Preparing For A No Spend January

Good morning 🌞

Yes I know I said Blogs on Friday, but I thought I need to talk about our frugal and simple life goals as well. So Saturdays will be all about frugality and simple living. My life isn’t just about being an Autism Mom☺️

I am doing a No Spend January next month. I will only spend on bills, food and gas. Each person can make their own rules, depending on their goals. My goal is to put away every extra penny possible during the month.

I went through and made a list of items I need from shampoo to dish liquid. I will use a budgeted amount of money I still have left from December to purchase these items. Then in January I will take that money I budget for household needs and save it.

Another area I save on is my electric bill. I budget a monthly amount. Whatever amount I am under on the bill I save that money. My other bills are set amounts, so no savings there. I budget so much for gas, but if one week I don’t go out as much I will save the money I didn’t spend that week.

One area I was concerned about was Chloe’s weekly Happy Meal. I knew I couldn’t ask her to give that up. Lol. Luckily she got a McDonald’s gift card for Christmas, so I can use that. Any gift cards or money can be spent. I have 1 gift card and some money. I am saving my money, but using the gift card (Barnes & Noble).

A No Spend month is a wonderful way to save and really look at what you spend money on. I didn’t set a specific goal. Im just saving everything I can. I am also continuing my surveys because it’s a good way to earn gift cards. Chloe has a birthday in February and my goal is to earn enough points to buy her gifts with Amazon cards🙂

There are no family birthdays in January, so no spending there. Chloe, as I’ve mentioned, is returning to school January 12th, so I’m not sure how much gas money I’ll save. I drive her to school and pick her up. One week is 2 days and the next is 3 days. Hopefully I can save a little.

Have you ever done a No Spend Month? If so how did it go? I’m excited to start mine☺️

Have a wonderful day and I’ll blog about our week next Friday. Take care and stay healthy 🙏❤️

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