She Finally Slept😀

It’s been a long week. Chloe just hasn’t wanted to.go to sleep. She fusses for hours when I put her to bed and then has been sleeping a few hours and then wakes up. So, last night I decided if she started the fits I was going to lay down with her. She doesn’t like it at all. I threatened it a few times, but finally had to do it.

She was upset at first, but soon cuddled into me and relaxed. After 20 minutes she calmed down and I left the room. She soon fell asleep. She slept until 9 am, We bother sure needed it.

Her school work went very well today. Makes a difference when you get enough rest. She said “One more day and Christmas Break”! She is ready and so am I. We are at OT therapy now and then home for a relaxing afternoon. It’s freezing today.

Hope all of you are healthy and well. 🥰

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