My March Challenge

Happy Last Day Of February!!

I love to challenge myself. Do I always do well?, but I believe trying is better than doing nothing at all.

Challenge number 1….Get rid of 31 things in March. There are 31 days in March. So I will get rid of 1 item per day. I may go over 31 items. That would be awesome! I will post pictures each Saturday of what I got rid of that week. It can be anything, clothing, knick knacks, or even paper work. Hopefully a few of Chloes items will make the cut.

Challenge number 2….Zero Eating Out!!! We don’t eat out much, but I want to stop all together this month. Chloe eats out with her Dad on her visits on Saturdays. I rarely want food out, so if I can get Chloe to look forward to her one meal out with her Dad, it should go well. I am trying to cook more and introduce new foods to Chloe. I’m working on both of us losing some weight. Chloe is a noodle junkie, as I have shared. I have been trying to reduce these A LOT!! So no eating out in the month of March. Not even an ice cream cone.

So if you would like to join me that would be great!!

I hope all of you are healthy and well. Welcome to my new followers! I’m at 191!! So exciting.

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