A Covid Thanksgiving 🦃

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year or are you at all?

Our family debated for a few weeks what we should do. Several family members work at factories where Covid has been diagnosed in several people. Others are home, but do go to the grocery and other places. My parents stay home, except grocery runs and Dr appts. Chloe and I are mostly home. So do we have Thanksgiving or stay away from each other?

My parents decided to cook and whoever wants to come can. It’s still a scary situation. None of us want to infect our parents. It really well….SUCKS… that we have to worry about this. We all agreed to check our temperatures tomorrow morning and if any of us even have a cold symptom we will stay home. So far none of us have even had a sniffle. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones to this horrible virus. I pray those that are I’ll will beat it.

Chloe still has no understanding of why we are cautious. I have her wash her hands more and I am proud to say she wears her mask when we do go to a store. She will only go to Dollar General. She keeps a cough year around with allergies. I give her breathing treatments when asthma tries to take over. I told her whenever we are at Nana and Papaws we can’t hug them right now because of germs. She blows them lots of kisses😘.

So tomorrow we will all try to enjoy our time together, while being safe at the same time. We still have much to be thankful for. I hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.

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