Happy Friday😊


So lately Brett and I have been dealing with Chloe telling us “No Talking”! We are use to her saying “No Singing”, but the “No Talking” is new. Oh great how do I explain to her this is rude to say. I have told her she doesn’t tell us no talking to being super firm telling her to stop. 

I just love (Lol) new challenges in my Autism life. I don’t know what brought this on, but it is getting annoying. Yesterday , in the car, I literally sighed and she said “No Talking”!! I was like “I didn’t say a word”! Great I’m defending myself to a 9 year old.

This is where you have to figure out if it’s Autism or a preteen being sassy. All I know is it needs to stop🛑 Oh and also the “No Singing” thing too. I love to sing🎶🎤 Hoping this is a phase, because we have tried everything to stop it. Any suggestions?🤔

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I Want To Be Healthy😔


Good morning 😊

Being a Autism Mom is hard!! It is full of sleepless nights and tons of stress. Doctors will tell you this affects your health and weight in major ways.

I have mentioned before that I have hypothyroidism and non-alcoholic liver disease. I have a very hard time losing weight, which is starting to get depressing. Oh and thyroid problems increase your depression.  Great huh? I dont have to be skinny, I just want to be healthy.

You know the saying Autism Moms can never get sick and can Never Die. I have tried different ways of eating.  The Keto diet worked, but I dont think a high fat diet and liver disease make a good pair.  I lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks on it though. Pretty awesome 😉

This week I am setting a goal of walking 10 miles (Mon-Fri). I do as much as my knees will allow. I use Leslie Sansones Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. I love her upbeat personality.  I also want to add strength training to help my joints. I will be 48 this year and hope to be down 20 to 25 pounds by my birthday in August. That would be a wonderful gift. Chloe is getting bigger and is only 2 inches shorter than me. It’s scary to think she could overpower me. 

I want to share my journey with you. It’s tough to do this alone. Since my husbands health scare I really feel it’s time for me to get healthy. I know it will be a lot of work and I AM READY!!

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Have a very blessed day💚

Free To Learn Book Review📗


Good Morning 😊

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was busy with family visiting and cleaning out some broken outdoor furniture from the backyard.  

Today I thought I would review the book Free To Learn by Peter Gray. I have been reading several Unschooling books and this was the first one I finished. Mr. Gray definitely knows his stuff. He compiled tons of research, even writing about how a tribe in Africa teaches their children. It is very much Unschooling. 

I’ll admit he lost me a bit here and there,  but overall I would recommend this book. It definitely makes you see how the public school system has changed over the years and why so many children struggle in it. My children are 3 examples.  My oldest was not a strong reader and when his Kindergarten teacher made him feel, as he put it, stupid I was crushed 😥 He was only 5!! I didn’t know then what I know now so I pushed him like they told me, which only made him more upset. I had to work and couldn’t homeschool back then. My older daughter was a strong reader  but had high anxiety. She struggled socially more than anything.  They are now 22 and almost 25. I wish I could have homeschooled both of them. 

Chloe’s situation is a bit different.  She has moderately severe Autism. We thought she needed to be in school for the special classroom and extra therapies. It went very well at first, but she started getting very stressed by the time she was in Kindergarten.  She had a great teacher, but she couldn’t handle the noise, lights and especially not the loud lunchroom . We decided half way through her 1st grade year to bring her home. 

It has not been easy. Some days I cry and think “Did I make the right decision “? Then I think of her crying and see another school shooting on the news and I know I did. Finding the right curriculum has been so hard. So a few weeks ago I started doing Life Led Learning or Unschooling.  I have to guide her a bit since it’s not in her nature to float towards a specific thing to learn about. So I have been reading books. I agree with Peter Gray our children need more play. They need more time for social interaction at school. We always had recess every afternoon at school where I grew up. Now they rotate PE class every 3 to 4 weeks and may go outside, weather dependent,  for 20 to 30 minutes a day. No wonder kids struggle with the wiggles and attention issues. I know I have to move around a lot during the day myself.

I enjoyed this book for Peter Gray’s perspective on Unschooling.  I could tell how passionate he is about this way of learning.  I didn’t agree with everything,  but again I still recommend it if you are thinking about Unschooling. 

