Sick on Easter☹️

Happy Easter 😊

It was a tough one for Chloe. Her allergies started getting bad Friday night. She mostly just had a stuffy nose. Then drainage which causes her coughing. No it’s not Covid. Chloe always gets a bad allergy attack when things start blooming. It happens every year😪

She woke up at 8 and crawled to the couch. She had no interest in eating or her Easter basket. She laid under her blanket and played songs on her tablet. She finally ate a little breakfast and then went back to bed.

Around 3 she seemed to feel better and even asked to go for a walk. I wasn’t sure she should, but she insisted. About half way around the loop she asked to sit down. I knew then she needed to get home. It took baby steps, but we got back home. She crawled back in bed with her tablet. She’s not coughing hardly at all, but I’m sure she’s just tired.

This week is Spring Break and we have beautiful weather until Thursday. I really hope she starts feeling better so she can enjoy some outside time.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter. Thanks for stopping by today😍

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