She’s A Tough Cookie!

This girl is doing so well after her Dental surgery. She came home and laid down about 5 hours. No sleeping though. They said “Oh she will sleep the rest of the day”. No she didn’t..Lol. We watched several movies and she was so quiet.

Around 5:00 she got up, asked for pumpkin bread and done juice. Then she tried to play in her room. She would play a bit and then lay down for a bit. She had no swelling and never complained about pain. I was in awe of how well she was doing☺️

I made her some soft noodles for supper and we snuggled on the couch and watched It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. She was ready for bed after that. She sang Christmas songs for almost 2 hours😁 and then fell asleep.

She woke up this morning at 9 am! She did lay down on the couch for awhile, but had more pumpkin bread and juice. She has been singing and playing all morning. I am still giving her Tylenol and Motrin since she is not always able to express that she hurts. She asked me for a Happy Meal, but I said not yet. I am going out later to pick up my medicine, so I’ll grab her a cup of ice cream.

It’s wonderful how fast she is healing. I am going to keep her home from school tomorrow, since she isn’t up to normal eating yet. I’m excited that she will get to enjoy Halloween, but candy eating may have to wait….

I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy. Welcome to my new followers ☺️

Have a wonderful day

Dental Surgery😁

Today was the big day!! I know…our masks are not over our noses. We were sitting across the huge lobby off to ourselves. We were taking a breather. We both struggle having masks over our noses. We covered back up after our picture😊

We arrived at 7:30 am and Chloe was in the best mood. She did an excellent job waiting in the lobby. She was making everyone smile with her giggling. Im happy I chose not to tell her too much or it would’ve went quite differently.

They called her back and we got settled in her room. She wasn’t very happy to undress and put on the hospital gown. She kept saying “Pink shirt”. The nurse was wonderful with her, as was everyone involved. The only issue that arose was they couldn’t give her the liquid knock out drug. She was too big. So we had to go with a shot…sneak attack style. She wasn’t happy, but she was in loopy town within a few minutes. She went from singing to complete silence. Seemed so strange, but I was happy she was relaxed.

They put in her IV and the Dr talked to me about everything. I was then escorted to the lobby to wait. I spent that hour texting family and friends. The time went by so fast. The Dr came out and told me they took out 7 teeth (she must have lost one) and had to trim off some gum tissue.

When I went to her room she was still out. The nurse was slowly waking her. She woke up and we tried to get her to drink, but she pushed the cup away. I’m sure her poor mouth hurt. We finally got her dressed and into the wheel chair. They helped me get her to the car and my Dad helped me get her to our apartment. She was very wobbly.

She has been resting and watching movies all afternoon. Still not drinking much, but takes a sip every now and then. The Dr said she would sleep all day. Nope…not one nap. Lol. I’m so proud of her. She did such a great job today. Now on to healing. Hopefully she is good by Halloween.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope everyone is healthy and well 🙂

Tomorrow Is The Day

Well tomorrow is the day. Chloe goes to our local hospital for dental surgery. I have done my best, without scaring her, for it. The hardest thing for her to understand, so far, is why she can’t eat when she wakes up. Poor sweet girl😔

I have had so many people ask if they can come and sit with me at the hospital. Unfortunately only one healthy adult allowed with each patient. Ugh this virus😢. So I have told I better be texting them so they know I’m doing ok.

The hospital called yesterday to register her over the phone. I’m still waiting for the surgery floor to contact me on what I need to do and where to go. Not like waiting until the last minute. Lol. Chloe’s Dentist is wonderful, so I’m hoping she can help me keep Chloe relaxed.

Chloe is at school today, so I am getting all laundry done and the apartment clean to prepare for a few days of recovery. I am hoping her recovery is smooth and fast. I would hate for her to miss the drive thru trick or treating event. She’s going with her Dad, oldest sister and her nephew. We will just have to wait and see if she’s able.

I’m treating her to a meal of her choice tonight and I’m going to try to find a way to tell her a little bit more about tomorrow to prepare her. It’s really tough, because there are just certain things I can’t tell her. Oh boy🙄

So that’s what is going on today. Preparation and trying to give her a fun, calming night tonight. I will update you tomorrow after her surgery is over. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers🥰.

