Still No School

Hi everyone 😊

I was so looking forward to getting back on schedule today. Chloe has been out of school.for 3 weeks!! Surprisingly there were still some snow covered roads, so no school today😣.

Last night, when I assumed school was in session, I started preparing Chloe to get up early and go to school. I was met with screams and crying. Shes just been home to long and this is another transition. Then I got the school call that school was closed and she was super happy. So happy in fact, she stayed up singing until 11 pm. Thankfully she slept until 8:30 this morning.

So today we worked on a few table tasks and reviewed building sentences with word cards. She also helped me make a fruit salad, which worked on math skills. Cutting up a banana and teaching half and whole. She wasn’t in the mood to do very much.

She doesn’t go to school until Thursday. I’m sure she will be upset on Wednesday night, but it’s part of getting back on schedule. The inconsistency has been draining on her and myself. Really praying things get back and stay on track soon. It will definitely help Chloe with behavior and sleep.

So that is what has been going on today. I hope all.of you are well🥰

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