Simple Changes/Eco-friendly Changes

I have been reading lots of books on simple and eco-friendly living. I am taking a few steps at a time, so I don’t get overwhelmed.

I have posted blogs before of changes I have made in our home. I’m ready to do even more. I still make homemade cleaners, homemade toothpaste and mouthwash. I tried homemade detergent, but it didn’t work so well for me. I may try different recipes.

I put a recycle bin in our kitchen. I’m teaching a Chloe what to recycle. Once I run out of trash bags I’m not buying anymore. I will compost food scraps, put recyclables in their bin and only dry trash in the trash can. I have read you can use paper bag as liners, but I’m trying no bags at all. We have a dumpster, so I pour it in there. I have noticed a few other residents here that do that as well.

Another area in my kitchen I’m replacing items is napkins and paper towels. I have a basket that I will fill with cloth napkins and I have a basket of clothes under the sink, some made from old tshirts for spills.

On to the bathroom ☺️ I switched back to bar soap instead on using plastic bottles of body wash. I use coconut oil to remove makeup and to put on my skin after a shower. I no longer buy conditioner and use coconut oil on my hair before washing once or twice a week. I haven’t found a homemade shampoo I like, so I buy a bigger bottle and use less. It lasts us months!

I have been buying individual produce, instead of produce in bags. It is hard to find everything without plastic packaging, but I try. I also waste less food buying 3 apples instead of a whole bag. I reuse glass jars for food storage. I try to find food in packaging that can be recycled.

I have more areas to replace items with more eco-friendly alternatives, but this is where I’m starting. It’s a healthier, cheaper and better way to live🙂

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