Friday Catch Up

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I honestly have been busy doing a big declutter and working with Miss Chloe on some new activities. I just forgot to post. Let’s just play catch up, shall we?

I have spent the last few days cleaning out areas again. I have one big closet that I have to keep in check. I want to own as little as possible. I went through everything and was brutal. I condensed all holiday decorations. I now own zero fall, Valentines, or Easter decorations. I condensed Christmas down to 4 items. My tree with ornaments, 2 snow globes, and 1 knick knack Chloe likes. It felt great to let go of things. I went through all paperwork and organized it as well.

I pulled out all of my clothes and tossed out stained and unrepairable items. I hung up all my dressier top and all pants. I put tee shirts and workout clothes in my 3 drawer organizer. I only have 5 outfits now. I am still looking for tops I feel good in. Taking my time with that. I also organized Chloe’s clothing. I went through my shoes and tossed old flip flops and a pair of dress up shoes that hurt my feet.

I cleaned out Chloe’s Arts and Crafts cabinet one last time. She is starting to tell me what she likes and doesn’t like. She really likes art kits, especially felt and wooden sets. The Dollar Tree has a lot of cute craft kits to do. I had a few set back I’m going to have her work on soon. I got her paint stocked up and a few canvases to paint. I want her to enjoy doing arts and crafts again.

I ended up taking 10 bags to donation and tossed 3 pieces of broken furniture. It just feels good to only have around what I like and use. If I can get Chloe to ever reduce to her favorites it will be amazing!

Now on to activities. I bought Chloe a table stand up pocket chart and a feelings card set to work on understanding feelings. She really loves it! I will post pictures next time we work on it. The pocket chart can be used for so many activities. Chloe just had a wonderful week at home and at school.

I hope all of you are healthy and happy. Thanks for stopping by today.

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