Thank you for stopping by today. Stay well and healthy ☺️

Chloe Visited A Regular Classroom😮

Today Chloe started visiting a regular classroom at school. Typically she is in a special needs classroom. Her teacher asked me if I minded her visiting a regular classroom. She felt it would benefit her socially, as well as academically. Chloe has showed signs of boredom in her classroom lately.

I am nervous about other children treating her right, but she goes to a wonderful school. So hopefully that will not be a problem. I love her teachers ❤️

So how did she do with her visit today? Her teacher said she was nervous, but had a good day. I will get more details this Friday at her Zoom IEP meeting. It’s so weird having meetings online, but thankful we can still have them. Chloe was very happy and laughing when I picked her up. That’s always a good sign of a great day☺️

She will only go one more day, tomorrow, to school. She has her Dental surgery on Wednesday and recovery most likely the rest of the week. I’ve stocked up on soft foods for her.

So that was the latest school update. I’m very proud of how well Chloe is doing so far this school year.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy ❤️

Tightening Up!!

Happy Saturday ☺️

I have been making a plan on how I am going to cut back and start saving as much as possible. You never know when an emergency can happen. I want to have a savings set aside for anything that might happen. So what changes am I going to make?

The first change I made was moving Chloe’s Physical and Speech therapy to our home town. I was driving 80 miles round-trip once a week to another town, but this next week Chloe will start getting these therapies here. I also drive her farther away to her school. Since the bus is not an option…. she’s terrified of it…I will run any needed errands in town when taking her to school. Her school is 1 mile from town. This will save me lots in gas.

I will save by shopping less. I do not like any kind of shopping. So the less I go the better. I use to go out of boredom, but my hatred for wearing masks keeps me from doing that. I will go to The Dollar General once a month for what I need. I use their $5 off $25 digital coupons and others that apply. I typically go to the grocery once a week. I would stretch it out to every 2 weeks, but produce tends to go bad, especially salad. No impulse shopping out of boredom!!

I keep a notebook of needed items and if possible I buy them 2nd hand. I write down things we need and then when in town I look at the consignment shop. If they don’t have what I need I will check Walmart. Sometimes Walmart is cheaper😮.

Living in a small apartment I don’t have many utilities to worry about. Electricity is the only utility I pay. I keep it down by keeping air turned up and the heat wont be turned on until it has to be. I use little electric heaters in my apt. The wall heaters are old and I think it gets to hot in here. My average electric bill is $60. Not to bad. I did get the internet for school purposes, but got a good deal. I get my phone plan through Boost. I love their service and low prices. I highly recommend them.

We have a laundry mat on site here. It costs $1.50 to wash and $1.25 to dry. It can get costly. My parents tell me if I’m coming there for a visit to bring my laundry there. So I think I’m going to forgo the laundry mat here for awhile and take it to my parents. My older daughter also tells me to bring it there. So I think I will accept their kind offers and save about $35 to $40 a month.

Another area that I can’t take completely away, but am going to reduce is Chloe’s weekly treats. When we use to go farther away for therapy she got a Happy Meal on the way home. That is now gone. On Tuesdays she gets a mini $1 ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. We occasionally, but not often will eat out. Probably every other week. So I’m using an envelope system. I will budget her ice cream and a “Possible” meal or 2 out a month. If we don’t use the money it will carry over to the next month. I want to stop eating out for the rest of the year. Her Pediatrician wants her to lose a little bit if weight, so going to focus on eating healthy at home☺️

These are a few areas I’m working on. I will share more ideas soon. Christmas is coming and that is a tough one. Chloe is picky and doesn’t really want any particular thing, but I want her to have something to open. Lol.

Please feel free to share your money saving ideas with me☺️

Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy🥰

Chloe’s Covid Test😮

Today was Chloe’s pre dental surgery Covid test. I really didn’t know how to prepare her. I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to go well. So how did it go?

I picked her up from school and told her we were going to see a nurse that was going to tickle her nose with a Q-tip. She seemed ok for a bit and then started rocking. We arrived at the drive thru testing site. I called the number and alerted them that she was 10 and has Autism. They were surprised the Dentist sent her there. I said “All we can do is try”.

