Obstacles to my No Spend January

So you would think to successfully do a No Spend Month you just simply don’t spend money. When you have a child with Autism there are obstacles.

Chloe doesn’t understand why I’m doing this No Spend thing. She just wants her weekly Happy Meal. So luckily she got money for Christmas from her Nana and Papaw. She did spend $12 of it at the Dollars store buying bath toys and a bag of suckers. So she may not have enough for the whole month. We will go week to week and see. If I have to spend $6 for a Happy Meal at the end of the month I won’t beat myself up. Chloe lives her routine and I’m.not messing with it.

My goal.is to save every penny I can. I did end up spending my Christmas money on a few tops. I needed clothes and decided to spend my Christmas money. I spent it before January 1st, but since it’s gift money it doesn’t count against my No Spend month.

Chloe will ask for suckers sometime during the month. I can budget that into groceries. I can’t see me saying “Oh no we can’t buy them in January, it’s a no spend month”. MELTDOWN CITY!!! So there are exceptions with Chloe. I will still save quite a bit this month😁

I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy ❤️

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