Sunday Chat🙂

Good morning.

So as I am sitting here with Miss Chloe playing her favorite kid songs videos I thought this is a good time to blog ☺️.

This week, as you know, is Thanksgiving and a good week to focus on being thankful for what we have. Maybe you don’t have a big fancy house, but you have a roof over your head?

I just love the snow!

Maybe you don’t have a fancy SUV, but do you have a car that gets you where you need to go? Some people happily choose not to own a car. Kudo’s to them☺️

My favorite kind of car😍

I could keep going, but what I’m getting at is we may not have everything we want, but do we have everything we need? Some people don’t even have their needs met. We always need to be thankful for what we have and help those who are struggling.

Whether it’s giving to a food pantry or doing the Angel Tree, look for a place to help. I noticed 2 churches in my town that have food cabinets outside their churches. I told Chloe we are going to buy some soup to put in there. Every little thing helps. I think about what if I didn’t have food or a roof over my head. Those of us who have the means, big or small, should help others who need it.

This is the week we focus on being Thankful, but how about we remember to be thankful every day of the year. Look around your community and see what you can do to help. Covid has shaken this country to the core. So many are struggling. Even the smallest step to help someone is better than doing nothing. Let’s Be Thankful Always☺️

I am thankful you stopped by today. I pray all of you are well🥰

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