Are we moving?

Hi everyone. I hope all of you are healthy and well.

There is an apartment on the main floor of our building that will be available in March. Our apartment now is around the back, at the bottom. There are concrete steps and it has been quite hazardous during our snow storms the past 2 weeks.

I have been listing pros and cons to moving. I hate to move so soon, but it is in the same building. I don’t think it would be to upsetting for Chloe. One pro is no more stairs. Easier access would be a welcome change. A con is we would be above another apartment. If Chloe throws herself down or gets to bouncing around, will we get reported to the landlord. People say “That’s apartment life”! I just don’t want to make enemies. There is a lot to think about.

My goal is to make things simpler. The stairs have been hard on her and myself. Also there is a privacy issue. Unfortunately some people do not teach their kids that it’s wrong to look in other people’s windows or holler into open ones. Upstairs, I wouldn’t have that problem. I will be looking at the apartment in the next week or so. Then I will make a decision. It may not be the right move. I may have to be patient and wait for another opening. Hopefully it will all work out for the best.

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