The nurse came out and talked to Chloe on a level she could understand, which I appreciated very much. She started to put the Q-tip in her nose and Chloe yelled “No thanks”! The nurse waited while I calmed her down. We tried 3 times. The nurse said she probably got enough for a test, but if not for me not to put her through it again. The nurse said she was calling the Dentist herself. I really appreciated her understanding of Chloe’s fear. As I pulled away Chloe said “Bye Q-tip”…Lol.

Chloe got through her physical and her Covid test pretty well overall. Now we wait until next Wednesday for her dental surgery at the hospital. Am I nervous? Yes, mostly because it’s her first surgery and first time at the hospital since she was born there. Also I know she will be anxious as well. She will have 8 teeth removed!! I’m sure I need to stock up on soft foods, most of which she doesn’t eat🙄.

We will get through this and I’m sure her mouth will feel much better after.

Thanks for stopping by today ☺️ I hope all of you are healthy and well.

Math Activities

As I was digging through my supplies Chloe said “Make Math”! She loves numbers and counting, so I tried to find a few things to make math games.

I love using dice to do adding. Chloe rolls the dice and then adds the 2 numbers together. She likes to roll them twice….so one roll equals 12 and the next equals 10. Then she adds them together. She really loves rolling dice🙂

You can use beads for lots of activities. Chloe strings them and counts them. She also does patterns with colors. This activity also works on fine motor and hand eye coordination. She like to use addition flash cards and use the beads as counters.

Chloe loves her abacus. She takes her flash cards and uses her abacus to get the answers. She loves to just sit and count on it.

So Miss Chloe helped pick her own learning activities, which is great! She has been playing with them this morning.

I hope everyone is doing well🙂

I Was Like “What”?

Good Afternoon 🌞

I posted Monday that I was going to make learning activities from items from the Dollar Tree. Well I went to get the items I needed and both stores in my town were out of most of what I needed.

I was like “What”?? I understand they run out of things, but I have never seen them out if so much. Lol. I think they were restocking and reorganizing. So tonight I am going to look at what I have in the closet and see what I can put together. I didn’t get upset over it. Part of me gets nervous to spend money on things that Chloe may not even play with.

I just wanted to update you on why I didn’t post activities. Tonight I will put a few things together from what I already have here. I just gotta roll with it.

I hope all of you are staying well. Thanks for stopping by my blog😊

Dollar Tree Activities

Happy Monday☺️

This week I am working on a bunch of learning activities for Chloe using items from the Dollar Tree. There are so many items there you can turn into fun learning activities.

Since Chloe only attends in person school a few days a week, I wanted to give her more opportunities to learn at home. She responds better to “Game” like activities. So I sat down and made a list, using Pinterest as a guide.

Hands on activities are great for children with Autism. They work on hand eye coordination, as well as fine motor and learning skills. Chloe learns best this way🙂

As I prepare all the activities I will share them with you. I am also working on more advanced file folder games for her as well. I also love Dollar Tree’s puzzles. Chloe can do them faster than I can. Lol.

So check back tomorrow and see what activities I have made for Chloe from the Dollar Tree.

I hope all of you are staying healthy🥰

Thanks for stopping by today😊

Getting Back To Being Frugal

Good morning 🌞

I am trying to get back on track on being as frugal as possible. The past month I have had a few bigger expenses, like my new glasses, car repairs and maintenance, and beginning to buy winter clothing. I have a few more clothing items to buy, but I’m ready to focus on saving.

I know Christmas is not far away….so why start now? Well Christmas is a time that we can easily get out of control. You can do Christmas frugally and still have a wonderful time. I will share more about that as we get closer to December.

I have always loved reading about frugal living. Over the last few years I have hated having to much stuff. It smothers me. Throughout the years I have bought so much to “help” Chloe. So much of it wasn’t used or rarely used. Such a waste of money. I am able to sell it or pass things on to someone else for their child. Still I have stopped myself from spending on things she might like. She is pretty content with what she has☺️

So I have made a list of items we need and I am looking at 2nd hand stores first, especially for clothing. The other items I am watching for sales. Shoes are an item I don’t buy 2nd hand, so I’m watching for sales.

I love that I can turn my A/C off this time of year, but no heat turned on yet. Big savings on my electric bill. Chloe and I sleep better when it’s cold anyway.

I will be posting once a week ways I am saving and other frugal tips I use. I hope all of you are well. Thanks for stopping by today 🥰