5 Days Off and Snow

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

Good afternoon everyone! Chloe has completed her last day of in person school for this week. She won’t return until next Wednesday, since Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day and schools are closed. She will do NTI with me at home tomorrow and nest Tuesday. Chloe sees being home as being off school. She’s the one who said “5 days off”. Lol

She had such a good time at school this week. She worked hard and behaved well. I am super proud of her. I can’t wait until they can all go 5 days a week. It really does help Chloe in every area, especially sleep and communication. I know they have to be careful with Covid numbers being high, but I just pray things settle down soon, for everyone.

Yesterday I was going to post her life skills for the week, but I had the worst headache. I’m still dealing with a lot of my health issues. I thought my last procedure was a fix all, but I guess it takes awhile to take effect. So I deal with the side effects, which are nausea and daily headaches. No fun. Chloe was super good about letting me lay down and rest. She even cuddled up on the couch with me and watched a movie.

We are expecting snow this weekend. We have only had one snow or maybe 2. I know we had a white Christmas for the first time in years. I am hoping for the snow, but no bad roads. I picked up a few items I was low on today at the local Dollar Store. People were loading up on water like we were going to be snowed in. It rarely gets that bad here. Chloe is always indifferent about snow. Sometimes she’s excited and other times she is like “No snow…grass”!! I still haven’t gotten her boots. I go to order them and they are out of her size. Same at the store, but I keep checking. She hasn’t really needed them, so I haven’t worried about it.

Today it is 54 degrees, but its suppose to fall into the 20’s tomorrow night and start snowing after midnight. Oh to wake up to a snowy day. Comfy clothes, coffee and blankets…..PERFECT.

I hope all of your are healthy and well. Be safe.

Thank you for stopping by today. Have a wonderful rest of the day

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