Moody Moody Girl

Spring break is over and it was a wild one. We dealt with our allergies, lack of sleep and Chloes “months friend” decided to make an appearance. All if this caused a wave of emotions that were hard to keep up with.

The worst one is crying. I feel so sad for her. She cries, but can’t tell me why. Then she gets angry and starts screaming. It’s overwhelming for her and for me. I continue to work with Chloe on sharing her feelings, but she shuts down if I ask her to talk to me about how she feels. It’s tough.

I dread telling her tomorrow night that she has school Monday. It will be a meltdown for sure. She only has 5 weeks left until Summer break. I think she will make it.

Hopefully after a few days back to school she will adjust. She has been struggling lately. I want her to enjoy her last 5 weeks at her school, since next Fall she will move to middle school. Time slow down.

I hope all of you are well. Stay healthy 🥰

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