Christmas Activities

Today was filled with lots of Christmas Activities. She had a good night’s sleep last night, so I took advantage of her great mood🙂

We made some Christmas cards. I had her really think about the person she was making it for and what they like. She drew pictures of things they liked. Was proud of her focus. She made one for a friend, one for her Nana and one for her Papaw.

Next she made a bracelet by stringing beads. Excuse the laundry, but that was her life skill task today.☺️ She decided this bracelet was for her Nana.

Then we worked on making Christmas cookies. She hung with me a lot longer this year. I let her flatten the dough and press out the cookie. She really enjoyed it. We are decorating tomorrow. It got late on us and I had to make supper.

We ended our day with Arthur’s Christmas. She loves this movie🥰

Yep she lays in the recliner backwards 😁

I am tired, but happy to make these memories with her. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight as well. I pray all of you are staying healthy 🙏❤️

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