Bonus Vlog: Let’s Walk!!

I have a challenge for you🙂 In the month of December I challenge you to walk at least 1 mile a day. If you ride a bike or do some other form of exercise then the challenge is 20 minutes a day.

Getting started with 1 mile or 20 minutes of exercise is a great way to start boosting your metabolism. Then as you get more energetic add a mile. I started last Sunday and have walked 17 miles so far! I say one mile because sometimes we have busy days and as a Mom of a child with Autism I may or have time for 1 mile some days. I posted this on my Facebook to my friends and 5 have joined my challenge so far.

I have learned, as I’m closing in on 50, that I have to be fit. Not only for me, but for Chloe. We have only one body and one life. We need to do our best to take care of it. So do any of you want to join my challenge? I’ll check in each Sunday to see how everyone is doing and let you know how I’m doing. Let me know in the comments if your on board🙂


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