A Little At A Time

The past 10 days have been quite tough. Chloe started another new medication and within a few day the agitation and aggression began. Chloe occasionally hits herself in the head when upset, but rarely hits other people.

She started hitting me and did hit her older sister a few times. During one incident she pushed me. I was like this is not worth it. I would rather her be hyper than hateful. So I tried to call the Dr, but got no call back. I tapered her off of it myself. The last 2 days she has been great? So until her MRI’s are done and her blood draw for genetic testing is back….no more new meds.

So what am I doing until then? I am replacing as much food as possible with gluten free versions. I notice way less stomach issues. Offering more fruit for snacks instead of starchy foods. I am trying to offer her more vegetables. It just depends on the day if she will eat them. I ordered a cookbook that is full of gluten and dairy free recipes. I hope I can introduce new foods as well.

Just continuing to figure things out a little at a time. Meds may not be Chloe’s answer. So I continue to research for more natural alternatives. She is in OT therapy right now. All of her therapies are going great! We are blessed with good people.

I hope all of you are well. Thanks for stopping by today. Welcome to my new followers 😁

Meds Just Don’t Help

The picture above was taken a few minutes before a very public meltdown. Chloe started a new medicine a few weeks ago. It didn’t take long for the ugly side effects to emerge.

Screaming, hitting herself and hitting me. Tantrums over little incidents. She has had a total behavior flip. This seems to happen with all new meds she tries for anxiety or hyperactivity. It’s very tough seeing her be so aggressive. That’s not her.

So I called the neurologist that put her on this medicine and am waiting for a call back. I am tired of nothing working. I want her to have some relief from her anxiety and constant movement, but not at the cost of her struggling so hard.

It’s a tough part of the Autism World, but we keep pushing forward and looking for alternatives. I take one day at a time and sometimes one hour at a time. I know we will get through this phase, like all the others. Just gotta hold in tight!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope all of you are well.

A Crazy Time!!

Good morning 🌞

I apologize for being MIA for so long. Things have been crazy busy!! Chloe has been struggling with behavior issues. I believe we are so close to puberty. Her behaviors are emotional related. She is extremely happy one minute and cranky or crying the next. It’s been a roller coaster.

I also believe school being like it is, one day in person and the next day NTI at home confuses her. When home she doesn’t want to any school at all. I do sneak learning activities in when I can. She mostly wants to play and be tickled. Oh the tickling is driving me crazy some days🤪 I told my Dad if he made her a tickling machine I would be forever grateful. Lol.

I took her to the lake the other day. She really enjoyed herself. She wanted to go to a different park, but it tends to be packed, which I know causes her anxiety. I love going to the lake in the fall. Peaceful and not a lot of people. It’s more spread out. Good for social distancing.

Chloe has dental surgery the end of October and begins her treatment at the pediatric orthopedic for her legs. It will be a busy month, but hopefully things will get better physically for her.

I will do better on blogging. It’s just been very crazy around here. I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy 😊

Welcome to my new followers. So thankful your here.

Week 3 of School

Happy Friday😊

We just finished week 3 of in person and at home school. She is doing very well with both. I am very proud of her.

At home we worked on a lot of spelling and phonics. She is a good speller and I’m trying to challenge her with some tougher words. I have her write them on her dry erase board, showing her how to sound them out. I made vocabulary cards that we sit and go over each day.

I bought a few workbooks to use at home until school starts sending things home. I occasionally get projects for her to do, but until her head teacher gets back from healing after surgery she does her work at school. I do get links to learning games for her to work on from her teacher on Google classroom. As long as she’s learning I’m good with it.☺️

Chloe reads every day, so that is an area I don’t have to make her complete. We started reading Charlotte’s Web again. She loves that book, as do I. I’m going to come up with some art projects to go with the book. I hope she will do them.

I have been adding in fine motor work each day as well. She loves stringing beads. I have been searching for new activities to do with her. I want her to do more puzzles and cutting activities. I’ve been pushing moon sand and playdough to strengthen her hand muscles. She loves moon sand!

I am hoping to start making some file folder games for her. Working on a list of supplies I will need. I like to keep her mind and hands busy😊 I’m excited Fall is almost here. We can go to the nature park and collect things. She is already talking about the pumpkin patch. I’m as excited as her😁!!!

So far she is having a wonderful school year. How are you children doing in school or at home?


Adding a Day of School

Good morning 🌞

Beginning next week Chloe will go to school 3 days a week instead of 2. This will be on an alternating schedule with group A, so it will only occur every other week. I am excited they are slowly adding days of school. When in school I see less scripting, more conversation and better sleeping.

There have been zero Covid cases in her school. So thankful!! Her school is doing a wonderful job keeping everyone safe and healthy. I hope eventually we can get back to the regular 5 days a week. Covid is a virus. It won’t disappear. Like the flu, it just has to be monitored.

When I added the extra days to the calendar Chloe was excited! That makes me feel good☺️ She gets extra instruction time and extra therapy time at school. Her teacher, who had surgery last month, will be returning soon. She does miss her, but the sub is wonderful. I gave spoken to him a few times.

I really hope by late Fall school will be back to normal. How are your children doing this school year?

Stay Healthy😍

Puberty and Autism

Good Morning 🌞

Chloe is beginning to show signs that she is entering puberty😯. I am preparing myself the best I can. I’m not really sure you can prepare yourself, especially when you have a child with Autism. Her pediatrician and I have already put a plan in place.

