Autism Mom Chat: Behavior Changes

20191011_155141  Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

This morning, as I wait for Chloe to get out of bed, I thought I would post about her latest behavior changes. She was awake by 7:30, but didn’t come into the kitchen until 9:30. Her Dad got her a special breakfast, but she showed no excitement. She usually starts giggling. I had to run to the Dollar General and grab some coffee while she was still in the bed. I was told she kept calling out for me. She is going through a phase of being super attached to me.

These phases are tough because it makes it hard for me to leave her and go out. She seems to almost get stressed over me being gone. The past few days she will all of a sudden come up and grab my hand. I hate for her to feel this way. Next week I was going to leave her with her Dad and take my older daughter to a Halloween Haunted Woods, but I am not so sure how she will do. I will be gone several hours and after dark. I know she needs to experience my absence, but I also don’t want her to feel over anxious and make things extra tough on her Dad. 

I am still waiting for her therapy to begin. She is next on the list to start, but not sure how long it will take. I am calling tomorrow to find out. She really needs to get started. Her stims are increasing and becoming frustrating for her to deal with. I haven’t seen her play with a toy in a few weeks. She will draw on her magna doodle, but no toys.  Chloe is always reading books, but every time I ask her to read to me she says “No thank you”. It is tough when you are use to her way of doing things the same all the time and then she changes completely. I try to figure out what is going on, since she can’t tell me. She has started to get up at night again, but doesn’t stay up very long. 

Time changes November 3rd, but the changes have never really bothered her. When it gets dark earlier it actually helps her go to sleep a lot better. I hate not knowing how to help her. I just patiently wait for her to get through the phase and support her the best I can. We have been on Fall Break (Last week), so we are getting back to it tomorrow. I have a feeling that will be an adventure as well. I will most likely set out activities for her to do on the table and take a total Unschool approach until she gets over whatever is bothering her. This is the part of Autism I hate the most. She can’t say “Mom this is bothering me, help”. I feel helpless, but like I said I just wait it out and support her.

How do you handle your child’s behavior changes? Share below in the comments.

Have a wonderful day



Finally Loaded!


I was able to load these pics from our Pumpkin Patch day at Walker T’s. There are a few more, but they wouldn’t load. She had such a blast!

What A Wonderful Day!

Good Morning😊

I have been trying to upload our trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday since last night, but the pictures won’t load. If I can get them to later I will post them.

My older daughter Mattie went with Chloe and I to a wonderful pumpkin patch called Walker T’s. There were so many fun activities to do. The petting animal area had cows, goats, and sheep. I LOVE COWS😍 They had massive slides that went super fast, but Chloe only did them twice. She didn’t care for the bumpiness. They had horse swings made from old tires. Chloe loved them and shouted “Giddy up”!! 

I have always loved hayrides and we all had a blast on Walkers. He had old bus seats on the wagon, so.the ride was very comfortable. We rode out to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. Chloe always picks a tiny one. She calls them baby pumpkins🎃. We could see the whole farm during the ride.

Chloe’s favorite activity was the jump pad. A barn sized air filled trampoline.  She spent over an hour on it. She was so excited 😀 I wish she could’ve spent more time on it, but we had to check out the rest of the fun things to do. 

Inside another barn was a massive corn bin to play in. Chloe used dump trucks, filling them up and dumping out the kernels.  She laid down in them for the longest time. I’m sure it was great sensory input for her. 

Before leaving my older daughter, Mattie, went through a sunflower maze and Chloe picked another baby pumpkin. We really had a good time. The weather was cool and perfect. We may try to go again before the end of the season.

I will keep trying to post pictures from our fun day. Hi and welcome to my new followers. I hope everyone has a great day 🙂



Baking Cookies!!

Good Morning and Happy Thursday 😀

What do we love to do on a a cold, windy Fall day? BAKE COOKIES🍪! Chloe is on a roll helping me bake lately. I don’t even have to ask her to help. She sees me gathering ingredients and she is saying “I help”.

I am working with her on reading recipes and helping me get the ingredients out of the pantry. She loves being a big helper. As I have said before, her favorite part is cracking the eggs. It’s so adorable to watch. She is so careful. She loves to sing as she stirs the batter. PRECIOUS 😍

The hardest part of baking with Chloe is keeping her out of the yummy treats after. She will ask for a cookie all day long. I always have to hide them. It is worth it just to have this wonderful time with her.

Tomorrow we are traveling home to go to a huge pumpkin patch. They have tons of great games and activities . I will share that post tomorrow afternoon. So look for a later post tomorrow 😊

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I Get So Jealous Sometimes

20191011_155141   Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!


Sometimes I get so jealous of other parents. I see their “normal developed” children playing and talking to each other. The moms are all standing around drinking their Starbucks coffee and chatting about Susie’s latest dance recital or Johnny’s baseball game. I stand alone watching my beautiful daughter flapping and singing over by the slides. No one is playing or even speaking to her. It breaks my heart.

I feel lonely and sad many days when Chloe and I are out and about. People give me the “Oh I’m so sorry look” or the ever dreaded “What is wrong with her” look. I hold back my tears and push on. Then I notice something…..Chloe is not at all concerned what others are thinking. She is happy and laughing. I smile, realizing all that matters is that she is safe and happy. All that matters is that moment with my daughter. 

So it doesn’t matter that Chloe isn’t having dance recitals. She loves dancing at home and in the car. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t hit a homerun at the softball game. We have fun playing catch at home. She has quite the arm on her. She loves to sing and read books. She is awesome!

I will release the jealous thoughts and embrace our Autism Life. My girl is sweet, smart, talented, giggly and loving. We are very blessed.

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Have a wonderful day!

Self Care: Fitting In My Exercise


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday 😀

The picture above is our back yard. Why am I showing you my backyard? Because this yard is big enough that when I am outside with Chloe I can walk the backyard for bonus exercise.

Exercise is so important for all of us. It is a wonderful stress reliever for this Autism Mom. I love to exercise and typically wait until after dinner to work out so I can jump in the shower after. Unfortunately some nights I get tired or something I ate hurts my stomach and I don’t get that workout in. So I made the decision to work out earlier in the day and add bonus workouts during the day as well. I walk around the yard, do squats during homeschool time, or arm exercises whenever I can. I realized I make it way more difficult than it needs to be.

I have to make time to care for myself. So do you😊 We have to be healthy and strong, not only for ourselves, but for our kiddos. So whether you go to the gym, do workout videos or go for walks, make time for your health.

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Chloe Loves Sign Language 😍

Chloe loves to learn sign language.  Above she is signing apple and cat.

Happy Monday Everyone 😊

When Chloe was a baby I started teaching her simple signs. She had a severe speech delay and screamed a lot when she wanted or needed something. It was tough!

As Chloe started gaining speech, mostly echolalia,  she still used some signs to communicate. If she is playing and I tell her it’s time to do something else she will say and sign play. She is really working hard to learn to sign the alphabet. She knows them better than I do😁

We watch a YouTube channel by Jack Hartman.  His video See It Say It Sign It is her favorite. He has many other signing videos as well. We love his channel😍 We checked out Baby Signing Time videos from the library a few years ago, but she didn’t like them. Right now we are working on letters, animals, food and feelings. 

I believe teaching her sign language is important.  She has trouble expressing her wants and needs when upset. I also love learning with her. Many afternoons, like right now as I’m typing this, we practice our signs. I think it is important for everyone to know basic signs. 

Have you ever taught your young children to use sign language before they could speak? Do you have a non verbal child who communicates with signing? Share below in the comments. 

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