This Weeks Update

Chloe is feeling quite anxious about going back to school next week. She loves school, but all of this back and forth has confused her and I’m sure many others. She completed her folder work Monday, so we have been doing a lot of work in StarFall. She works on math and spelling, plus plays other music games. I write out a short paragraph for her to copy in writing. We read books all throughout the day. She has been doing Calendar on her own. The tablet she got for Christmas has so many learning games on it as well.

Sleep is still on a see saw schedule. She sleeps so great one night and then the next she sleeps a few hours. It’s so tiring. When she sleeps she is so happy and somewhat calmer. Little sleep equals road runner all day. UGh!!

She is struggling with the colder weather and not getting outside as much. The cold gets her coughing going…asthma. She is definitely an outside girl. School will provide gym time each day she’s there, so that will help. If it’s above 40 I try to take her to the park for a short play time.

She is doing so well with her life skills. I’m so proud of her. I’m planning on getting her a small dresser, so she can put her clothes away. She puts away dry dishes and towels/washcloths already. Tonight I’m having her help me out up groceries. She’s capable of so much.

I got a magnesium supplement for children in the mail today. It’s tasteless and odor less. It will go in her drink twice a day. It’s suppose to help with hyperactivity. Oh I am praying it helps her. She has tried so many medications during the day. They backfire every time!! Fingers crossed on this one.

Tomorrow I want to make all of her learning activities fun. I will post them tomorrow afternoon☺. Hopefully next week we will get back to some sort of normalcy.

I hope all of you are healthy and well😍

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