Scripting Interfering With Learning

Chloe goes through phases of heavy scripting. What is Scripting? It’s when she repeats phrases from books or movies. She might sing the same song over and over or a specific number of songs. It is common in children and adults with Autism.

Chloe will typically do this when anxious or bored. I see it most when she’s anxious. Her teacher told me today it’s starting to interfere with her learning. If she is scripting she shuts out everything else. She won’t do anything until she is finished. We were almost late for school this morning, because she wouldn’t stop scripting.

I have researched this so much. What I have learned is unless they are injuring themselves you don’t stop it. Scripting is a stim, just like flapping or rocking. When Chloe was a toddler she would bang her head in the floor. Scripting is extremely hard to stop or redirect. I have tried so many things, but if you interrupt her scripting she will have a meltdown. Believe me, I’d rather let her script. I was hoping she would outgrow it, but that hasn’t happened.

One thing I try is to keep her busy. If her brain is occupied I see way less scripting. She has to have down time, so she may script some then. Some days it’s just going to happen no matter what. It’s as much a mystery as Autism itself.

Does your child with Autism script? How do you handle it?

Stay safe and healthy 💕

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