Well I Tried🤷

Chloe slept all night 2 nights in a row. Woo hoo!! I though she would be ready to work today. Boy she let me know that she wasn’t right away. Lol

Well I can understand her mood. We had maintenance in our apartment this morning. I prepared her, but it didn’t matter. It upset her and messed up her routine. Our stove broke, so it had to be fixed. He wasn’t here very long, but she was already frazzled.

It took until lunch to get her to do anything. She completed one thing online and then I had some table activities for her to do. She had me move them to the floor, which is ok with me. I said “Are you ready to work”? She screamed and hit herself in the head😟. She has been doing this more and more. Her therapist suggested ignoring it, but that’s tough.

Eventually I got her to do a few things for me. She is tough to challenge, but I do like to review things.

Always in a specific color order
Great fine motor/Hand Eye Coordination
Word to picture match

She has been playing with her Kinestic sand and reading in her room as well. I just got the call from the school board that they will open schools next week. She was switched to group A from group B. She will go on Monday now instead of Tuesday. I pray it goes well. She is very nervous 😬.

I hope all of you are having the best day. Stay healthy and well🥰

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