31 Day Declutter Challenge: Week 1

So I decluttered 1 item per day this past week. The first week always seems easy. So this is what I got rid of…

The first thing to go is my turkey roasting pan. I just never use it. I would rather use an aluminum pans and toss it when I’m finished. Less dishes😁

Next is this diffuser. I have a lot and so I picked one to donate. I have one for each room, so this one is not used. Bye bye!

I have 2 of chopping boards. I decided to toss this one. It is the older of the two.

Item number 4 is this top. I never wear it, so out it goes.

Number 5 is this Snowman wall hanger. Excess wall decor out!!

Finally items 6 & 7 are these 2 nail polishes. They don’t go on very well and look terrible on me.

So there are items 1-7. Now it gets a little tougher, but I can always find something to declutter.☺️

Thanks for stopping by today. Have you been decluttering? If so share how it’s going.

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