Sunday Chat

Good morning everyone 😊

I haven’t been posting a lot. Since they closed Chloe’s school she has been in hyper drive and it has been exhausting.

She gets online with her teacher 3 times a day. I write this on her schedule board. She did pretty well with it last week. I can tell she is not comfortable seeing her classmates on the computer. Not sure why it bothers her. It’s just a strange situation right now. I just wish the schools would stay open. Like I have said before, this back and forth is mentally stressful for our children.

Chloe has been happy for the most part, but just extremely hyper. Her MRI’S were finally scheduled for February 8th. I am nervous because since her dental procedure at the hospital she has said “No Doctors” ever since. I told them to give her the sleepy juice as quick as possible or she may freak out. It’s going to be a long morning. They are also taking blood for genetic testing. We have to be there at 9 and most likely won’t finish until 12:30. She can’t eat or drink that whole time. She will definitely earn a Happy Meal.

I am hoping we can get some real answers about her walking issues and even a possible answer about her Autism. It’s been a long time coming. My hope is they won’t operate on her legs and try braces first. I have noticed less high toe walking. Her PT has helped her a lot, as well as OT. I’m also praying her neurologist can find a medication to slow her down during the day. No child should go like road runner from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep.

So as I sit here, drinking my coffee, I wanted to touch base with you. It’s been hard to find a lot to post about. Her schedule keeps changing, which is frustrating. All we can do is roll with it.

I thought I would ask if there is anything you would like to know about us or our journey I could post about? Let me know in the comments.

Have a blessed and healthy day πŸ₯°

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