Loving It❤️

Good morning 🌄

I am really loving making wreaths🙂. I made the 2 above for myself. Now I’m getting interest from people to make some for them to buy from me. That would be wonderful 😁

I received some bumblebee fabric today and waiting for one more color to start working on this wreath. It’s going to be so pretty for Summer. I am also planning to make another Sunflower wreath with other colors woven in. I also have found the cutest bandana fabric to make a red, white and blue wreath with. Awesome 😎My older daughter loves Harry Potter, so I found fabric to make her one for her book room.

My big project is to make Autism rag wreaths. I will use either Autism puzzle fabric or buy all of the colors and mesh them all together. I would love to sell these.

I’m not sure how I will sell my wreaths yet. Someone with a shop offered to put them on her wreath wall. She would keep 20% of all sales. I may just sell them myself. I’m still working on perfecting my technique. I do love to stay busy while Chloes at school.

I hope all of you are having a great day. Stay healthy 🥰

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