Sunday Chat

Good afternoon 😊 I hope all of you are having a good day.

We are now in the Christmas season. Even with Covid out there stores are busy. Every drive thru is lined up since the inside of restaurants are closed. Traffic is crazy!! I am having no part of it. My focus is on having calm, peaceful and fun days.

All of my shopping is done, except for 1 gift. I have.ordered most items online and only a few at a store. I . trying to stay out of stores while.our Covid numbers are so high. I thought people might have acted a bit different this year, but I know many just want that normalcy. My plan was to shop early and then sit back and relax. I’m.ordering my last gift tomorrow and this girl is finished🙂

There are a few Christmas events going on and I want to take Chloe to as many as possible. The experiences are most important. Tonight, in the little town where I grew up, they are lighting up the bridge and having a drive thru live Nativity. Chloe is excited! We are picking up her sister Mattie to go with us. Then we are going to Matties and have dinner. We are also helping her decorate her tree and watch a Christmas movie.

In the past I let Christmas be a stressful time. It went by fast and all I remembered was the stress. I’m determined this year will be different. More experiences and no stress. Slow down and enjoy every song, every light display and every yummy treat😋.

Yes Covid has changed a lot this year. I am sad for those who lost their loved ones. I pray for them and others who are sick. I pray this virus settles down soon.

How are you celebrating this year? Share in the comments. Thank you for stopping by today and welcome to my new followers ☺️

Have a blessed day

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