Table Activities

Hi everyone! Hope your day is going well🙂

Being home more often than at school leads me to come up with lots of activities for Miss Chloe to do during the day. A lot of children with Autism who script a lot, like Chloe, need activities or interaction to break that up. They can easily disappear into their own world’s

When I write her daily schedule on the board I write in Table Activity. She knows exactly what that means. Some days she’s excited and others she stalls forever. Lol. I set a timer it use First/Then with her to get her to complete the activity.

Most activities I set up work on fine motor skills She started pushing away puzzles, so I got her these pattern block boards.

Next I had her string beads. I use this activitiy a lot, because she enjoys it☺️

Chloe loves to draw, but never really colors much. I got some coloring books awhile back. I got some I knew she would love, like Disney Princesses. She shocked me by coloring 5 of them. She stayed in the lines and took her time. Yay!!!

Each day she is doing NTI school at home I fill in spaces of time with table activities. I need to make some new ones for her soon.

I hope everyone is healthy and well🥰

Have a wonderful day😊

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