Bridge Lighting & A Christmas Tree

Last night I took Chloe and her sister Mattie to the town I grew up in for the annual Bridge Lighting and Live Nativity (which was a drive thru event).

Chloe loves Christmas lights and well so do I☺️!! The Nativity story was told throughout the Christian camp. People played different parts of the story leading up to the birth of Jesus throughout the camp. It was beautiful 😍. Chloe really seemed to enjoy it. At the end you could buy some yummy chili, but we didn’t, because we already had soup before coming.

After we left we stopped for ice cream, thanks Mattie for treating us🙂. Then went to Matties to help decorate her tree. It was a fun night and Chloe loves being out after dark. Lol. Here are a few pictures at Matties.

We had a great time together. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. Pray all of you are well😊

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