Healthy Eating To Help Autism

Good morning 🌞

Today I wanted to give you an update on how I have changed our eating habits. I have wanted to weed out as much processed foods as I can, but with Miss Chloe it has to be done slowly.

I’m thrilled to say Chloe has tried and loved a lot of new meats. She will eat regular, non breaded chicken now, whole chicken, ribs and even tried pit roast. I have cut out lunch meat and she hasn’t said a word. Today I made homemade turkey sausage patties with ground turkey and sage.

It has been easier to get her to eat peas and carrots, the only 2 veggies she will eat, lately. I serve them with lunch and dinner. If she eats them I make a big deal of it😊. I’m trying to introduce other veggies, but she hasn’t given in to them yet.

Chloe use to love fruit. Now she only wants strawberries. That’s not a horrible thing, but right now they are out of season. I offer other fruits and sometimes she will eat a banana or some pineapple. I really wish she would try a fruit smoothie. Baby steps on that.

Dairy is the big area of replacement for both of us. We both tested positive for dairy allergies. She gets constipated and I get stomach aches and headaches if I eat to much. So I have replaced her cheese with Daiya brands. I use Almond milk for cooking, buy coconut yogurt and use plant butter. Does she occasionally have regular cheese? Yes, if she eats out. It doesn’t seem to affect her as much since she doesn’t get it all the time. We are cheese lovers, so I would say cheese is the toughest area for us.

Snacks Snacks Snacks….Chloe loves to snack. I use to buy cheese it’s, chips, buttery crackers and goldfish. A lot of children with Autism love crunchy foods. Now I only buy whole grain goldfish and whole wheat cracker for peanut butter crackers. I try to encourage fruit for snacks, but she wants that crunch. I have been enjoying air popped popcorn. She has tried it twice. It’s a good crunchy snack.

Breads and other startches is an area we both have reduced. Chloe is a noodle addict. Lol. I have switched her to whole wheat noodles and sometimes I buy gluten free noodles. I have reduced her portions and added lean meat and a veggie on the side. I buy whole wheat bread for toast or PB&J’s. Whole wheat is very important for Chloe. It gives her the fiber she needs to fight her tummy troubles.

I have read many articles about healthy eating and Autism. It’s important for all of us, not just children with Autism. I can tell a huge difference in Chloe when she eats better. I have cut back on suckers and other sugary treats. I don’t buy cookies. We occasionally make homemade cookies, but I give her a few and give the rest away.

If your child is a picky eater it’s frustrating… believe me I know. I’m determined not to give up introducing new foods. Every now and then she loves a new food😊. If they fight and say no, at least you tried. That’s an important step.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. If there is any topic you would like me to blog about please let me know. Have a wonderful day🥰

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