NTI and Kroger Clicklist

Good evening ☺️

Today I was very impressed with how focused Chloe was on her school work. She did most of it with zero help from me😀 She is working a lot on time and money

She is really making progress on her Reading Comprehension. I am very excited to see how quickly she is catching on. If she is focused….there’s no stopping her!

Once she finished school we had to get our groceries. I am so thankful for Kroger Clicklist.😍 It is the best thing ever for us. I place my order online, pay and set up a pickup time. I then go to Kroger and they load it in my trunk. It would be perfect if they unloaded it at my house..lol. I have never liked grocery shopping, but I especially dislike it now since masks are mandatory 😟. If you have it in your area I encourage you to try it

Once I got everything home and unloaded I had Chloe help me clean her room. It’s s work in progress. She struggles with sweeping, but does well dusting…if I can keep her attention on it. Then we took the trash to the dumpster. She played in her room until time for supper. She has played a lot in her room lately. It’s been great to see her play more and I get a few breaks here and there🙂

Today went very well with no fits and lots of play.

I hope all of you are doing well🥰

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