Finding Peace With Autism

Do we ever find peace after our children are diagnosed with Autism?

I guess there are different levels of peace. I accepted Chloes diagnosis instantly, but also wore myself out researching non-stop. Research is important, but you can’t let it take over your life. It has taken me years to learn this.

I know a lot of parents try to “fix” their child and sometimes certain techniques help reduce or erase symptoms. There is no cure for Autism and that is the first thing I made peace with. Then I had to make peace with that Chloe would have struggles that I couldn’t fix. That is a tough and heart breaking reality.

So I just live day to day and help Chloe as much as I can steer through this crazy world. I still research every now and then, but I don’t let it rule me. Finding Peace in our child’s diagnosis is important for our own mental and emotional health. Find support if you need it and take it a day at a time.

Stay healthy and safe❤️

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