Our plan, once she has her first period, is to stop it by using either shots or pills. I am 100% positive Chloe can’t handle a period. She is already becoming moody and her face is breaking out. She has been wearing a sports bra and deodorant for a few years already. She’s growing up way to fast😞

I am pretty concerned about how puberty will affect her mentally and emotionally. She already has dental surgery and leg surgery coming soon. This is just one more thing to add to her trying to cope with life. I have been researching for ways to help her get healthier. I have removed and replaced foods and she gets WAY LESS SUGAR. We have started walking around the loop at our apartment complex after supper. It’s tough on her legs, but we take our time. We also do a lot if stretching. She does yoga in OT therapy each week also.

I am hoping once her legs are corrected we can go hiking on nature trails here in our area. She loves the nature park trail. It’s been to hot to go lately. There will be so much more she can do😊

Autism comes with many phases and puberty is one of those tough ones. We will make it through with the support if her therapist, Drs and teachers. They have all assured me they will support us.

I hope all of you are healthy ❤️

Thanks for stopping by today😀

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend was a bit of a roller coaster ride. I felt pretty rough. I found out Thursday my iron has bottomed out. I am anemic, but it has always stayed in control. Since my hemorrhaging issues it has slowly gotten lower. I was not advised to take iron, but I should have done it anyway. I was suppose to get an iron infusion, but chose to take a higher dose of iron for 6 weeks.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling even worse with a headache and facial swelling. Chloe woke up asking to go to the park after breakfast. I agreed, thinking she will play and I can relax. Well first she got mad because the slides were damp. We dried them off. Next she couldn’t fit, which she knows, in the toddler tube slide. Finally she asked me for suckers. I said no because we are backing off sugar for dental and health reasons. Strike 1, 2 and 3….BOOM!!! She proceeded to fuss for 30 minutes. Thank goodness we were the only ones there. I can no longer pick her up and put her in the car, so I let her fuss it out, without reacting to her. She finally stopped and was ready to go.

Needless to say my head and face were pounding. Thanks to a friend giving me some Ibruprophen I felt better in about an hour. I decided to invite my older daughter over and break in my grill. I was hoping Chloe seeing her would cheer her up.

So we cooked hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and corn on the cob. We all ate and then went for a walk in our neighborhood. Chloe was definitely happier. She loves when her sister hangs with us☺️

Along with not feeling so well, Chloe had been on a grumpy streak since Saturday afternoon. Since my head was banging bedtime for her was a blessing. She slept all night, thank goodness 😊

Chloe and I finished the day with a pajama movie night. She fell asleep quickly after and slept all night. Here are some pictures from our day.

At the Park
She Loves To Swing!!
Time to Grill😁
Yummy 😋

How was your Labor Day weekend?

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope all of you are healthy and well ♥️

Meeting at School

Happy Friday 🙂

This morning I had a meeting at Chloe’s school, from my car. No meetings in person yet. This was for me.to give permission for them to test and evaluate her for a new IEP. I was excited to meet her therapists and other teachers that work with her. They were all really wonderful.

I got a report from each one. They all said she is super smart. She has been doing very well adjusting back to school routines. Her favorite activity is gym and outside time….of course😁 They said they were very impressed with her reading skills. Writing is still her weakest area because of low muscle tone in her hands. Her OT shared how they work on those muscles.

Her speech therapist shared what she was working on with her and the progress that she has made. I really love her therapists. Her classroom teacher is out from surgery, but the substitute was a very nice guy, who informed me how well she is doing. I was very pleased with the meeting 😊

That wraps up Week 2 of school. So far so good. Zero Covid cases at their school. Yay!!

I hope all of you are healthy. Thanks for reading my blog today.

Neurology Appt For Chloe

Today was Chloe’s neurology appointment. She was referred there to be seen about her toe walking and if there is an issue with her spine or brain.

I loved her doctor. She was very thorough and took her time with examining her. We went over her history from birth to now. Chloe really took to her right away, which is unusual.

It was required that Chloe wear a mask. There was no way around it. Surprisingly my deal that is she wore it he would buy her a Happy Meal. I have bribed her with no results, but for her Papaw she put it on. How did it go? She did pretty well, but only put it over her mouth. She reached a breaking point about 25 minutes in and threw a little fit in the waiting room. They were kind enough to take us back to a room where she could take it off. I was proud that she wore it as long as she did. It was a big struggle.

So Chloe will be getting an MRI on her brain and spine, genetic blood testing and she is going to the Pediatric Orthopedic at this same medical center. After testing is over a plan will be put into play. I’m nervous, but excited for her to get help as well. I know everything will be ok.

So I am waiting for appointments to be set up and then testing will get going and hopefully I will get some answers for Miss Chloe.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope all of you are healthy and well ♥️

A Fun Day☺️

Happy Tuesday 😀

Today is one of Chloe’s in person school days, so my older daughter Mattie and I decided to hang out.

She is quite fun to hang out with. She keeps me running store to store. I’m not a shopper, so I just enjoy seeing what she buys. I did buy a few t-shirts and a pink shirt for Chloe that I hope she will wear.

I did find some craft kits at Michael’s really cheap for Chloe. She loves the door hanger crafts. I found her one for $2 and some sand slime 50% off for $2.50. I also got her some stickers for .99 ¢. I always buy more for Chloe than myself.

I finally had to say “I’m done”…Lol. I think Mattie could’ve went on and on. I was like I need to put my feet up a little bit before I go pick up Chloe. She wore me out😌. I had a lot of fun with her though. We have become much closer since I’ve moved back.

Well it’s time to go pick up Miss Chloe from school. I hope all of you are healthy and well♥️