Much Better Day

Good evening everyone 😊

Today Miss Chloe had a much better day. I started a new schedule, requiring she gets dressed before breakfast. She didn’t fight at all. She was way calmer and had zero fits, so yes it was so much better.

I got her 2 new activities to work on fine motor/hand strengthening. One is a set of plastic nuts and bolts. She struggled with them for a bit, figuring out which way to turn the bolt. She finally caught on and really enjoyed them. I love the matching shape eggs I found. They are like egg puzzles. I found them both on Amazon. I am trying to put together a small box of activities for her to work on these skills.

Her school OT sent an email of activities for her to do. She chose a polar bear craft and shaving cream.

Chloe absolutely loves shaving cream play. It’s a wonderful sensory activity. She wasn’t as excited about the craft, but sometimes she just needs to do them. Her cutting skills have improved so much this year.

She listened so much better today and didn’t stall when it was bath or bedtime. She fell right to sleep too. Hoping tomorrow is just as good☺️

Thanks for stopping by and I pray everyone is healthy ❤️

2 thoughts on “Much Better Day”

  1. Hi – glad you had a good day! Have you tried out slime for the sensory activity? Thought of it with the picture of Chloe and the shaving cream. My daughter will spend hours with the various slimes from the Dollar Store just squishing and stretching it. She finds it very soothing. I am praying for you both. God bless you!

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