Chloe Can Do It🥰

Chloe has been learning different chores around our home for awhile now. Every now and then she gets in a lazy phase. She refuses to do any type of chore or activitiy.

Right now she wants to play in her room a lot. That isn’t bad, unless it interferes with her daily schedule. Her favorite phrase is “5 more minutes”. Lol🙂 I just need her to learn to balance play and learning new skills.

I decided to pull her reward cards. If she completes the activities and chores on the card, she will get a reward. She will have less to do on school days. Right now she loves listening to learning songs on the tablet. That will be her reward for now.

I plan on introducing new chores next week. Today we walked to our mailbox. I had her locate our box, put the key in and open it. She was proud of herself 😊. If the mask mandate is ever lifted I want to take her to stores and practice behavior, calmness and other general skills. The mask makes her anxious and she can’t focus.

It’s important Chloe knows she is capable of so much. It’s my job to introduce and teach her the skills she needs to function in this world.

Thank you for stopping by today ☺️

I pray all of you are well.

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