therapist said she may have an object permanence delay. This is a work in progress.


*She will only wear 3 outfits out of the 6 she has. We have minimalist wardrobes and I thought she would love it, since she is picky. She only does this with the dresses, not the pants. Sometimes I delay washing her clothes to see if she will wear the other dresses, but I haven’t won that battle yet. I’m going to try what a past therapists told me. Take pics of each outfit and label them Monday through Friday. She likes scheduling, so we will see if this works. On the weekend she can wear what she wants.

*She has constant fits over food. This has gone on for years. She, like most children with Autism, is picky about what she eats. If she wants something and we say no or she needs to wait for a bit because she just ate she loses it. I have helped this situation by removing a lot of trigger foods from the house. Cheez its were a big issue and chips. She has healthier choices and she hasn’t been wanting to snack as much. She eats better at meals, so that’s great.

So those are the top behavior issues we deal with. We just keep pushing on and take it a day at a time. I pray every day for God to give us what we need to care for Chloe and guide her to better choices. Some days are way easier that others for sure.  We try to focus on the positive moments more often. The Bible says God will not give us more than we can handle and I believe that.


Do any of your kiddos have behaviors that are hard for you to deal with? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day.




My Temporary Blog Schedule

Good afternoon everyone!


I wanted to let everyone know I will be posting on only Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for awhile. I want to upload great content and I am working on some posts to upload later. Posting every day is tough because some days, well its just boring in our house. Lol

Welcome to all of my new subscribers. Thank you for joining my blog. I also have a YouTube channel with the same name. I hope to get back to daily blogging down the road. Check out tomorrows post about Chloe’s challenging behaviors.

Have a blessed evening