Personal, but Part of Life

This blog is hard to write, buy it is part of having a daughter that has hit puberty. It is also hard because she has Autism.

I have read a lot of articles about girls with Autism starting their periods. They don’t even begin to touch on the stress it causes for them and the parents caring for them during that time. When you have a child who doesn’t understand what is going on with their bodies it’s difficult to explain.

Unfortunately Chloe is genetically cursed to have difficult periods. She is currently struggling through one now. So I have made the decision to get with her Dr to take measures to stop her period from happening. This is very common for girls with Autism, who can’t understand or cope with having their cycle. I want to make Chloe’s life as easy as I can for her.

There are going to be many obstacles for Chloe, but if I can take steps to make them easier or even go away I will.

I pray all of you are healthy and well🥰

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