So Proud Of Her😍

Today was Chloe’s brain and spine MRI’S. I didn’t tell her in a lot of detail what was going to happen. I didn’t want to make her more anxious than she already was. She was up by 3 am repeating “No Shots* over and over.

It took an hour to get to the medical center. She sang lots of Christmas songs and was in a good mood. Once there I could see her getting nervous again. The lobby was colorful and they had a TV with Disney Jr. on, so she liked that. The receptionist was so sweet and calm with Chloe as she put on her hospital bracelet. Chloe does not like them, but she tolerated it well

When called back she started the “No Shots” phrase again. The nurses assured her there were no shots, but she wasn’t buying it. Lol. I got her changed into her gown and they brought her the *Princess juice” to sedate her. It worked a little it, but not enough to put her to sleep. They had to put in the IV, so she was not happy. They numb the site, so it didn’t hurt, it just scared her. The nurses were so amazing with Chloe.

They took her back and kept me informed as to when she fell asleep and how the tests were going. They took about an hour and it took 35 to 40 minutes to wake up. They did alert me that they believe she has sleep apnea. She stopped breathing a few times during testing. She does snore, so I will have to look into that . Adding that to the list.

Once awake and stable enough to move they wheeled her out to the car. I got all of her paperwork and was told she would most likely sleep most of the afternoon. Just like the dental surgery….she was ready to play when she got home. She had some scary moments, but I am super proud of her. I should have the results in a few days. I am thankful to have another hurdle behind me.

Thanks for stopping by today. I pray all of you are healthy and well 🥰

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