Meltdowns Suck!!

Chloe always starts to get angry on Sundays. She starts saying “No school on Monday”!! I have learned she doesn’t hate school, she just prefers being home.

Last night during her bath she just snapped all of a sudden. She started screaming and crying. This is usually how it happens. Once I got her out of the bath she got louder and angrier. She started hitting herself and the wall. I sat by her and tried to calm her down, but once she enters meltdown mode you can’t reach her. She just has to finish.

Living in an apartment makes meltdowns even more stressful. I worry about my neighbors being disturbed or even getting turned in to the apartment manager. Her throwing herself down on the floor at 6 am is not good!!

Chloe always struggles the last few months of school. This year has been crazy anyway, with Covid opening and closing school constantly all year. I am really hoping school is normal next school year.

Meltdowns are pretty common in children with Autism. They are super difficult to deal with. The biggest goal is that they don’t hurt themselves or others during the meltdown. Once she is finished, she is calm and usually plays on her bed.

She had one last night and another one this morning. I’m hoping she does better the rest of the week.

I hope all of you are doing well. Have a wonderful day😎

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