Working Independently

When I got Chloe’s at home work folder there was a note in there for me to let her do her work on her own. I was excited to see her work on her own. When she’s focused she can do so much independently.

She read her paragraph and answered all of the questions by herself. Reading has always come easy to her, but not answering questions about a story. She has come a long way☺️

Mat was a bit tougher. She was subtracting double digits with borrowing. She didn’t seem to remember what to do. I had to help her write a bit.

I let her do her writing sheet on her own with just reminders about spacing out her words. She did pretty well. I only had her rewrite one sentence. That always upsets her, but I want her to learn to write as neatly as she can.

I like seeing Chloe working on her own. I can see the pride she has when she completes a worksheet on her own.

I was very happy that she brought all of her grades up this semester. We had a special meal to celebrate 🎉

She will be home tomorrow for NTI and then back to school on Thursday.

I hope all of you are healthy and well🥰

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