Autism Awareness Day

It’s Autism Awareness Day. What does that mean to you?

To me it’s a day like every day. I do enjoy doing extra things for awareness. I wear my blue Autism shirt and I post tons of information on Facebook to educate others. I loved seeing many businesses today in my town with their front yards and doors decorated in blue. It would just be nice if it wasn’t only for today or for April.

I am aware of Autism every day and I do believe it is my job to keep people aware. It doesn’t go away just because April 2nd ends. I’m not trying to ram it down people’s throats, but until I see my daughter accepted and treated with respect every where she goes….I will keep pushing awareness.

I know there is an Autism walk this month in my town. I need to find out the date, so Chloe and I can walk in it. I have always wanted to.

What do you do in the month of April to spread Autism Awareness?

Thanks for stopping by today 🥰

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