Super Focused!

Good afternoon 😊

Chloe slept 12 hours last night and boy did we both need it. She has still been a little wound up, but when I asked her to work on her school work she was super focused👍

We had an assignment on Google classroom to do. She filled in a letter to Santa. She seemed to enjoy typing in what she wants for Christmas. Then she worked on her math, reading and reading comprehension.

She does one line a day

We just finished lunch and next I am giving her an activity her OT from school put on Google Classroom. I love her school therapists. They send me plenty of activities to do with Chloe🥰 Today I am having her cut out a Christmas tree and then use pom poms and paint to make dot ornaments on her tree. She needs to work on her pincher grasp. This really helps.

Then we have behavioral therapy. I am debating, and have been for awhile, stopping this. It tends to make her very moody. I can hear the sessions and have never heard one go well. Sometimes it just doesn’t work or you don’t have a good kid/therapist matchup. Her therapist is sweet, but Chloe just pushes her around☹️.

After therapy we are going to my deer daughter’s for supper. I made Chicken Teriyaki in the Crock-Pot. I made Chloe a different meal to take. We will eat yummy food and watch a Christmas movie😀

So that is what we did and what we are doing later. Lol I hope you are well and having a wonderful day🥰

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