Rocking Her Life Skills😎

Brushing her hair

This week we worked on Life skills. Chloe was pretty excited about helping me around the house🙂

I started with having her put her clothes on with no assistance. She was so proud of herself. Then I showed her how to brush her hair. She thought it was fun😀. Her hair grows so fast. It’s time for a trim.


Next I had her work on folding. Sometimes she likes doing this and other times not. She really took her time and folded everything nicely. The big towels we’re a challenge, but she kept trying and eventually nailed it.

After folding we moved on to putting up silverware. She went warp speed, but got everything in the right place. I’m working on reorganizing the cabinets to make putting dishes up easier for her. She loves putting up dishes🙂

Putting up silverware

She wanted to paint after working on her life skills, so I set up her easel on the table. She loves painting on her easel.

Last night we both crashed before midnight. Chloe was up the night before, so we needed the sleep. We both got up at 10 am😮. She slept 14 hours!! She was in overdrive yesterday and way calmer this morning. It’s rainy today so we will stay in and relax today.

Happy New Year to all of you. Welcome to my new followers ☺️

Stay safe and healthy 🥰

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