They Closed Her School!!

Chloe should be at school today, but they closed her school yesterday until February 8th. They never said, but I’m guessing there were positive Covid cases. So we are back on NTI. Ugh😣

Just when Chloe gets adjusted….it closes again. Very frustrating! Then it will open and I have to prepare her…AGAIN… and prepare for her to not sleep the night before she goes back.

Her school system is now closing only the schools with too many cases instead of the whole district. Chloe’s school had been staying healthy until this week☹️. So we are learning at home. Her teacher meets online with Chloe and her classmates 3 times a day, which is wonderful ❤️. Sometimes Chloe wants on there and a lot of times not.

Her Art, PE, Music and Library teachers posted activities for her to do as well. I’m using them to fill in spaces of free time. I let her play and then we do an activity. Today we are making a music instrument and painting. I will post pictures tomorrow.

So Chloe is chilling on the couch listening to learning songs feeling quite happy to be home🙂

How is school going for your kiddos?

Have a healthy and safe day🥰

2 thoughts on “They Closed Her School!!”

  1. It’s hard with kids in school and then back out of school, at the best of times. I’m sure it’s not easy on Chloe, either. Or you—I’m always moved to read your posts. Much love from our little family to yours!

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