This Week’s Life Skills

Good morning 🌞

I’m continuing working with Chloe on life skills this week. This week, since she is home, I have been working on some new and tougher skills. I have been weaving them throughout her school schedule. Next week she goes to school Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, so I am working on a schedule to work on them after school on days she’s there.

Yesterday we worked on matching socks. My wonderful sister in law gave us lots of pretty socks for Christmas. Chloe did an excellent job matching them up

I am slowly teaching her to clean her room. We started with her book shelf. She didn’t like me removing her things off the shelf, but I assured her I would put them back exactly how they were. She was pretty thorough with her dusting😊

Gotta have a sucker while doing chores

The final thing I had her do was put up a variety of dishes. I still need to reorganize a bit, but she did awesome!! So proud of her

I added an extra skill that I really want her to conquer. Chloe struggles with drinking from an open cup. So when we are eating at the table I’m having her drink from an open cup, with a handle. I need to invest in 1 or 2 lighter cups with handles.

We are still working on her dressing herself , along with brushing her teeth and hair. During her bath I’m teaching her to wash herself and help with drying after. So many life skills being taught and learned right now🙂. She’s doing a good job and so far she’s not fighting me. Woo hoo!!

Thanks for reading my blog today. I really appreciate all of you😍 Stay healthy and well my friends.

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