No Stocking Up

One thing about living in a small space is there is not a lot of storage. So stocking up is not always an option. We always here stock up on this or that. Stock up if it’s on sale and right now is HOARD THE TOILET PAPER!!! GRRR😠.

Toilet paper is disappearing off of shelves again. Didn’t anyone learn the first time around. Get what you need and think of others. It’s so upsetting seeing the selfishness in our world right now. I keep 2 packs or 1 multipack at a time. That lasts Chloe and I a few months.

I decided recently not to stock up so much on things. As long as I know I have what we need we are ok. We don’t get snowed in here very often. It just isn’t necessary for me to stock up on everything. I have 2 food cabinets. One for can and boxed type foods and one for flour, sugar and bigger food items. I cleaned them out today and tossed several things. I hate food waste. So I made a list of only what I knew Chloe and I would eat. She and I have been eating a lot better and a lot less.

As far as Health and Beauty products, I don’t stock up anymore. I just make sure I have what we need as far as medicine. I keep kids Tylenol and cold medicine handy, as well as my Ibruprophen and allergy medicine. Shampoo is bought in bigger bottles and lasts a few months. Chloe and I use the same shampoo, soap and lotion. I buy a pack of soap and it lasts a few months. We still use different toothpaste, but I buy a few tubes of each to last us awhile. I use to buy everything every month. I decided I don’t need to do that until we are close to running out. Saves lots of space and money🙂.

I hope to save trips to the store, which is important in this time of Covid. I want to make more simple and from scratch meals. I want to really encourage Chloe to try new foods. She ate ribs the other night. Just a few bites, but WooHoo!!

Since my Christmas shopping is done I’m going back to saving every penny possible in December. I am simplifying every part of my life I can. Less stuff always makes me smile☺️.

Do you stock up? Let me know in the comments. Stay healthy 🥰

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