Chloe’s December Reads

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Today I want to share the books Chloe is reading this month. She has really fallen in love with a few of these, which is great, since she gets OCD about the books she already owns. I have literally read the same 7 books at bedtime for a year!!

The first 2 book are: Snowmen at Christmas by Carolyn Buehner. This is such an adorable book. Have you ever wondered what Snowmen do while we sleep?

God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren. Oh this book touches my heart. Little Polar Bear wants to know where Christmas came from. He and Mother Bear go on a journey to find out. 


Chloe loves books the Little Critter books. This one is called Just a Snowman by Mercer Mayer. Brother just wants to build a snowman, but so much gets in his way. Its a sweet story about putting others first.

The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth. This is a classic children’s story. I remember reading it to my older children when they were young. Chloe loves cookies and thats why I think she loves this book. LOL. She says “Ill eat the cookie Mom”!


20191209_090627  The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith. Oh how I love this funny little book as much as Chloe does. Have you seen the YouTube video of the grandmother trying not to laugh while reading it to her baby grandson? So sweet and funny. That is how I discovered this book. I love reading it to Chloe. 

20191209_090704 We are diving into the book of Luke this month in her Adventure Bible. She fully understands that we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. I love this Bible. I have to break down a lot of things to her, but I know she gets what I read to her, which is awesome!


So these are Chloe’s books of the month. I hope you see one you would like to read with your child. 

Have a Fabulous Day!

Holey Socks!

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So Miss Chloe has a new stim when she is anxious….picking holes in her socks! 

She is going through a pack a socks a month. I have 2 packs of socks put back for her. Gotta stay ahead of the game. LOL  A few months back she got down to 2 pairs of socks. The hard part of it, other than her poor anxiety, is that we share socks. I keep them in a bucket and we share them. I can’t believe at 9 we wear the same size, but we do.

She has so much anxiety, even though I try to keep her days calm and homeschool simple. It will be tougher once the winter weather hits. She won’t be able to get outside as often or for as long. Chloe has cold induced asthma. She use to be on constant breathing treatments, but that hasn’t been the case for a few years. If it is below 40 degrees she can’t be outside much. Today it is 32 degrees, so she is not happy.

Back to the holey socks. I had a little boy in my preschool class years ago that chewed his shirt until he had holes in it. I have also seen children chew on their hair and pick at their skin. It is so sad. Chloe has so many stims for anxiety right now I can’t keep up! I am still patiently awaiting therapy. I try to redirect her to more appropriate stims, but nothing has worked yet. So for now I stock up on packs of socks. 

Do any of your children have stims like this? Share below.

Have a great Tuesday!

Missing YouTube??

Good Morning Friends😊

I had a YouTube channel with the same name as this blog for over a year. I filmed our daily life as a family living with Autism. I posted how I educated Chloe at home as well.

After facing a few issues I stopped and shut it down.  I have had many of my subscribers message me to ask if I would ever start vlogging again. Believe me I have thought about it. There are so many new rules and stipulations now on YouTube.  I would have to be 100% sure I want to deal with all of that. I have considered doing a channel on learning activities I do with Chloe, but not show Chloe.

It is definitely something I miss doing from time to time and other days I’m thankful I’m not filming. Life has been up and down so much the past few months I’m very glad I haven’t had to film.

So will I start vlogging again? Hmm maybe. We will see I guess😃

Do any of you have a YouTube channel to go along with your blog? Share below. Have a wonderful day😊

Week 2 Minimalist Curriculum

I almost forgot to post Week 2 of our Minimalist Curriculum 😲


Addition/Subtraction Flashcards using wooden numbers to answer.

Practice counting change to $1.00

Practice More/Less/Equal with cards and Christmas stickers: Use index cards, draw line down the middle, put a certain number of stickers on each side. Then she tells which side has more, less or if they are equal.


Independent Reading: 20-30 minutes a day

Review beginning letter blend cards

Read Aloud Time With Mom: Various winter/ Christmas books

BIBLE READING: Book of Luke Chapter 2


Continue to work on Scholastic Handwriting Practice Book


Walk This World At Christmas Time


Hibernating Animals

BOOK: TIME FOR BED by: Denise Fleming

Make a cave for her bear

Watch squirrels in the back yard preparing for hibernation. 


We are keeping it simple and occasionally she wants to work on StarFall.



Week 1 Update For December Health Goals


Happy Sunday😊

I wanted to let you know how I’m doing with my December Health Goals.

I only missed 1 day of working out, due to a busy day. I started my meal replacement shakes and counted my calories on my phone app. I met my 15 mile walking goal, which felt great! I walked some in my yard and the rest doing my Leslie Sansone Dvd. I didn’t do any Yoga. I actually forgot, Lol. I’m going to try to do at least 3 days a week starting next week.

I lost 2 pounds, which is good for the first week👍

I have been sleeping a little better. Chloe was up a few nights this week, but I am told I had a good snore on most nights😏 I didn’t start snoring until I put this extra weight on. I am hoping I stop once I lose it. I get a lot of headaches from it.

So there is my update. I feel good about how I am doing. I still snack at night, but it’s tough for me to stop. It’s not every night and its not a lot of unhealthy things. Looking at the positive 🙂

Have a Fabulous Day❤💚

Simple Living Saturday😀

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I’ve decided to name Saturday’s Blogs Simple Living Saturday. My blogs will be about how I strive to create a simple living environment for Chloe.

I have mentioned toy reduction a lot and I am still trying to reduce Chloe’s toys a little at a time. I have 2 bags of books in the car and a bag of toys in her room (hidden). Like I have said I have to be careful so she doesn’t panic. I have been putting certain toys away and if she doesn’t mention them after awhile out they go. It’s not that she has tons of toys, she just wants all of them out. She also makes and then unmakes her bed. Don’t know what that’s about. Lol


Christmas time is a great time to reduce toys and other items. You have more things coming in, so you should look at what is not being played with and get rid of those items. Chloe doesn’t ask for much at Christmas, but once she receives our gifts, Nana and Papaw’s gifts and other family members it adds up.

Her birthday is in February, but she typically gets one or two things. We do more experiences for her birthday. I really want her to have a birthday get together this year.

I plan on trying to sell the items I have collected at Once Upon A Child tomorrow.  Then I’ll use that money towards Christmas gifts.

Do you try to reduce toys before Christmas? Share below 😊

Chloe’s Favorite Activities This Week

Good morning and Happy Friday 😀

Chloe had a up and down week,but did enjoy a few activities I set up for her. I thought i would share them with you.


Chloe always loves her purple kinetic sand. She plays with it all throughout the day. She makes mountains, muffins and cakes.


The Dollar Tree sells little ceramic ornaments to paint. She really enjoys these. She has kept them over the years on her shelf in her room.


Oh shaving cream!! Chloe loves playing with it. I taught her to smooth it out so she can write letters, words and numbers. She has to have a towel beside her in case she starts to get overwhelmed and needs to wipe her hands. It’s a super cheap sensory activity.

These last 2 activities are for fun fine motor work. She loves the POP sound when cutting straws. I’m using these for stringing also.

The last one is one I got from her OT therapist when she was in preschool.  Take a glob of playdough and put a dry stick of spaghetti in it. Take beads and place them on the spaghetti.  This helps her have calmer hands so she doesn’t break the spaghetti noodle while putting beads on it. 

I’m hoping she will do more crafts soon. I don’t force her to, but I know once I get her going she will enjoy them. Right now I’m just trying to keep her mood stable.

Setting up activities on the table seems to work very well for her right now.

Tomorrow we are traveling to see family. I hope you have a great weekend 💜