Riding Her Mood Rollercoaster Today

Good afternoon 😊

It’s been quite a day in our house today. Some little girl is riding a mood rollercoaster. It’s like spinning the wheel of emotions today.

She woke up happy 🙂. I made her muffins for breakfast. She ate and watched a few learning videos on YouTube. She played with her toys for a bit….then I heard something fall .BOOM!!!! Now she’s mad😠. I go in to see what’s wrong and she screams. I try to calm her down with deep breaths. This leads her to throw herself in the floor. I try to remind her no loud voices in the apartment. She looks me right in the eye and yells out. Oh boy🙄

About 15 minutes later she’s calmer and even smiling🙂 Time for online Math work with her teacher. She starts to cry😪. I tell her we have to pick up our grocery order after Math and on Tuesday she gets a…..ice cream!! I tell her she has to get through her lesson calmly. She did thank goodness ☺️.

Once home I made lunch and we finished online school work. She got a bit testy during it, because she couldn’t get the mouse to work the way she wanted😮. Then it was time for Storytime online with her class. The story was about feelings. PERFECT😀 LOL. She banged her head on the couch because her friend wasn’t in there. After making it through the story Chloe asked if she could listen to more learning songs.

So it is almost 3:00 pm and she is calm right now. I’m really hoping this rollercoaster ride is over for today. This mom is worn out🤪. We will see I guess. Just 4 1/2 more hours until bedtime 😉

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope all of you are doing well.

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