Week 1 of New Medications

Chloe has completed week 1 of her new medications. It has been an adventure already.

The first day she was pretty much a zombie. Very little playing or talking. She just laid in bed with her tablet. It was very strange and way to quiet.

As each day progressed she returned to her hyper behavior. Today she was wound up big time! I know it takes 4 to 6 weeks to see how a new medication works. So I’ll just hold on and wait it out.

This medication is suppose to slow down her brain, which seems to go a hundred miles an hour. I am hoping it works for her. She has struggled with focus at home and school lately. She hasn’t wanted to do anything at home, as far as school work or activities. Just wants tablets and I have had to control that.

She returns to school 5 days a week next week. I am hoping it helps with her focus and sleep. She is not very excited about it. She says “No school 5 days”! It’s all an adjustment.

So there is the week 1 update with her new medications. She is taking them well and handling them even better.

I hope everyone had a good week 😊

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