Keeping Life Simple

One thing I have learned, since becoming an Autism Mom, is how important it is to keep life as simple as I can for Chloe.

She gets overstimulated very easily and if I plan to many activities she will meltdown . She is becoming more verbal in telling me “No”, so that is good. I just want her to have lots of experiences. I just have to remember it’s about her and not me. This week I wanted to take her to the Zoo. I asked her and she said “No thank you”. She is struggling with bad allergies, so it’s better she rest anyway. I do want her to go places and do things more than she does. Covid has put a stop to a lot of it, but hopefully soon we can get out more.

Around the house I try to keep things simple as well. She is a clutter bug, but organizes her clutter. I have been making spaces for her to put her shoes and I placed a hook on her closet door for her jacket and backpack. We live in a tiny space, so I have to work extra hard to control clutter. It doesn’t take much to make a mess, but at least it can be cleaned up just as fast.

I truly believe it’s important to give our children a simple life. They are trying so hard to process this crazy world, so it’s our job to make it easier for them.

Thank you for stopping by today. I pray all of you are well🥰

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