It Must Be Anxiety

Chloe was awake by 1:00 am last night. She has in person school today. She hasn’t been since last Thursday. That’s one thing that I hate about how school is right now. It’s like go this day, 2 days school at home and then back to school. It’s confusing for her.

Every week she doesn’t sleep the night before that first day of in person school. Tonight she will sleep all night. It is so weird to me, but I just have to prepare for it and then nap the next day while she’s at school. I write on our wall calendar when she has school and when she’s home. We look at it every night, but I still see her anxiety. Hopefully if they get back to 5 days a week she will do much better😊.

Chloe has been doing great going to school, regardless of the anxiety the night before. Her teacher stands by the classroom door and Chloe hugs me and walks down the hall unassisted to her teacher. So proud of her😁. She is starting to tell me a little about her day when I ask her questions. Today she said “Go to gym, play music, and run”. Woo Hoo!!

I hope all of you are healthy and well💕

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