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3 Days A Week

Good morning and Happy Friday😊


My post is a bit late and you will understand why after I explain. Children with Autism sometimes go through rough phases and require more of our time. Chloe’s rough spells come out of nowhere. They usually begin by her waking up more at night. She has woken up the 2 past nights. I am currently with her in her room and trying to interact and play, but she refuses to let me touch her toys. She is also crying and I dont know why.

Anyway I am needed more and I want to keep my schedule more open. I have been trying to post 5 days a week, but I am going to reduce to 3 for now. Posting daily can be tough some weeks. So next week I will post on Monday’s, Wednesday’s  and Friday’s.  

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Have a wonderful and blessed weekend ❤

We No Longer Call It School🤐




So I notice when I use the word “School” Chloe gets quite upset. So I have tried calling it “Mommy School”, “Learning Time” and even “Chloe School”. Ok enough with the quotation marks!! She eventually cries and says “No School”!!

I finally decided to stop saying school at all. We are not in school, so why use the term. I know we are Homeschoolers, but we don’t do much like public schools. I told Chloe we do Life Led Learning. She looked at me and said “Learn at Home”. I was like “Good enough for me girl”.😀

I am currently getting several Unschooling books in the mail. I look forward to reading them and understanding even more about Life Led Learning.  I have been doing it all this week and she has been so happy. We have read a lot of books, went to the post office to mail a package to our friends in New York and we even watched the birds in the back yard. I pointed out several nests to her in the tree above our back patio. I also laid out a few activities for her to do on the table. She did them all without any fussing.  

There were no worksheets or work she “had to do”. I asked her if she wanted to write in her writing notebook and she said “Yes please”. I wrote sentences for her to copy. It is much more laid back.

Is it a coincidence that this same week we celebrated 2 victories with her new nightgown and eating a new meat? Who knows for sure, but we will see as time goes on. 

We complete our required 180 days of “School” for the state in about 3 to 4 weeks. We started early and took very few days off. I’ll enjoy not keeping records for awhile. Next Fall I will be doing her portfolio a bit differently.  It will be way easier and there will be pictures instead of tons of worksheets.  I am still working on Summer Learning (Curriculum). I still plan on posting it beginning in April. We have had a good week and I pray it continues.  Chloe definitely enjoys learning this way the most. I just have to train myself to stop saying school. (Shhhh). I will give you a review of the unschooling books as I read them. I am almost finished with Free to Learn. Great book thus far.

Have a wonderful and blessed day❤

Another Victory!! What a week😀


Good morning😊 


We are half way through the week and I have another victory to share. What a great week we are having with Chloe. She has always been a picky eater. The only chicken she would eat was McDonald’s chicken nuggets and are we even 100% sure they are real chicken?😆

Last night I made homemade chicken nuggets from chicken breast and used crushed cornflakes for the breading. She kept looking at them, but refused to try them. Out of the blue I said “If you eat one I will give you a treat”. She picked one up and ate it. I was like “YES”!!! I went to get her treat and when I came back she was eating more of them. I was like “Awesome Chloe, let’s go tell Daddy”!! We made the biggest deal out of it and she ended up eating like 9 of them.

Another wonderful victory in our Autism world❤💙💚💛🧡💜

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Good morning🌞

We had a BIG VICTORY  in our house on Sunday night. What could it be? Well those of you with Autistic children or those with OCD will understand exactly why we are so proud.

Chloe has worn the same 2 nightgowns (they are identical) for 8 months. They are skin tight,  but she was NOT going to wear a new one, unless it was exactly like the one she had. Here enters the problem. Chloe is in the last size of young girls clothing.  So there were no bigger sizes of this gown.  I finally went out and bought 2 new nightgowns. She, for 2 months,  has said ” No”!!!

I finally, after her bath, thought I will try again. I brought the new nightgown to her and said “Wow its purple, with bunnies”!! “Your puppy nightgown is for little girls and the bunny one is for big girls”. She looked at me, with hesitation,  and grabbed the bunny gown and put on her Christmas hat. Hey whatever works. Lol. We said thank you and goodbye to her puppy gown before putting on the new one. Brett and I made a huge fuss over how awesome she looked in her new gown. She was jumping around singing The Bunny Hop🎶🎤

New clothes are a challenge every season, so this was a huge victory!! Now on to her dresses🙄

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Have a wonderful and blessed day